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Kuleana- Resurgence of Respect for the Little People

Kuleana: Resurgence of Respect for the Little People

There are spirit-beings that have been walking with us across the ages. They are our relatives, our teachers and allies. They are ohana. But they have been pushed out of our collective consciousness, made into ‘faery tales,’ their aloha forgotten. The nations of the ‘little people’ around the world are stewards of the Earth and stewards of the rise in human consciousness. They nourish us by generously carrying tradition, art, music, medicine, memory, and hope. They nourish us with their profound love and infectious joy. And deep inside each of us there is a taro flower that has guarded this essential knowing, the memory of them, with purity and wisdom. We must now let the blossom bloom and bring this knowing back to the light. It is time to remember, to reconnect, to offer our own devotion, and unite as ohana once more. It is time for kuleana. Put simply, kuleana is a responsibility. But it also an empowering energy that weaves gratitude, right action, and justice. It presents an opportunity to relearn and transform. Kuleana helps us to remember the spirit of lōkahi and aloha within our vast ohana. In remembering the truth of our ohana, we can welcome the ‘little people’ back into the circle. We can offer our hearts and ask how we may help them as well. 

March 22, 2017


Anahola Taro Patch, Anahola Kauai 

6pm-Sunset ~Keiki Ceremony at Anahola Beach Park~


Keiki Ceremony is free! 

With Kontomble Diviner Liv Wheeler, Ponca Poet Cliff Taylor, and Rachel Zacrep

“Inside this memory of our souls we intuitively remember how to be in rich, fruitful, respectful and sound relationship with all the thing and forces and spirits and people we are already in relationship just by the virtue of being alive. The understanding of a great elder is already fully-formed and inside of us all from the beginning… The work is remembering. The work is reconnecting to everything we already know. This is the memory of our soul.” Cliff Taylor

Our ‘little people’ ohana have been known as the Shining Ones, the Kontomble, the Menehune, the Chahochina, and the first humans. In fact, almost all of the human nations around the world have a name for them. Liv Wheeler and Cliff Taylor have both been in intimate relationship with the ‘little people’ for more than ten years. Like these spirit-beings themselves, they have knowledge to share and stories to weave. They are uniting to help us begin to remember by sharing their teachings with us.

We will also enter ceremonial space together in a sacred taro patch. We will honor the Menehune and Liv will call in the Kontomble as well. We will bring them the seed of our offering and ask how we may be of service to the ‘little people’ as we welcome them back to the ohana.

In the evening, we will be holding a sunset keiki ceremony on the beach! Rachel will circle with our keiki for song, story, hula, and even a ceremonial hukilau. We will share with them the spirit of lōkahi and aloha within our vast ohana. We will celebrate their preciousness and purity, raise up their voices, and ask them for their help in sending up the prayer for the new day. Each keiki will also go home with a special ‘little people’ book made by hand especially for them!

The keiki ceremony is free! They can attend the whole day with the adults, or they can just come for their own celebration in the evening. Please share this with any ohana with keiki! The more the merrier!

Liv Wheeler is an initiated Kontomble Voice Diviner, speaking in the tongue of the 'little people'.  She studied and apprenticed with Malidoma Some for 8 years and spent months at a time working with the diviners and shamans in Burkina Faso, West Africa. She currently teaches workshops and facilitates rituals throughout the U.S. and abroad to help connect people with their ancestors, kontomble, as well as other elemental forces. 

Cliff Taylor is a poet and author. He is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. His book The Memory of Souls is a beautiful tribute to both his people and the ‘little people’ and tells the tale of their presence in his life.

Rachel Zacrep is a yoga teacher and has been a nanny for ten years. She comes from Hawaiian ancestry and a long line of Hawaiian healers. Her passion lies in celebrating the voices of the keiki and the beings in the Otherworld and walking in reciprocity with the Earth and all of her beings, seen and unseen. 


$75 non-refundable deposit

To reserve your space, register with a non-refundable deposit of $75

Deposits and final payments can be made via PayPal - / Friends and Family.

Once you have reserved your space, please reach out to with confirmation of the payment, the attendee(s) name, and the keiki’s name if applicable.

The address and more information on how to prepare for our time together will be sent in a welcome letter after we've received the final payment.

If you are bringing keiki, please email us so that we may have an idea as to how many gifts to have prepared for them! There is no cutoff date for their attendance, they may even come spontaneously, but this helps us have a general idea.

We look forward to being in ceremony and community with you! And the keiki!