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Foraging for the Goddess: A Healing Retreat

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For those that I've known for some years, you may have noticed that my spiritual journey has a lot to do with healing.  I am fascinated by healing, by the process of transformation.  I find great inspiration when the appropriate medicine is applied in just the right way and the wound finally heals.  Of course, many of our wounds aren't seen by the naked eye.  But they're felt, aren't they?  Many of them are emotional in nature.

My journey has taken an unexpected turn recently.  I had no idea that when I arrived to Bali that Spirit would lead me to the temple of an extraordinary healer that would be able to see into my being more deeply, in a sense, than I had been seen yet.  He was able to articulate certain aspects of my being in a more explicit way than I have experienced myself thus far.  And in so doing, has brought tremendous growth to my path.  It explained visions that I've been having recently and my desire to wear more white.  And I was truly honored when he invited me to apprentice with him.

This healer is a very potent healer.  When he wakes each day at his temple, there's a line of people waiting to see him.  One of the aspects I really admire about him is that he treats everyone equally.  A Westerner is not given preference over a Balinese person.  He's very deliberate about that.  And clearly he is in very high demand.  And since working with him, it's clear to me as to why.  He's truly in service through his work.  It is not about him at all.  It's incredible.

The first day I met him (or re-met him?), he let me know that it is my karma that arrived me to his doorstep.  Although I feel like it's going to take time for me to really understand that, I bowed in gratitude.  We have quite naturally been working together more regularly.  I know that he receives guidance from the Gods and Goddesses about how and why he works with people.  You can imagine what an honor it was to receive an invitation from him to work together in the creation of this retreat.

Because of the very particular culture and cultural ways that I'm working with (I've created this with my Balinese brother and the healer/priest) it didn't feel right for me to share this on social media.  I want you to know that it is grace that shares this invitation with you.  It ultimately is the Goddess, as they're sharing with me now.  Thus, we are approaching this with a great deal of respect.

I've recently learned from the healer that he is able to be helpful with strokes and women's fertility.  I imagine there is much more he is able to help with.  I'll learn more.  My work with him has been centrally focused around my spiritual growth.  And spiritual growth it has been.  For example, from my treatments with him, this is the first time that I've experienced an extended period of pure beingness.  I was experiencing reality outside of the good and bad paradigm.  That was profound for me.  To have that experience naturally brought a great deal of awareness to judgement and the impact of it.  His work has quite distinctly connected me to the Gods and Goddesses as well.  For that, I am beyond grateful.  I am learning so much from them.

There are additional sacred places that we'll be experiencing during our journey together. I have carefully created this retreat with my Balinese brother that we'll be with.  He is a long time student of Balinese spirituality (35 years?) and is a well-spring of knowledge and spiritual guidance.  He understands how we must show up to these holy places with respect intact so as to be well received by the guardians of nature there, so that ultimately we may also receive from the blessings of nature.  Nature is so alive here.

Well, I think I'll leave it at that.  Clearly I've been profoundly impacted by this land and these people.  We have created space for 10 people for this healing retreat.  If you are feeling called, there is an application process.  It is helpful for us to understand your intention so as to deepen into the realms of what is possible.

Sending love,

Liv Mokai


Foraging for the Goddess: A Healing Retreat

February 16-27, 2019

Bali, Indonesia

You are invited to join us for a 12 day supportive and immersive healing experience in sacred Bali. It is created in such a way that will hold you in the process of diving into deep and transformative healing while also giving you space to unwind and process the experience, healings, and the sacredness of the culture and the lands themselves. We will visit holy waters to purify our beings and prepare for the healing work. We will also visit a sacred water temple and experience Balinese culture and spirituality through traditional Balinese dance and witnessing practices such as making offerings.

It is an honor and privilege to join with a truly extraordinary traditional Balinese healer who will offer three individual healings for each attendee to experience. A dear friend will be present at each of the sessions with the healer to translate. We feel that this opportunity is incredibly sacred and will ask that each person attending the retreat holds this privilege with utmost integrity and honor as well.

To help your being integrate these healings, you will also receive three personal massage sessions. We will gather for community circles periodically as well. And towards the end of the time together, the Kontomble will be welcomed in for a group Divination Ceremony and council with Liv Mokai.

Liv recently decided to share a little more deeply about the journey, via audio recording, as she begins to sense more deeply into the energies of the gathering.

If you would like to listen to the recording, it can be found as a Google Drive link below:


The villas and land that will hold us have been chosen with great mindfulness and love.  The clear energy both in Bali and at the villas themselves will be supportive to our work. The villas and surrounding spaces and land is lovingly tended by a family who honors, feeds, and tends to Spirit and traditional Balinese ways of life by way of a truly intact stream.

Coco Alami, our home for the duration of the retreat, is located just outside of Ubud. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is immersed in the sacred Balinese culture. It is a warm and beautiful yet humble way to become synchronized with nature while immersed in the healing work.

We will see how they climb the palm trees to get a fresh coconut, the little farm they have with pigs and chickens and roosters, as well a big garden that is well cared for with tropical flowers and palm trees. There we will also be able to experience the warmth of the villagers and culture and witness the traditional ceremonies that Balinese Hindu do almost every day.

This is a sacred place where we can unwind and breathe into processing the healings whilst also experiencing and learning from the Balinese people, their culture and spirituality, and the spirit of generosity.

Each room is a guest house that has a four poster bed with a mosquito net, ceiling fan, private bathroom with shower & bath tub, and garden view. Some guest houses have kitchenettes as well.

Sleeping arrangements will be assigned and sharing beds with another attendee will be required due to the intimate size of the villa. Upon registration, you will be given the opportunity to express your preferences in how you’ll be assigned a space.


With the exception of a few meals out at restaurants (see more specifics below), all meals, fresh juices, fresh coconuts, and drinking water will be provided for you. With a focus on true nutrition that bolsters and makes space for the healings and transformation to take in our beings, we will experience local food that is made and selected to feel good in our beings.

Included in the Healing Retreat

·         Transportation to/from the airport upon arrival and departure

·         Purification ritual at Kintamani Holy Waters

·         Three individual healing sessions with the traditional Balinese healer

·         Translations in the three sessions with the traditional Balinese healer

·         3 personal 2 hour massage sessions

·         Experiencing traditional Balinese dance

·         Gunung Kawi Sebatu Sacred Water Temple Healing and Purification- Experiencing a Sacred Temple and learning from Wayan about Balinese temple culture as well as offerings

·         Community circles

·         Kontomble Divination Ceremony

·         All transportation

·         Accommodation for 11 nights

·         Nutritious meals, juices, and drinking water

·         Offerings and gifts


Not included in the Healing Retreat

·         International flights to and from Bali, Indonesia (DPS airport)

·         3 lunches and 1 dinner out at restaurants during our time together

·         If determined necessary, a personal power object could be prescribed and created for you by the healer. The cost of such an object would be 75 USD that you would be responsible for.



$3500 USD

To reserve your space, a nonrefundable deposit of 500 USD will be required within two weeks of acceptance to the retreat.

The remaining payment will be due one month before the retreat takes place. Personal payment plans will be set up at the time of registration to help make the financial aspects of the experience more accessible.

A reduced exchange of 3000 USD is available as a friends and family rate for those who’ve worked with Liv Mokai before. If this is something that would be supportive to you, please send us an email to inquire more.

Registration Process:

As in depth personal healing and honoring sacredness is at the root of the experience we are weaving, there is only space for an intimate group of 10 people. As such, each participant will be required to apply for a space.

After an application is received and approved, the nonrefundable deposit will be required within two weeks’ time.

Upon welcoming to the retreat, you would receive a registration form, a liability waiver, a healing agreement, a confidentiality and cultural sensitivity agreement, and a payment policy to sign and return completed to our team. These forms will be due within 72 hours and you would commit to a date you will send in your deposit at this time.

After these steps are completed, your space would be officially reserved. We would then begin to connect more deeply about how to prepare for the time together.

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To receive an application or might you have any questions, please send a message via the following contact form link indicating your interest in the retreat.