"Deep bows and gratitude for the medicine you shared with all of us and to the feminine that was rattled and awoken. I drove away in silence to listen to nature around me. With an over flowing heart, thank you thank you thank you."

- KRISTY, Atoli: A ritual gathering, North Carolina

What is it that connects us?

I participated this time and reconsidered the role of the community. I felt that it was very healthy that people could gather, share stories, share pain and feel bonds...I feel that sharing vibrations and experiencing greater healing and liberation by moving the body together is a function deeply rooted in the essence of life's energy beyond the cultural context... It is rare that everyone dances in a circle and dances barefoot or screams. Instead, they wear shoes, wear clothes, speak with the wording in mind, and behave so that they can be seen as decent people...

What Liv was saying to us was... 'Don't think you're a stranger'

When did we start to think of ourselves as strangers?

Actually, since the beginning, everyone has been a child of the same earth." - 

Ryoko Sekino of Metaphysics Tsushin shares about her experience at With an Ear to the Great Mystery · August 2019
translated from japanese, read on chrome to use google translate


elemental reverence · Tokyo, Japan · April 2019


"This past weekend, I had the honor of being part of the Elemental Reverence 精霊への畏敬 with Liv Mokai Wheeler as a translator. Everything was soooo beautiful and magical. Liv, Sylvie, Emmy, Cliff, AshEL, Natalie, Christianne, Lindsey, Aislinn… every moment, I was in awe of their authenticity and beauty. The energy and transformation that they have brought upon Japan is huge. Their presense, the Kontomble ceremony, the amazing film "The Remembering” by Emmy Wu, the beautiful shrines by Lindsey and music by AshEL ...reconnected us Japanese to our ancient ancestors, spirits of nature, and our true authentic selves. I feel that it is truely a remembering and a new beginning for all of us. With deep appreciation and respect, thank you Liv and Kontomble for bringing us all together.”


Last weekend, I attended the Kontomble ceremony in Tokyo, which honor Mt. Fuji, whales, and Nipsey Hussle. And I came out from the ceremony with full of love and hope in my heart. It took so long to turn my eyes back to the country that I was born and raised. At one point, I was pretty hopeless at the future of Japan and shamed being Japanese. And then I connected with my soul family, who truly willing to honor Japan and the Earth, through the ceremony. I can see the beauty of the country and its culture again. Is there anything more precious than this?

I’d like to refer Barack Obama’s tribute for my new hero, Nipsey Hussle; 'While most folks look at the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up and see only gangs, bullets, and despair, Nipsey saw potential. He saw hope. He saw a community that, even through its flaws, taught him to always keep going. His choice to invest in that community rather than ignore it ... is a legacy worthy of celebration.’ The ceremony surely showed me the hope for our future. Thank you, Liv. And thank you for all who shared the experience together. I feel so lucky to be part of the community.”



atoli: a ritual gathering · Asheville, north Carolina · June 2019

"I stepped through a portal into another world this past weekend. It was a remembering, a return to our wild nature. Remembering that child inside, the one that roared with the wild things with an untethered Soul. The more we gather in ritual, in ceremony; the more we release, open, and expand beyond the confines of the urban jungle with all of its boxes, titles, rules, and divisiveness. We’ve been fed an illusion, and the Earth that gave rise to our bodies is paying the price. What we may not see is that what is happening around us, is also happening within us. Can we be so blind to how beautifully and intricately interwoven we really are? Can we turn our eyes in naivety and delusion to something so precious? What will it take to make humanity at large wake up and open their eyes to the Truth; open their hearts and see with the Purity of a child’s Spirit. This is my Prayer... A Return to our True Nature. I was surrounded by some amazingly powerful women this weekend. I am humbled and I am beyond grateful. Liv, you are a True Warrior; as you walk with a Legion of Ancestors and Beings to raise the consciousness with the most beautiful Heart I have ever witnessed in a human. Thank you for all you do. I lift you up; Blessings on your Journey."

- Christina

"Full of gratitude for soaking in the seeds of love & wisdom from Liv Mokai and all of the beautiful beings that brightened my spirit over the weekend. This is such deeply transformative and powerful work. There is so much medicine for the Earth, each other and weaving together community. It reminds me of seeds floating off a dandelion, carried by the wind and landing all over the world. Hope, life and new growth. Also much love & gratitude to the incredible women holding and supporting us the entire way."

- Nikki

"Forever grateful for this weekend. It was one of the most beautiful and transformative experiences I have ever had. I am so thankful for all of the love, kindness, strength, and courage that I witnessed. I came home with an overflowing heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Mikayla

"Deep bows and gratitude for the medicine you shared with all of us and to the feminine that was rattled and awoken. I drove away in silence to listen to nature around me. With an over flowing heart, thank you thank you thank you."

- Kristy 

"Left in complete awe and gratitude from all that was felt and experienced this weekend. Going to let this one continue to weave itself into every fiber and cell in my body... so for now I will just say thank you to 'the seers' who arrived and said yes to this experience.... to Liv for your devotion, all of your medicine ways... and for the fierce love that you embody and offer so generously to it All... thank you Kontomble for believing in us. Thank you Pachamama for Being with us. May our songs be sung, in all tongues, as offerings and healing for You, Pachamama, please receive these songs."

- Dusti

baile: an ancestor healing training · ballyfad, ireland · July 2019

"Thank you. A well of gratitude felt down to my bones. This alphabet we know is incapable of expressing the experiential learning we navigated at the ancestral healing retreat in Ireland last week. I dare to call it a “resurface”, in lieu of retreat. As the dark and hidden was transmuted. I bow to every single woman who made the choice to show up there and continue to each day we were there. I now know what true sisterhood is, and that we met probably lifetimes ago. I bow to the teachings and exquisite container created by Liv Mokai, Sylvie, and Florencia. You gave us the ingredients for what real health in community is, and your fearless hearts are the inspiration we have been searching for. I now know what true feminine leadership looks and feels like. We came together in alchemy, in wildness, in radical truth for each other. I have never experienced the depth we reached as a community, and it all comes down to vulnerability as strength and love as truth. There are ripples, but there aren’t words. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. To the land, to our spirit guides and ancestors, to commitment to truth and showing up for each other. I love you all and am so lucky to be graced by your souls in this community. We are forever one hive, capable of creating the sweetest gifts. I am astounded by the potential of humans when we become one loving organism."

- Caitlin

"This is what it feels like to make honey from the heart, when long lost sister bees come back to the hive and form community so sweet and deep it takes your breath away. I may never find the words, and in some ways I hope I never do, to describe the portal I traversed last week during the Ancestral Healing training with Liv Mokai. Words would confine the wild open hearted space we inhabited and reduce the multidimensional experience to a flat surface. Suffice it to say my life has changed, the wolf came home, ancestors connected, Boudicca emerged and honey poured forth. Sending the biggest love to my forever sisters."

- Zina

"The power of three :: the power of community, of true support, of true grace, of true listening, of true courage, of true commitment, of true vulnerability, of true knowledge coming through, of true space holding, of true movement, of true joy, of true connection with the goddess, of true connection with the earth, of true offerings, of true reverence, of true dedication :: I learned SO MUCH and let go of SO MUCH and transformed SO MUCH through the portal of this ancestor healing training and pilgrimage to Ireland, Wales and England over the past two weeks... So much gratitude to Liv Mokai, Sylvie, and Florencia for holding a space with impeccable integrity for us to all go to the depths and resurface altered forever in the ways we could have only planted seeds for in our wildest dreams... for creating the most profound container of healing that I have ever witnessed and experienced :: there is so much to share, and I will in time :: gratitude to all who helped me to be able to be on this life affirming journey!!!"

- Melissa 

"All the moments previous to this moment are but a dream. It’s a hard one for my intellectual self to grasp. Because dreams like this one changes us; on a cellular level I believe. The two weeks I spent in Ireland have already melded into a dream. This was the kind of dream I will feel deep in my heart for the rest of my souls existence. The humility and grief and joy that my being processed on these lands stripped me to my very core. The truest blessing was I didn’t have to hold it alone. None of us did. The sisterhood and community that came together on these lands is something I will never be able to share with words. Words cannot begin to tell the story of community, honor, deep compassionate love and care; one organism. I will continue to try to share all that conspired in these lands because it’s not just my story, it’s all of our story. Until I find the words...."

- Rachel 

"John O’Donahue's words have been a constant companion as I return to this land and behold its great beauty. Language can be such a crude reduction, but he finds a way to make it sing: 'What you encounter, recognize or discover depends to a large degree on the quality of your approach. Many of the ancient cultures practiced careful rituals of approach. An encounter of depth and spirit was preceded by careful preparation. When we approach with reverence, great things decide to approach us. Our real life comes to the surface and its light awakens the concealed beauty in things. When we walk on the earth with reverence, beauty will decide to trust us. The rushed heart and arrogant mind lack the gentleness and patience to enter that embrace.'

I can not find language that comes close to approaching the beauty of that experience with Liv Mokai and our Ancestral Healing circle last week, but it seems that in all that opening and honoring and sacred care, beauty has come to trust me. I am forever humbled and grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

- Madeleine 

 Offering Pomegranate Seeds to the Great Mystery · Kopaonik, Serbia · july 2019

"These wonderful souls, whose ancestors are coming from all over the world came to Serbia, for Offering pomegranate seeds to the Great Mystery. When our intentions and our medicine come together, a great healing happens that affects all the women of the world. Thank you sisters for bringing and pouring your medicine on my wounded land, on me, and on each other. So much love and gratitude I have for each of you! Thank you, Liv Mokai, for your courage and compassion for coming to my motherland Serbia and pouring your healing medicine on all of us, my ancestors, the earth, beings and our descendants. Thank you for bringing the wonderful sisters who contributed with you to this healing work. My deep bow and respect goes to you. I'm here for you, I'll stand for you to support your healing work."

- Bilyana Cinacarevic 

"I bow to you in gratitude and offer a deep and heartfelt thank you on behalf of myself, and the other women, for the love and energy you gave so freely to help us discover and grow our medicine, and heal that which stands in its way. I lay roses at your feet. I am humbled. I want you to know that I am forever grateful to you and the Kontomble for this experience, and every single breakthrough and every single challenge, because I know that as I get stretched, I expand and grow and heal, becoming a stronger and more loving version of myself, so I can better serve the Earth, the Goddess, humanity, and Spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Katie DeMarco 

"I leave Serbia with a higher vibration than when I arrived. A beautiful land of equally strong and kind people. Thank you Liv Mokai and the Kontmble for calling us to the goddess and closer to our truths. I love you."

- Dyanna Csaposs

With an Ear to the Great Mystery · Ojai, California · August, 2019

Blink 1: I see a little person running across the circle with a spherical leather cup of bright water.
Blink 2: I dance slowly like I'm in the Sundance, feeling the energy, sinking, surrendering.
Blink 3: I wonder, "What would Grandpa Sammy do?", and then hear loudly, "Dance! Dance, man! Dance!"
Blink 4: a whole team of raggedy heyokas enter the circle and I break out into a laughing tear, trying to keep my eyes closed, laughing so hard that I can barely dance.
Blink 5: I dance across the country to where my tribe is having our powwow, joining them in the arena, a proud brown-haired starman, and then they join us all in their regalia in Ojai; I think, on the verge of tears, "I am dancing with my people."
Blink 6: I dance and feel how true this is in both places, in Niobrara and Ojai.
Blink 7: I suddenly realize that we're doing an iteration of Wovoka's Ghost Dance, all of us dancing as a prayer to bring back all of the immeasurable life that the modern world is hellbent on decimating and enslaving.
Blink 8: ornate, sweet, free-spirited Tasmanian Devils of revolutionary bell-ringing and rattle-shaking JOY spirit around the center where a hole is dug for the offerings of ocean water, cornmeal, and heirloom corn that we are going to give to the Chumash Indians of this land and I am all smiling, toothy bliss.
Blink 9: when the needle-nosed (literally) opposition shows up we all dance them and their so-called authority right on out into the nighttime desert where the mountains, cacti, and sprinting lizards all melt them away, again, into the ancient mists.
Blink 10: the threshold of grief appears and Chumash relatives uncountable begin to walk and dance and pray among us; their faces mournful, tickled, happy, knowing.
Blink 11: I dance over the earth hole crying with my seeds of ancestral Ponca corn upraised in my hand, merging with all the Chumash spirits; seeds of miracles, seeds of the impossible; feeling the healing power like a shockwave standing still, designing its own path into the kernel-sized aperture.
Blink 12: dancing beyond the point of collapse and then taking off skyward along with everyone else, dragons of every kind, soaring, shimmering, roaring with tearful, ineffable ecstasy.
Blink 13: I sit down on my dance spot and look across the circle at Aislinn, feel all sorts of giggly little people, and think, "Is anything ever truly over?" '

- Cliff Taylor

'This past weekend— It was such a deep and humbling honor for me to get to participate in ceremony with Liv Mokai, with Oscar and Cliff, as well as other amazingly powerful, beautiful, and healing people. To directly work with and give love and tears back to the land and the Ancestors of the land, the mountains and the Chumash people. The Kontomble bring so much— strength, healing, wisdom, truth, humor, and the distinct knowledge that the time is now for change. It is truly a blessing to get to hear them speak through Liv. The entire experience was so healing and transformative for me. I think we all feel like outsiders sometimes and we all crave community, I am very familiar with this feeling. And so I am grateful to have begun my journey with this ever widening community. At one point I heard distinctly “isn’t this what you’ve always wanted? To be part of the group?” And I danced and cried because it is the truth. I am so so grateful. It’s hard for me to put into words. Thank you to everyone.'

- Amy Goldenberg 

'Every part of me is so filled up from sitting in ritual with Kontomble, dear Liv Mokai, and all of the magical people she and the Small-Yet-Mighty Ones tend to attract and the connections that continue to weave...it’s not always easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it. Every amount of effort and more, worth it. The Chumash ancestors here heard us. The land heard us. And by “heard” maybe I also mean felt... They are listening as we re-learn to listen to them... I think I LOVE YOU PEOPLE even now more than I did a few days ago.'

- Amanda Woodward 

'For the Kontomble. For the Thunderers. For Kukulkán. For Otorongo. For Saabé and Bear. For the entire ecology of spirit allies, guides, helpers. For Liv Mokai. For Cliff, Jsoue, Kyoko, Amanda, Erin, Sylvie. For all of you in Ojai with us this weekend. Thank you for doing the work. Thank you.THE WORK. 

There is an eloquence in the way the world is woven together. One that flows seamlessly, easily, beautifully. When the work is done. But never until then. The work is what allows for each stitch of the great unfolding to take its place. Without snags, tears, or rips. The great unfolding is the thing that moves you. Propels you. Envelops you. Is you. At the core of you.

The work strips away the illusions, delusions, confusions that obscure you from you. From the essence of who and what you are. The work is excavation of the howling, wounded, and enraged corpses of your dreams. The tattered dregs of your devoured innocence. The parts of you that were not honored or understood because this world as we know it is a devourer.

The excavation is the work. The work of pulling apart all the ways you’ve been complicit in holding fast to your own wounding. Of making an identity of the scraps left once your soul’s been put through the meat grinder of society. Of convincing yourself over and over again that this tattered thing made up of bits of you and the assembly line imprint of what you’re “supposed” to be is you.

The work is a labor of love. For this world and the other. The unseen. It is a labor that takes courage. Generosity. Gratitude. Grandiosity. Love. Above all. Love. For the many things that made you and continue to. For the many people who will someday be here because of you. For the generations past that passed their wounds and curses to you. For the fact that you live and each thing you do radiates out in all directions. In concentric circles. Through space. Throughout time.

In ritual we strip away the false expectations and facades that have been forced on us like shackles. We strip away the garlands of flowers we’ve wrapped around those shackles to pretend we wear them willingly. 

We strip away every illusion that this world is okay and that we are happily, complicity, doped up and distracted enough to buy into it. We peel the layers back. To the wisdom in the bones. To the wisdom in the cells. To the wonderful part of us that knows it’s always known we are more, so much more, than this lukewarm life of spectators and sycophants.

The work is my life. It took me 35 years to strip away all of what it wasn’t. Now it unfolds with power. Beauty. And it is reweaving the world. We are reweaving the world. Those courageous enough to do the work. Reweaving the world by reweaving ourselves. Back into the essence. Back to the beginning. Back to the Sacred.


- Oscar C. Perez 

'Ojai, land of beauty, energy, transformation, sacredness, grief, pain, and memory. Thank you for holding me. For holding US in ceremony as we made offerings to the land, the mountain, the Chumash people. As we learned how to listen, how to feel. Thank you to the Kontomble and their partner Liv Mokai for their devotion to this world and humanity, for guiding us in how to reconcile with reality, to really feel grief and pain, feel the destruction and violence and thoughtless waste, and know we can simultaneously hold those feelings and make beauty of our lives... It was such a deep honor to sit in ceremony with so many incredible souls, and to humbly offer our love and receive so much inspiration, healing, and strength together. I bow to you all and to my ancestors who brought me to this moment and got me to this gathering... I feel so much hope, and I know we are all so strong and capable. I commit to remembering what was shared in this most sacred of rituals. Blessings to all of my new/old friends.'

- Rachel Jonte 

'Coming back from a weekend in Ojai where I experienced the power of Love in a way that dismantled walls I didn’t know I had and allowed for the freedom in my heart to flow strongly... gifting me the experience to Be who I truly am and not who I’ve been conditioned to be, accessing a new way of seeing and feeling how to work remotely with the land all over the World. May this experience of Being continue to weave into my everyday, fiercely and gently...May my/our Hearts be wide open and courageous enough to feel it All... Deeeeep Soul bows to our Dear Sister Liv Mokai... thank you for Being here now, for Being who you truly are and for so generously offering your medicine ways.'

- Dusti VanTilborg

'I spent this past weekend learning, remembering, creating, and being with Liv Mokai + a very beautiful group of humans + beings doing real work on the planet in their own way, yet in a way that feeds us all. I witnessed myself as shy / timid / insecure, coupled with expressed power / immense love / deep connection. Oscillating between them, landing at the center, over and over again, relishing in the humanness of it all, of us all. Oh, the raw stories and willing healing this weekend. The presence, the listening, the witnessing. Because when any one of us is sincerely willing to be real, to heal, and to reclaim our sovereignty, we all get closer to truly healing and reclaiming our worth and sovereign rights, here in this time, especially in these times. When we hold space for another, we are also held. We gave to the land, we gave to our ancestors with plates of fresh food + herbs, we gave to the vision of a future culture that we are building and believing in no matter what the opposing forces may throw our way. Let’s not get caught up in the madness. For it is truly maddening. And there is so much beauty and possibility; it is up to us to always see it, be it, create it, over and over again. To remember. Thank you for the invitation. May these invitations continue to come to me, in a language, a dialect, a vision that I can understand, that I willingly act upon, and that feed the truth rather than the illusion.'

- Aarona Lea 

'I am FED on all levels of my being after a weekend spent in ritual in Ojai with both new and very old friends. I was invited into this orbit by Liv Mokai (not a coincidence when you say her name out loud that it is LIVE) as the puzzle pieces of our connection continued to complete and get closer to find this moment. This glorious reunion where my body and my heart and my future were held so tight and so close. The kind of support that is some of the deepest medicine and what probably most of us have needed our whole lives.

The support that says I won’t let you go until you purge the fear and the abandonment and the insecurity and the “I don’t belong” and the isolation and the emotional malnourishment from your spirit. In an alchemical whizz bang, I was wailed with, prayed with, and birthed into belly laughs that were heard by the stars and planets. I looked into the eyes of an old team, reunited. We let that laughter shake our bodies because joy is Holy and when we were done, somehow the angels were singing next door and life was better than it ever was. What is the word that is even bigger than gratitude? Let’s ask the Kontomble and then I’ll give it to you... We pushed, we stretched, we stayed IN. We offered our energy, our vigor, our song, our dance, our voices to Spirit. We poured an ancestral feast, honey, cornmeal, tears, herbs, flowers, tobacco into the Earth and the land of the Chumash to honor and repair and thank.

We did it together and we were led by humble masters. You can hear the depth of practice in a voice if you listen carefully. You can hear the steadiness of tectonic plates and the bottom of the ocean from those who have done their work. I heard many of those voices this weekend and I learned from and admired them.

Ritual space IS real life. If we are co-creation in action, all life is real, and we can choose to carry the container of ritual and ceremony into all of the spaces that we travel in.'

- Erin Telford