Zoom Mentoring Session with Liv Mokai

Cost: 150 USD

Mentoring sessions are a time for you to talk with Liv Mokai about what's coming up for you and where you feel you're needing support. Mentoring sessions can help you deepen in your medicine, to clarify your life's vision, or to help you understand why your vision may not be landing in the world.   The sessions are one hour in length.  The connection happens through the Zoom Video platform. 

Mentoring may support you:

To clarify your work in the world
To gain greater understanding about your connection with spirit
To deepen in your connection with spirit
To understand how to nurture your connection with spirit
To sort through energies which may be hindering your best intentions
To cultivate creative solutions in support of your life's path

In mentoring sessions with Liv Mokai, the Kontomble are not invoked or formally welcomed into the space for divination. Mentoring sessions are a time to connect with Liv Mokai herself and to receive support from her directly.

There is an application process for mentoring sessions.  It is generally recommended to begin the process sooner rather than later as there is oftentimes a wait list.

To begin the process of applying, please send a message via the following contact form link below indicating your interest in a mentoring session.


Video Testimonials: