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Dark Goddess Invocation- Virtual Gathering


We are inviting you to join Liv Wheeler and Ra Ma Kaur this Saturday October 7th 9-10:30 am EST for a virtual gathering as they invoke the Goddess and the Kontomble to prepare the ritual space for their retreat Divining the Dark.

We are gathering a community of those who identify as woman to embrace the darkness as we welcome Scorpio Season and our Ancestors. As the veil begins to thin we'll be entering into a cozy atmosphere to be embraced by the care of each other, as well as the love of the Otherworld.

They have created the Dark Goddess Invocation this Saturday so that you may meet the Kontomble and sense the energies they will be working with on the retreat. Many fear the dark, and yet the dark is as essential and as important as the light. It is the mystery, it is the unknown.

Ra Ma and Liv met in this lifetime last year at an ancient redwood tree Kontomble ritual and they've been collaborating in various ways since that time. Their connection is beautiful, full of love, care and understanding.

Ra Ma has a deep love for Liv. Meeting her was like finding a grounding rod to her starry homes. Ra Ma deeply appreciates Liv's integrity to her path and to Spirit. Liv is a true model of devotion in action. One cannot speak about Liv without speaking about the Little People as they truly travel together. The Kontomble are such fierce and loving teachers. Their wisdom is timeless, deeply intelligent and will push you beyond your boundaries to grow with might.

Liv has great admiration for Ra Ma and the ways she shows up to life and tends community so lovingly and with such depth of presence. Liv always have the sense when she is in Ra Ma's presence that she's witnessing a great spiritual teacher. Liv feels we're all rather blessed to have her in our lives. Liv believes it's an honor to call her friend, sister and collaborator in the ways of the Divine.

They are drawing from their well of resources to share with you all the depths of what they've come to experience as being truly helpful on the path of continual growth and liberation.

RSVP to join us virtually this Saturday, we welcome all women who wish to tune into the Otherworld. You can learn more about the retreat at

With love and blessings.

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