The Alchemy of Community: 
A Training for Community & for Community Facilitators

with Liv Mokai Wheeler
Live Zoom Video Community Calls on August 24, September 7, and September 21, 2019 



The medicine of community...
can be a source of great strength and great encouragement.  It can uplift us. It can inspire us. And it can enable us to do much more than we might ever be able to do alone.  

Endless healing potential lives inside of the body of community.

But community can also diminish our light and our confidence.  It can be a place where dysfunction festers and gossip dwells. Even in the most well-intentioned communities, entities can do a great deal of harm. 

I have learned quite a lot through my experience in traveling the earth guided by Spirit and in facilitating ritual healing in community. By sitting in circle with people from many different cultures, I have learned that there are fundamental human qualities that flow through each of us regardless of nationality. 

We each want to feel safe. We each need to feel a sense of belonging.  

I have noticed that when communities aren't willing to brave the vulnerable waters, the conversation will often paddle in the surface waters instead.  This may be experienced as a pleasant connection, however I question whether this gives them a chance to work deep healing within the true medicine of community.  

And the medicine that I've experienced in a community being willing to bare their souls to one another in raw, open-hearted, deep connection... is such a blessing. 

In order to cultivate truly healthy community, I have noticed that there are a few areas that need some bright attention. And I believe that each person in the circle needs to be willing to take responsibility for themselves in order for the community to function as a whole.  

Accountability is key. 

In a sense, many of us have been disempowered by authority figures through the way in which we were raised. We have been disempowered because we have been conditioned to believe that these authority figures are going to do it for us or that they're the reason that something is not working. 

But there's no need to give our power over. Being responsible for oneself is ultimately empowering. Let us inhale our true power back into our beings.  Let us take responsibility for how we show up in the circle. 

Not taking responsibility for oneself makes way for....


More times than a few, it has come to my attention that collectively we are in need of a much greater awareness about entities. 

Toxins build up in our system from living in this modern construct. For example, we get parasites. But when people speak about parasites in their intestines, it seems that they don't go into shame. And in modernity there is a need to detox pretty regularly. So it goes with entities as well.  And if at all possible, we are in need of the ability to approach this conversation around entities without going into shame as well.

If they are not held in awareness by the community, entities can disrupt the harmony within the circle quite quickly and intensely. 

As such, there is a need for regular and steady....


It is not necessarily enough to engage in a dialogue about energy hygiene and imagine that moving sage through the space is going to address the cleverness of a host of entities. Some of them are indeed quite savvy. 

And truth be told, I believe that they affect people's personal lives and communities much more than is often realized.  

We will talk about and work through these energies together in the hopes that they may not affect/infect so many people's lives.  And by engaging with this material and enhancing our awareness within community, we have a good chance to cultivate truly weatherproof communities.  

And all the while, it is possible to go into all of these areas of focus within the temple of love. 

With love, 

Liv Mokai Wheeler



Included in the Training:

3 three hour sessions with Liv Mokai Wheeler 

Recordings of the live Zoom Video sessions

Private Facebook Group to connect with and support one another



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Liv Mokai Wheeler

Liv Mokai Wheeler is a Kontomble Voice Diviner, a voice for the "little people," and international ritual facilitator.  She trained and apprenticed for 8 years with Malidoma Some (author, PhD, West African Shaman).  During that time, she made many pilgrimages to Burkina Faso, West Africa. There she spent time in the villages with the medicine people and also reconnected with the Kontomble.  She has gone through several initiations that have enabled her to speak in the tongue of the Kontomble.

Liv’s practice has been working with people individually as well as facilitating healing in community for 14 years.  Her work has brought her both into national and the international communities where she facilitates group divination rituals.  She tours the world facilitating ritual reminding people of their true nature, which is deeper than our modern selves would have us believe.

For the past few years, Liv has been working with friends and researchers to help uncover the stories and memories of the "little people" around the world. In 2018, in addition to publishing her first book, With the Love of the Ancients: My Spiritual Journey of Remembering, she also produced a feature-length documentary entitled The Remembering that released in January of 2019.



Dates and Times: 

Saturday, August 24, 2019: 6-9pm EST

Saturday, September 7, 2019: 6-9pm EST 

Saturday, September 21, 2019: 6-9pm EST 

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