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Circling Home~ Ancestors and the Otherworld

In this modern time, we are often forced into clamoring to survive the present while simultaneously preparing for the future. This can make it hard to remember that there are beings and Ancestors walking beside us every day. But it is now vital that we remember their presence and begin to honor them once more. Like the profound love they offer us, we can even begin to offer our hearts in service to their healing and wellbeing as well. The Kontomble, like all nations of ‘little people’ around the world, graciously help us evolve as a human family. They come to us with open, generous hearts and can help us find a way to remember our Ancestors and walk in reciprocity. Together we will be honoring the collective ancestral lines by reconnecting with them in reverence and in ceremony. As a community, we will set up an altar with offerings and sacred pieces of each of our ancestries. We will then enter ritual space with the Kontomble who will bring the Ancestors’ messages to us. We will begin to awaken and circle home. 

West Portland

February 25, 2017



Liv Wheeler will be sharing her gift as diviner of the Kontomble, the Little People of Burkina Faso. She will call them in and translate the tongue of the ‘little people’ so that we may hear from them and our Ancestors directly and steep ourselves in the depth of their wisdom. 

Gregory David Done and his housemates are hosting us in their home. Gregory will also be leading us in an hour long yoga class in the morning. This will help us to become grounded individually and as a community so as to immerse ourselves in the experience more fully.

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