The Sensitive Leader 
A Ritual Facilitation Training

With Liv Mokai Wheeler · December 1-13, 2019 · Bali, Indonesia 



“I have been in circle, many times before, and noticed a phenomenon. It is often times the one in the circle who is clearly most fearful of speaking which is profoundly connected to the otherworld. When they speak, their voice trembling, I witness the clarity of the otherworld. Let your voice be heard, sensitive one. We need to hear from you.

I also notice in these circumstances that I speak about, often times every other person is hanging on their every word. As though we know we’re finally receiving truth.

This is a message to you, sensitive one. You whose voice trembles and heart quakes when you gather with others. Because you know you have something to say. We need to hear from you.

The world doesn’t need more mega sized leaders shouting their message through a megaphone. Aiming to convince you that they, yes they, have the solution.

We need to hear from you, sensitive one. You who feels everything. We need leaders that can lead through feeling. This training is dedicated to you.”

With Love,

Liv Mokai

Ritual expands us: with ritual, our perceptive abilities expand.  Yet, all too often in our modern lives, our energies are contracted.  We contract when we feel unable to be ourselves.  We contract when we’re in environments that are not conducive to our spirits such as constrictive workplaces. In modernity, there is an epidemic of constriction.  However, our souls wish to expand.  With expansion comes growth and we’ve come here to grow.  It is imperative to spend at least some time in environments in which expansion is not only allowed but it is also welcomed.  We need to come together with others who also wish to expand and those who are able to celebrate our expansion as well.

The modern construct makes way for that which exists in the physical plane and not much else.  However, the physical reality is simply the skin of reality; the whole of the body exists in the so-called ‘unseen’ world.  Old yogic schools explain the many bodies of our existence well. They shine the light of awareness on the knowledge that the physical body is only one of our bodies while our chakras extend into the many dimensions of life.  

And this is what I am speaking to: the many dimensions of life, the multidimensionality of existence, the world of Spirit and phenomena.  There is truly so much more than meets the eye.  Let’s reach into our potential!

Many people are surprised to learn that you do not need to ingest a plant medicine in order to enter the world of the supernatural.  We can in fact enter those heightened psychic spaces without ingesting a medicine at all.  When Spirit ingests the substance, our offerings, we can enter the world of the phenomenal; we can reside in the place where alchemy happens so naturally that at the conclusion of a ritual, we realize that we've been completely transformed.  Ritual changes us. It altars our substance.  It altars the way in which we see the world.  In ritual, we exit the world of the static, the seemingly certain and fixed, and step into a world of fluidity. This is the realm of the feminine.

The beings of nature are highly intelligent and incredibly accurate in their doctoring abilities. When we surrender to Spirit in ritual, they are able to remake us, to decondition us, to return us to our natural state of existence.  They can even release the machine from our beings.

In this state, insights come in a flash!

We exit the world of time.
Physical matter reorients itself completely.
Our psychic abilities grow and simultaneously our extra senses become fine-tuned.

Given this, I don’t believe that it’s necessary to harden one’s self in order to become well-adjusted to a hardened world. The incredible, sensitive heart is a very powerful gateway to the otherworld; it is a powerful gateway to Spirit. The extra sensory act of listening within an activated circle becomes a portal to the otherworld as well.

And so, I am calling out to the sensitive ones, to those who have perhaps been told that they’re too sensitive for this world. 

We will gather to listen to that precious sensitivity. We will gather as sensitive beings amplifying our ability to listen. Rapidly beating hearts are most welcome here.

Let us encourage even more sensitivity within each other.  Let us remind the world that it is indeed safe to be sensitive. Let us create that world together.  

It is time.  



This is a training for facilitators of ritual and ceremony.  However, it’s not necessary to have prior experience in facilitation.
Spirit is quite eager to share through me already; there is so much that they wish for me to share about ritual and sensitivity. The potential of ritual medicine is virtually endless. 

My teaching style is deeply feminine and I am essentially guided by Spirit.  My intention is not to fill you with formulas.  However, we will cover the basic structural integrity of ritual so as to create and maintain a safe container in which to surrender.

And we will train you to lead ritual. We are intending to grow your medicine. Our hope is to ignite your inner ritual creative.  

We will cover topics such as:


Co-creating together with Spirit
The dynamism of offerings
How supernatural energy intensifies in ritual space
What may arise in the heightened energy of ritual 
How to read the energy surrounding ritual
Entities, demons, and energies of distraction
Protection practices
Clearing practices
Integration practices
Self-care practices
Rituals to birth medicine into the world

Rituals to welcome new life into the world
Rituals of death and dying
Grief rituals
Honoring rituals
Creating ritual for specific needs of community 
Rituals for working through conflict
Elemental rituals
Animal rituals and waking up the animal body
Working with water to heal
Ritual prescriptions
You will also partner with a friend to create a ritual together 


I am truly honored to be co-facilitating with my dear friend Florencia Barolin. Those who have sat in ceremony with this incredible woman have likely felt truly held by her support.  Her ability to hold space for whatever may rise astounds me each time that we work together.  Many of you also know Sylvie and she too is oftentimes the silent mountain of support present. 

In this, I feel that it is safe to say that you will be in good hands. Together we will hold space for the many aspects of your being to have an opportunity to exhale deeply and to expand energetically into the wilds of Bali.  



We’re incredibly grateful and honored to come together to study ritual in Bali.  This magical island is often referred to as the Island of the Gods.  And I do find that to be true.  However, since being here I have also re-membered that God is very much a woman too.  Bali has been a sanctuary for the Goddess, for the feminine, for nature.  We are gathering on this island to be sensitive to the needs of the feminine as well.

Spirit is held in high regard in Bali; it is a clear value of the collective to revere Spirit. The Balinese people are steadily practicing ceremony and their culture is even guided by the moon.  I believe that this is largely how they’re able to host the world community without losing their way of being in favor of modernity.  And as such, in many ways Bali is the perfect place for us to come together so as to enter into greater understanding about the power of ritual.

At the beginning of the gathering, we will visit the Mother Temple. There, as a community, we will ask for permission to engage in deep spiritual work on this sacred island. This is because although many spiritual preparations have already begun to be made for our gathering, we understand that asking for permission is an important protocol when beginning to engage in spiritual activity on a new land.

We will also visit local purification waters so as to make way for clarity and humility and to purify our beings in preparation for the healing work. Our dear Balinese friend will share about the stories, culture, and spiritual practices of the Balinese people as well. 



We will also have the opportunity to sit in ceremony and council with the Kontomble. There will be community circles so as to hold space for the many dynamic energies of this work as well.

Additionally, there will be an emphasis on embodiment and groundedness through gentle yoga and movement. And to help the physical body integrate the work, each person will also receive a personal massage session during the training.

All meals and drinking water will be provided for you. With a focus on nutrition that bolsters and makes space for the transformation to take in our beings, we will experience food that is truly nourishing and supportive. 

This is an open and safe space for all that identify in some way as feminine or female. It is not she/her exclusive and we welcome all expressions of what feminine means to you.

Sleeping arrangements will be assigned and we will each be sharing rooms or beds with another community member. Upon registration, you will be given the opportunity to express your preferences in how you’ll be assigned a space.

We will begin and end the training in Ubud. We will meet at a designated meeting place in Ubud on the morning of December 1 and begin our journey to the purification waters and Centre from there. On the 13th, transportation from the Centre to Ubud will be arranged for you as well.



This training is unique in the sense that we will begin learning and engaging in work around clearing before we physically gather in Bali as well. 

Each of you will receive three individual Emotion Code Sessions that will aid in clearing the Heart Wall in the months leading up to the training. And you will each participate in a three part workshop on the basics of clearing in either September or October. 

Both the sessions and the workshop will take place remotely via online platforms. 


Included in The Sensitive Leader:

All ceremonies, rituals, and teachings with Liv Mokai Wheeler

Kontomble Divination Ceremony

Community circles

Pilgrimage to Mother Temple

Purification ritual at purification waters

Experiencing and learning about Balinese spiritually

Personal massage session

Daily yoga classes

Nutritious meals and drinking water

Accommodation for 12 nights

All transportation during our time together including transportation to and from Ubud and the Centre

3 twenty minute individual Emotion Code sessions

Online Basics of Clearing workshop

Not Included in The Sensitive Leader:

Round-trip international flights to Bali (DPS airport)

Round-trip transportation to Ubud from the airport (we can help arrange this if needed but you will be responsible for the cost)

Offerings for Kontomble and Spirit 


Facilitator and Support Team

LIV headdress 2016 Zen - for Web & FB.jpg

Liv Mokai Wheeler

Liv Mokai Wheeler is a Kontomble Voice Diviner, a voice for the "little people," and international ritual facilitator.  She trained and apprenticed for 8 years with Malidoma Some (author, PhD, West African Shaman).  During that time, she made many pilgrimages to Burkina Faso, West Africa. There she spent time in the villages with the medicine people and also reconnected with the Kontomble.  She has gone through several initiations that have enabled her to speak in the tongue of the Kontomble.

Liv’s practice has been working with people individually as well as facilitating healing in community for 14 years.  Her work has brought her both into national and the international communities where she facilitates group divination rituals.  She tours the world facilitating ritual reminding people of their true nature, which is deeper than our modern selves would have us believe.

For the past few years, Liv has been working with friends and researchers to help uncover the stories and memories of the "little people" around the world. In 2018, in addition to publishing her first book, With the Love of the Ancients: My Spiritual Journey of Remembering, she also produced a feature-length documentary entitled The Remembering that released in January of 2019.


Florencia Barolin

Florencia Barolin, LMT, is a medicine woman, healer, and body worker. Fifteen years ago she experienced a turning point that completely shifted her view of the world and of herself, revealing her gift and purpose, when she healed herself from cancer through a holistic approach. Since then she has dedicated her life to serving others and sharing the medicine she has harvested from her own personal deep work as well as from having studied with many great teachers.

Her healing work and approach with community is characterized by intuitive listening and a profound respect for each person’s innate wisdom to heal themselves while she guides as a sacred space holder in which deep emotional release, transformation, and healing takes place amidst unconditional love, kindness, and care. Flo will be joining us to help support the community and process and also aide in clearing energy and entities.


Wayan Duriyana

Wayan Duriyana was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia. He studied religion and philosophy in university and graduated with a Masters Degree. Additionally, he’s been studying traditional Balinese spiritually and ceremonial practices for 25 years. He has a passion for teaching others about Balinese culture and spirituality and offering practices so as to share about his beloved tradition and homeland. Wayan will be joining the training to teach a class about Balinese spirituality and offerings. He will also be bringing us to the temples where we ask for permission to be doing spiritual work on the island. 


Sylvie Zacrep

Sylvie is what she would call a student of life and Spirit with a love and reverence for movement, herbalism, Celtic folk tradition, and the beings of the Otherworld including the Fey and the Little People of the Earth. As a result of finding recovery from an eating disorder, she began to sense and connect with humanity and the worlds in a different way. She has since been on the path of rediscovering what it is to truly live, to feed life, and to deepen into a more authentic expression of what it means to her to walk with Spirit most deeply by studying with and supporting Liv. She is both excited and honored to be supporting the training as gatekeeper for Liv and a being helping to hold the process and community before and during the gathering. 


Clearing Facilitators

Kane Tuma

Kane is a soul level clairvoyant, intuitive and energy clearing facilitator. He has been on the spiritual path since early childhood and has spent many years studying spiritual literature as well as energy healing & clearing methods, becoming certified in many of them under internationally known masters of their respective disciplines.

Since his kundalini spontaneously awakened after a series of spiritual events, Kane embarked on an intense 10 year (and counting) spiritual clearing process to the point where he can now be an open conduit for higher levels of awareness and energies. Kane has many years of experience in helping others through their clearing and transformational processes via individual sessions, group gatherings and workshops. His aim is to continue and expand his work so he may benefit the greatest number of people he is able to in accordance with his Soul’s Purpose.

 Kane will be facilitating the three-part online basics of clearing workshop. This workshop will take place via three 2 hour conference calls in two groups- either September or October. You will be assigned a month upon registration.

This workshop is created for practitioners to address both personal clearing practices and techniques to help clear others. With Kane, you will cover the Kane's "Triangle of Clearing" by working with the Light of Awareness, Flow of Energies, & Higher Assistance. You will also learn about mindful flow meditation, transformational awareness, inner landscape work, unconscious theater work, clearing of unwanted energies including spirits, entities, parasites, hooks, cords etc. And you will go over the structure of layers & blockages and how to clear them and limiting beliefs & core programs as well. Additionally, you will experience individual clearings from Kane to help with Empowerment of your Flow and Light of Awareness in addition to connection to Higher Assistance.  


Karen Keating

I have operated my own wellness practice since 2010 supporting and guiding my clients in all aspects of cleansing and detoxification. I have certificates in nutrition, detoxification and cleansing, Western herbalism, iridology and kinesiology, among other natural healing modalities. Other studies include Taoist tonic herbs and lifestyle practices, essential oils, and the emotional freedom technique, and I am a trained natural foods chef. I am certified practitioner in both Emotion Code and Body Code. 

In 2017, I expanded my professional client offerings into Emotion Code and Body Code healing and have received validating client feedback for this simple, powerful method since the beginning. To overcome serious and/or chronic illness today, one needs to heal on all levels—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I’ve been doing energy healing for years on myself, husband and kids as I’ve learned from different carefully selected teachers. So when I discovered Dr. Nelson’s work, I got a full body “Yes!” The Emotion Code and The Body Code gave me a credible place to start as an energy healer with clients where I am able to merge all of my previous experience and knowledge with Dr. Nelson’s simple protocols.

Karen will be facilitating your three individual Emotion Code sessions. Each session will be focused on clearing the heart wall.  The sessions will take place over the phone or Skype prior to the training. 

A heart wall is created by your subconscious mind and made up of negative energies and trapped emotions. Each emotion is a layer that acts as a “wall” around your heart for protection. It was put in place during intense emotional situations, but the “wall” stayed in place after the intense situation ended. A heart wall blocks your ability to fully give and receive love. It can block you from success and can cause both physical pain and emotions such as depression. Removing a heart wall allows the core essence of a person to radiate out into the universe. 



Registration Process 

As the training will entail in depth healing and commitment, each participant will need to apply for a space. 

After an application is received and upon being welcomed to the training, the nonrefundable deposit will be required within two weeks’ time.

Upon being welcomed, you would also receive a registration form, a healing agreement, a waiver, and a payment policy to sign and return to our team. These forms will be due within 72 hours and you would commit to a payment plan at this time. 

After these steps are completed, your space would be officially reserved and you will be added to the community Facebook Group.

Price: 3800 USD

To reserve your space, a nonrefundable deposit of 600 USD will be due within two weeks of acceptance to the training.

The remaining 3200 USD will be due by November 1, 2019. 

Payment plans are available so as to help make the financial aspects of the training more accessible. They can be set up at the time of registration. 


To receive an application, please send a message via the following contact form link indicating your interest in the training.