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Beyond the Illusion Session I - Feminine Medicine in a Modern World

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In 2015, I was invited to speak at a reputable healing institute in the United States and I knew I wasn’t ready.  I declined.  I knew if I shared at that point, I would essentially be sharing my long time teacher’s, Malidoma Some, message.  His message is his message.  I let the man who invited me know that I was declining the invitation and he let me know that this opportunity might not be there again.  Nonetheless, I declined politely.  I knew I wasn’t ready.  I knew I needed to experience more before I knew what my heart wanted to share, what my message is.  I wasn’t there yet.  By now I’ve facilitated ritual in at least 16 cities in the United States and have shared Kontomble’s messages in 9 countries.  I’ve experienced a lot about humanity and where we are currently as a people.  I’ve been received in such vastly different ways, such as two Indian doctors who experienced my medicine in Rishikesh wishing to touch my feet as though I’m holy and arriving to places in the United States to facilitate ritual without being told that I was arriving to no one in attendance at the ritual as they previously said there would be.  I’ve experienced some things.  I experienced how people treat one’s medicine.  

I have been eager to share what I’ve learned thus far, to share my personal experiences, in hopes that it might be helpful to another, in hopes that my journey, including my difficulties, may be transformed to be offered up as medicine for another.  May this be helpful to your journey.

With love,

Liv Mokai


Beyond the Illusion- Feminine Medicine in a Modern World

For Community in and Around Europe

475 USD

Live Zoom Video Community Calls

With Liv Mokai Wheeler

~Please note that although the series will not take place in 2018, we hold the intention to connect with community in and around Europe and offer the series for you soon. If you would like to be on the email list to be informed about the dates when the group is formed, please reach out to 

This is a 4 week series for the feminine Spirit practioner to provide space for a deep dive into understanding what may prevent medicine from working and also exploring what may support a healthy expression of medicine in today’s world. Liv Mokai will share things that she has found to be true on her journey, what she has learned, while also making space to hear from community about their experiences. Each session is two hours in length. The group will be small, ten people, in order to have a more intimate space for deeper sharing and authenticity to further articulate itself. As such, each participant will be required to apply for a space. This series is an open and safe space for all that identify in some way as feminine or female. It is not she/her exclusive and we welcome all expressions of what feminine means to you.

Topics to be covered include:

· What thwarts medicine from working

· Discussions around entities and how they may have been already undermining your best efforts and ways to keep your space clear

· Addressing subtlety 

· The importance of humility

· The importance of boundaries and what it’s like to step outside of a people pleasing paradigm

· One’s own personal practice- working on one’s self, shadow and unconscious belief systems, and self-love

· Monetary shadow and scarcity energy

· Shadow- is love and light actually love and light? Is being positive actually enough?

· Showing up as a receptive teacher in the present moment

· Being guided by Spirit- what is it like? What does this mean?

· Living and expressing outside of formulas and resisting the urge to do something we perceive to be working for others

· Transparency and vulnerability

· Accountability in one’s self and encouraging accountability in others

· Developing spiritual strength, addressing opposition, and holding onto what you know as true 

 Included in the series:

· 4 two hour live video sessions on Zoom (a total of 8 hours)

· Recordings of the sessions

· Private Facebook Group to connect with and support one another

Photography by Zen Cohen (

Photography by Zen Cohen (

Liv Mokai Wheeler is an International Ritual Facilitator mostly steeped in the tradition of the Dagara Tribe from Burkina Faso. Having made many pilgrimages to the villages in West Africa, learning and working with highly gifted shamans and diviners, she is known as an initiated Kontomble Voice Diviner. Liv Mokai works very closely with the Kontomble, also known as "Little People", meaning she listens to their words and speaks their language to share their wisdom and guidance with people all around the world.

Liv Mokai’s practice has been working with people individually as well as facilitating healing in community for 13 years.  More recently, her work has brought her into the international community where she is facilitating private and group divinations and ritual retreats.  She tours the world facilitating ritual reminding people of their true nature, which is deeper than our modern selves would have us believe. For the past few years, Liv Mokai has been working with friends and researchers to help uncover the stories and memories of the "little people" around the world.

Registration Process:

As there is only space for a select group each participant will need to apply for a space. You will find the application below.

After an application is received and approved, the nonrefundable deposit will be required within two weeks’ time.

Upon welcoming to the series, you would receive a registration form, a healing agreement, and a payment policy to sign and return completed to our team. These forms will be due within 72 hours and you would commit to a date you will send in your deposit at this time.

After these steps are completed, your space would be officially reserved and you will be added to the community Facebook Group.


475 USD

To reserve your space, a nonrefundable deposit of 200 USD will be required within two weeks of acceptance to the series.

All payments are nonrefundable.  

For more information or to join the email list so that you can be informed when the series for this communiy will take place, please reach out to