Paperback & Kindle Book: With the Love of the Ancients (Available on Amazon)

Paperback & Kindle Book: With the Love of the Ancients (Available on Amazon)


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"...they were communicating about the importance of bravery in these times. They were equating bravery to the amount of life force one has in their body. Or the contrary, being you're slowly ridding yourself of life energy by holding back. They were expressing that the act of bravery would be like retrieving your energy, your life force."

The little people are coming out of their caves, their mountain abodes, hidden villages and underground cities, and are asking for humanity, their beloved relatives, to see them again. The time for the little people's reemergence into world has come.

Trained and initiated as a Kontomble Voice Diviner in the Dagara tradition of West Africa, Liv Mokai has spent her life working in service and collaboration with these wise, loving beings, personally and profoundly experiencing the vast range and depth of their magic and medicine, their wisdom and ways.

In With The Love of The Ancients, Liv Mokai shares her very real and wonder-filled story of discovering these spirits, these little people, the Kontomble, and the cross-country and then global journey of ritual and community healing they have charted for her, as their chosen emissary, voice and vision-carrier in these unique and critical times.

The Kontomble are ready to speak and reenter the public, mainstream consciousness, and With The Love of The Ancients is their joyous and powerful hug and hello, their long-awaited, laughter and tear-filled, long-time-no-see.

"In this day and age there is no guarantee that a person may meet someone like Liv even once in their lifetime. I consider it a great piece of luck/grace to have crossed paths with her and experienced her gift. "- Cliff Taylor