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Oregon Ancestralization Healing Ritual with Liv Wheeler

When Malidoma Some came to the West, he carried deep within his medicine bundle of traditional wisdom, a profound method for healing our ancestral pathways called the 'Ritual of Ancestralization'.

In Malidoma's home village of Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa, when a person dies hundreds of villagers come together to support that one soul's crossing.  Village life halts in order to support this soul's crossing.  For three days and three nights there is drumming, chanting, singing, grieving, and the collective offering of energetic and sacred devotion need to help a soul transition.

In the West we have largely disconnected from our traditional practices around death and dying.  Coming together as community, in order to support the soul's transition, is an age old practice, yet a nearly lost ritual form in our modern society.  As modernity and ancient ways now blend together to foster a more rounded human pathway forward, we will embrace this ancient Ritual of Ancestralization as an opportunity to delve deeply into the human waters that these essential rites activate and invoke.

Many cultures still have wonderfully intact practices, to make certain that the soul reaches its final destination, in order to enter the realm of the ancestors.

In modern culture, we've largely forgotten.  When Malidoma came to the West he recognized that this traditional ritual would need to be adapted to meet the needs of the Western Culture.  In facilitating this ritual many times since my training and apprenticing with Malidoma, I have recognized there are a few areas to make adjustments to further harmonize it within our culture.  This ritual is a living event that we will activate and co-create together.