In our culture we mostly refer to Ancestors as family that came before us who are dead now. The Ancestors are more alive than ever and would like to be brought back into the context of our culture. It seems that if we go far enough back into any tradition, the Ancestors are present, alive, breathing in that tradition. What happened here?

Luckily there are still traditions that exist on the Earth that have intact Ancestor communications. I feel very grateful that I was guided to work with Malidoma Some.  Malidoma, coming from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, Africa has a living library inside of him, it seems, of Ancestor reverence and understanding.  Through his teachings, my living library has been waking up.

In my daily life I’m in communication with my Ancestors. I talk with them several times throughout the day. Consult with them. Laugh with them and get frustrated with them too!  They are my strongest allies at this point. I love them and have gotten to know their personalities and I couldn’t imagine living life unaware of their presence. It makes me sad to even think about.

It seems universal that people’s Ancestors want to be in dialogue. The story goes that they were there at the time of your birth and know your reason for being here, they know the details of your purpose and are doing everything they possibly can to support you in that.  Imagine that. Your true allies. Wanting to see you succeed and be healthy, happy and whole. They seem to spend a lot of time trying to get their loved ones attention. I feel a lot of compassion for the Ancestors and it seems part of my purpose is to help others remember their Ancestors as well.

When I work with people, whether it’s a divination or a healing session of some sort the Ancestors are always called in first. They are the eyes that I rely on and they are the ones that bring through the information for the person that I’m working with.  I’m merely the go between. They communicate in a pretty direct way but are very loving also.  Over time, working with different Ancestors, I can really see how much they care and how deeply they are concerned with things working well. They are tremendously helpful and I have deep respect for them.

To the Ancestors I dedicate my work..