Kaitiaki: A Mentoring Series in Honor of the Little People of the Earth

March 23, April 20, & May 4, 2019

Live Zoom Video Community Calls with Liv Mokai Wheeler


"We hear amongst maoridom that term of Kaitiaki, in English terms: guardian. And a lot of us believe that's our role. Which it is. But it's not solely our role. Those little people we refer to are also Kaitiaki. In the past the humans and those little people worked together to maintain the earth. What's been lost over the generations is the unity between the human race that we know as human and those little people. And this is what they've been waiting for, the re-establishment between the relationship between ourselves and them." 
— Stephen Rawi Walsh, Maori Elder & Maori Genealogist (from the film, Voices From the Forest)


Over the years I have learned through personal research in addition to working with friends who are incredible researchers, that the ‘little people’ are the original bringers of culture. They worked with our original ancestors around the earth. And in uncovering and recalling the stories of the little people of the earth, in digging into the earth to piece together shards of ancient pottery, we find that these stories share a similar thread of resonance and poetry. It's absolutely phenomenal. And the little people together with our ancestors have also begun to spark the memories within enough of us that this puzzle is being pieced together again. It is important for us to take a look at this puzzle, perhaps now more than ever.

I believe that there's now a global culture and village that's being illuminated; that’s what they’re teaching me. In this, I believe that ultimately the little people are showing us that we're much more alike than we are different. And it's high time we acknowledge these inherent similarities lest we continue destroying each other and the earth. 

How are we destroying each other? We do so in the smaller ways such as the ways we're treating one another or those that are perceived as different or 'other.’ And we also destroy each other in more devastating ways like the wars that are waged on the 'other.'  Yes, the little people teach us much about unification and getting along.  For example, they show us why music and melody are so important for culture; they teach us that with music and melody we harmonize with one another. We are indeed more alike than we are different. Those that have traveled a lot outside of your own culture likely know this to be true.

It seems that it is our human relations that need to be called into the center of our sacred circle. After all, it is humans that are creating so much devastation on the earth and for its inhabitants. We need to heal. We need to get honest about our need to heal so we don’t continue with our incessant possessiveness. We need to release this grip and remember the joy of sharing what we have. 

The little people hold the memories from all time. They are the keepers of ancient ritual and they are also quite interested in teaching us new rituals. What they have to share with us is endless.

And nonetheless, I believe that we who are connected with the little people have a responsibility to share their voice with as much humbleness as we can, rather than believing we possess them. You don't. I don't. We are gatekeepers. We are bridges in between the dimensions. And how we approach them is just as important as anything else.

And in this, I recognize that I'm not the only one connected with the Kontomble and the various other communities of little people. I also recognize that they've asked me to help humans sort out their relations with them.

They’ve asked me to clarify the channel and to even help clarify which nation of little people individuals are connecting to because this does indeed matter to them. And as a gatekeeper to their dimension, I recognize that I carry a responsibility to make sure that the humans show up to the ceremonial spaces I create with humbleness intact. Yes, this humility matters. Otherwise, we have more of the same. When I create these spaces to welcome Kontomble and the little people, my hope is for there to be a true healing between the realm of the humans and the little people.

Ultimately, they seem to want to solidify and strengthen our relations with them so that we can work together as guardians for the earth again. As the beautiful Maori Elder spoke, this is the way it always was. They're ready to work with us once more. 

My intention with this series is to help mentor those of you who are showing up, those who walk with little people, so as to help clarify and strengthen your connection with them. I will share with you what I've learned from working with them. And I'll help to be a voice for them so that we may respect their needs as well. 

The first session of the series will be a group divination in which we clarify what nation of little people are connecting with you. We will also ask them if they have preferences for particular offerings and what kind of home they'd like you to build them. 

In the second and third session, I'll be sharing in depth about what I've learned from working with the Kontomble and the other nations of little people around the earth. I will also share about what I have learned about maintaining this connection in a good way. And as they're already bringing so much through in my psychic space that they'd like to share, they will be the ultimate guides of these sessions. There will be space for questions during the dialogue in each session as well.

There is an enormous healing potential before us with this series. They do long to be reconnected with us in a good way. Let's help to inspire them about human potential. Let's respectfully reignite our connection so that the ritual of now can begin to reveal itself. Let’s come together for the healing of the earth.



Kaitiaki: A Mentoring Series in Honor of the Little People of the Earth

March 23, April 20, & May 4, 2019 · 750 USD · Live Zoom Video Community Calls With Liv Mokai Wheeler

There is an application process and space for 10 people. We are keeping the group a more intimate size to make way for deeper connection and guidance. Payment plans are available.

Included in the series: 

3 three hour sessions with Liv Mokai Wheeler 

Kontomble Divination 

Recordings of the live Zoom Video sessions

Private Facebook Group to connect with and support one another

Dates and Times: 

Saturday, March 23, 2019: 6-9pm EST

Saturday, April 20, 2019: 6-9pm EST 

Saturday, May 4, 2019: 6-9pm EST 



Registration Process:

As there is only space for 10 people, each participant will need to apply for a space. 

After an application is received and approved, the nonrefundable deposit will be required within two weeks’ time.

Upon welcoming to the series, you would receive a registration form, a healing agreement, and a payment policy to sign and return completed to our team. These forms will be due within 72 hours and you would commit to a date to send in your deposit at this time. 

After these steps are completed, your space would be officially reserved and you will be added to the community Facebook Group.

Price: 750 USD

To reserve your space, a nonrefundable deposit of 300 USD will be due within two weeks of acceptance to the series.

The remaining 450 USD is due by March 15, 2019. 

Payment plans are available and can be set up at the time of registration. 

All payments are nonrefundable.


To receive an application, please send a message via the following contact form link indicating your interest in the series.