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Mending Medicine: Vulnerability and the Otherworld

Mending Medicine: Vulnerability and the Otherworld

Imagine a space that is so intrinsically pure and open and raw that it is free of fear or shackles. This is the space beneath vulnerability, a space that humans once held with care. It is the truth of human nature. This may be hard to fathom now, but the nations of the ‘little people’ around the world remember. They have been known as the Shining Ones, the Kontomble, the Menehune, the Huldufolk, the Patu-pai-arehe, and the first humans. These beings have generously carried tradition, art, music, medicine, and memory across the ages. Their profound love for humanity and the health of the Earth has also made them keepers of hope- a medicine with the power to mend. They are our relatives, our teachers and allies. Like our whale relations, they invite us to remember the softness of our souls. They invite us to rise up, to mend our hearts, and to remember that we too can plunge to the depths of the waters. The Kontomble and the whales are uniting to help us remember the truth of our heart songs. We will listen to their memories, their stories, and their songs. And we will come together as a community to heed this wisdom and explore the watery depths of our own beings. Together we will dive deep and come back to the light.

March 18 & 19, 2017

10am-5pm Each Day 

North Shore, Oahu 

With Kontomble Diviner Liv Wheeler and Elisa Spring

Photo by Zen Cohen ( 

Photo by Zen Cohen ( 

Liv Wheeler will be sharing her gift as diviner of the Kontomble, the Little People of Burkina Faso. She will call them in and translate the tongue of the ‘little people’ so that we may hear from them directly and steep ourselves in the depth of their messages and wisdom. Together we will receive the blessing of guidance from the Kontomble and our whale relations.  

Elisa Spring will be guiding us through morning and evening movement practices to support us individually and collectively to soften into vulnerability. The practice of 'Moving Mana' will create the opportunity to increase intimacy with our bodies, cultivate self-trust and deepen our ability to express our own creative powers ~MANA: All Power Comes From Within

Lisa McDaniel is graciously hosting us in her home and on her sacred land. Lisa and her café, Paradise Fresh Food Café, will also be providing the nourishment during our time together. There will be four juices served each day that are raw, organic, and locally sourced. We will start in the morning with light and clean flavor combinations. Then we will gradually move to more grounding meals such as a protein rich nut milk and a slightly warmed savory broth so as to support our bodies in this immersive experience.


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We look forward to being in ceremony and community with you!