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Medicine Of The Ancients with Liv Wheeler & Chelsea Wind

Medicine of the Ancients

      Kontomble Tree Rituals

with Liv Wheeler & Chelsea Wind

June 25th-27th

Redwoods, Northern California

Here on the West Coast, in devastatingly rare yet majestic protected pockets, we are still blessed to be presided over by Giants, by Ancients.  The Redwoods, the Western Red Cedars, the Sequoias, these primordial Beings, all stand as Keepers of the Sacred. They are Guardians of Life, Givers of Breath.  They offer us purification, protection, renewal, healing, medicine, shelter, and deep, compassionate wisdom.  These Ancient Beings are ladders between worlds, maps of the cosmos, celestial deities, and portals to different dimensions.  Woven with mythological fabric, pulsing with magic, they are a living link between this world and the realms of the supernatural.  Our very lives are dependent on their existence, both physically and spiritually.  They are our teachers, our providers, and the keepers of our prayers. 

Ancestrally, most of us are descendants of cultures who held Trees in the highest reverence.  Communing with these Beings is something that is in each and every one of our bones—our cellular, ritual memories. 

 Trees are no less sacred today as they were centuries ago to our ancestors or the ancestors of these lands.  And yet, so much has been lost and forgotten. While the natural world around us continues to speak, we, as a people, have seemingly lost our ability to hear…we have lost the tongue that accompanied, that grew out of, that quality of listening to organic symphonies of life.  Indigenous languages are in dialogue with nature, and when we loose that tongue— the way so many of us have—we fall out of our ancestral communion with nature.  Not being able to hear the voices of nature is part of what keeps us in the throws of collective amnesia,  living inside a mechanistic culture which has us entranced, almost unaware of the mass destruction that is happening before our very eyes. What does it take for us to change? 

Kontomble are here to help us remember; they are taking us in.  They have never lost their primal tongue that is in communion with the Natural World, with the Trees.  By coming into dialogue with Kontomble, we come back into touch with the language of nature, the language that we long for.  


The languages of plants, of trees, of the animals, of the little people are all primal languages.  Kontomble need the Trees to come into this realm, so they know each other well.  The Tree Beings are connected to Kontomble who are connected to us— which allows for a mending to happen, as if a spiritual ecosystem is being reinstated and we are re-finding our place inside of that ecosystem.  We are a new tribe that is remembering our connection and Kontomble is standing with the Trees, inviting us in and saying “here, let me remind you…”  They are doing us a favor.  They are our messengers.  With Kontomble as our bridge, we are able to address the Trees and the Trees are able to address us more directly. We don’t have to infer or assume or make guesses; we don’t have to battle with the perils of our egos or doubts in the same way. With Kontomble as our messenger we have the tremendous honor of having a direct link to the deified voices of the Tree Spirits. We build upon our own abilities to commune with nature from a place of direct connection, from the clean golden waters of Ancient Tree Medicine.  

We gather in community, as a new Tribe forming, at the feet of these Ancient Beings. In ceremony and in reverence, we offer our respect, our attention, and our hearts to the healing and reparations needed at this time for our remembering. 

We approach the trees with great humility.  We arrive in our vulnerability and authenticity, whether that is grief, shame, anger, fear, longing, numbness, it doesn’t matter…we come raw and we come real.  Trying our best to be conscious of the grips that scarcity has on us—a residue of a culture that has taught us to take in order to give and to give in order to take—we approach in the spirit of abundance and generosity, we come with our gifts, our offerings and a desire to be in service.  We kneel before these Ancients, the Redwoods, the Sequoias, the Western Red Cedars, and ask, how can we be helpful to You?  How can we be allies to You? How is it that you have survived in and amidst all of this destruction? What is it that is protecting you, spiritually, energetically, materially?  Who are You?  How can we help heal the split that has happened and recommit to our alliance with You, the Tree Nations, the Tree People?

In showing up together in this way, with and for the Trees, we collectively begin to inhale our Life back; we return to Green those parts of our Spirit gone grey from living inside of a machine culture.  In so doing, we are becoming guardians of life.  We are participating in helping to heal the Web of Life, the interconnection of all things. 



In each of these Kontomble Tree rituals, held at three different times throughout the Summer and Fall of 2016,  we will be gathering with a different Tree Nation: first the Redwoods, then the Western Red Cedars, and finally the Giant Sequoias.  Each of these Trees has a profoundly different medicine and Spirit and will likely have unique messages—offering different kinds of knowledge, requests and magic. Each ritual, in this way, will be completely different than the next. The Trees themselves, with the help of Kontomble, will help guide and shape the ritual.  While much is unknown, what we do know is that the Trees we will be communing with have all maintained continuous life for thousands of years and are some of the very largest, tallest, broadest, and oldest beings on Earth. This is no small thing.  These Trees knew life when many of our ancient ancestors were still Tree People.  They have survived, alive the whole time, through whole arcs of our ancestral knowing, forgetting, and our hopeful return to remembering.  They are one of our closest links to our past and our future. In this way, they truly are portals.  Sharing ritual space with Kontomble and these Beings is a profound blessing.  

These rituals help Water and Nourish the Soul. 

Nature helps us return to our pure, natural state—shaking us loose from the grey energy, the pollution and fog of amnesia, so rampant in our modern world.  This healing, this medicine, this connection to nature is essential for these times that we are now living.  We take our lives back; we nourish our authentic vibrancy and vitality  and cleanse our energy field so we may see, hear and feel more clearly.   Many of us know intuitively that part of our personal medicine— in whatever unique and creative way that is expressed— involves being in service the to Earth and the great remembering happening at this time. These Kontomble Tree Rituals are aimed to help strengthen and feed that medicine, to bring community together in sacred space, and to move forward with our personal paths inflected with the guidance and wisdom of these Ancient, Sacred Beings; the Guardians of Life.  

Whether you intuitively know that you are meant to be with one particular Tree or location, or whether you feel called to participate in all three rituals, we feel honored to share in ritual space with you, Kontomble, and the Tree Nations as we collectively seek to understand, remember, and steward the Medicine of the Ancients. 


June 25th, 26th, and 27th — Redwoods, Northern California

August 12th, 13th, and 14th — Western Red Cedars, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

October 10th, 11th,  and 12th — Giant Sequoias, Sierra Nevada, California

The cost of each tree ritual is $275.

If you sign up for two in the series, the cost is $500 total.

If you sign up for the entire series, the cost is $675 total.

We have a limited amount of spaces.  This series is likely to fill pretty quickly. 

To reserve your space, please paypal $100 non-refundable deposit to:

Please send via:  friends and family, along with a note that it's for the tree rituals series.  Or note which tree ritual you're signing up for.


Primitive camping, Food not included. More details to follow.