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Feeding Spirit Feeds Us: A Comprehensive Offerings Class

Feeding Spirit Feeds Us:

A Comprehensive Offerings Class

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When I studied and apprenticed for 8 years with my long time teacher Malidoma Some, something that really deeply resonated truth for me was the practice of offerings. I knew somehow internally how important offerings were/are. When I’d spend time in Burkina Faso, West Africa it was so transparent in the strong energy shifts I’d notice in ritual. It was clearly from the offerings that were being made.

Here in Bali the spirits are so well tended. It’s extraordinary. As a result, the people experience harmony.  I ask my friend here frequently about their practices with offerings. And many of them are simply for any spirits that are around.

When we were driving across a bridge the other day I noticed many offerings. I asked him who those offerings were for. He said they’re for any spirits there. He said, “It’s a way of saying, excuse me.” Because he explained the river as a spirit highway essentially. So we’re crossing their road; it’s polite to say excuse me.

Wow! A light went off for me too because for such a long time I had such a hard time crossing bridges. My heart would beat so fast and I had a hard time staying in my body. I tried all sorts of methods of healing. I knew they weren’t ultimately addressing what it really was. That also happened to correspond to when my channels really began opening to the Spirit world. I was picking up on all the Spirit activity around the water.  We are such sensitive beings. I know that so much of what people assume to be their own maladies are in fact us unconsciously picking up on how the spirits are doing. Offerings are a great starting place.

Yes offerings matter. Offerings are key, I believe, in deepening in relationship with the Otherworld and developing trust.  When we make great gestures of our life as an offering to the divine, they respond in kind.  It is true. I’ve experienced it. And continue to. I will continue to empty my pockets ultimately in offering to the divine. What else is there? When we allow ourselves to release ourselves from the narrow confines of so-called ‘logic’ we make way for the supernatural.

With love,

Liv Mokai


Friday, September 28th, 2018

5 – 8pm EST

75 USD

Live Zoom Video Conference Call

With Liv Mokai Wheeler

This will be a comprehensive class on making offerings to Spirit.  We will dive into a very detailed dialogue about specific offerings to various spirit beings.  We will make time for personal questions so as to have space to sense into your unique connection with Spirit and what the various beings are requesting as well. If you have you been called to begin to develop or deepen into an offering practice, we invite you to join us in sacred space and dialogue. May offering this class support your process and feed the wellsprings of the Otherworld with reciprocity and love.


There is no application nor prior experience with an offerings practice required to attend this class.

To receive more information on the registration process and how to prepare for the class, please send a message via the following contact form link indicating your interest in the class.


As there will be space for 15 people total, it is ideal to reserve your space soon.

We look forward to being in circle with you!