Ritual Wisdom Series

Ritual Wisdom Series


This four-part series in ritual and ceremony creation covers the fundamentals: invocation, altar building, offerings, and space clearing. This work was originally presented in our women's wisdom school and has been edited for a wider audience.  This material includes roughly 6 hours of teaching in total.

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This series answers such questions as:

  • Why are offerings important?
  • What do I do with offerings after they have been offered?
  • What purpose does an altar serve?
  • How can I best communicate with the Spirit world in ritual space?
  • How do I know what spirit beings I am communicating with in my invocation?
  • How do I protect myself in ceremony work?
  • How can I clear myself in my work?

As much of this teaching comes from our women’s elemental wisdom school, questions from our students have been incorporated into this series, which provides a rich landscape of exploration. Also included are several meditations for your deepening and personal exploration.