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Inner Healers School: Shamanic Medicine Wheel Ritual


Remembering you are sacred...

The Medicine Wheel has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health and healing. Our Shamanic Medicine Wheel Ritual is an opportunity for you to experience Spirit through Nature and remember your own Spiritual Nature.


Being a Ritual Facilitator since 2008, Luciana Stiglich will call forth her Healing Medicine Wheel to hold space for the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water; Elemental Keepers: Gnomes, Fairies, Salamanders and Undines; Inca Apu Spirits; Pachamama Spirit; Wind Spirits: North, East, South, West; 4 Archangels, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, facilitating contact between participants and Spirit world.

Within this Sacred Space, using Ancient Voice Divination, Ritual Facilitator Liv Wheeler will knock at the gates of the Kontomble realm asking them to meet her at that threshold to merge with her energy so that she can become a medium for their wisdom to enter into this realm, for the assistance of all participants. Also known as "Leprechauns" and "Little People", Kontomble are very powerful beings, quite determined to help us evolve.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

7 PM - 10 PM UTC-05

Sacred Valley, Cusco

With Luciana Stiglich and Liv Wheeler


As a Medicine Woman, Luciana holds a Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medical System, a Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy and a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner Certification. She has been initiated by the Q'ero to remember Ancient Shamanic Healing Work and become a P'aqo -a keeper or Nature's wisdom, a bridge between human and Spirit world. By integrating the 4 aspects of Self: mind/soul, emotions/heart, body and spirit within the physical and non-physical in her studies and private practice, she brings forth what she calls her "Healing Medicine Wheel", a portal for Spiritual growth and wellbeing, where people can remember their Sacredness and access multidimensional healing. Creator of Inner Healers, Healing Medicine Wheel and Soul Trauma Healing. Inner Healers Radio Producer and Host.

Photography by Zen Cohen ( 

Photography by Zen Cohen ( 

Liv Wheeler's primary practice is shamanic work. She studied with 3 different medicine people but her primary teacher and mentor has been Malidoma Some, PhD (Dagara Elder, Shaman, Author). She studied with him for 7 years, 3 of those years she assisted him with his newer students. She's had the wonderful opportunity of going to his village to work with the Dagara medicine people and elders of Dano, in Burkina Faso, Africa, spending a month there in 4 different occasions. This helped her to deepen her understanding of Ancestors and Earth-based spirituality. In her healing practice, at this point, she sits as a Diviner and a facilitator between the Spirit realm and the human realm, facilitating healing and information being brought through. She has also been guiding trainings in shamanic work, especially focused on 20 something’s finding a grounding in this work. She feels she's incarnated into this time that we’re living in for a very special reason.


Also, private sessions with each will be available for those with booked consultations prior to the event.


We invite you to join us in this magical experience in Sacred Valley, Cusco: | (511) 500.4079
Spaces open until 6/15/17.

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