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Ancestral Family Liberation

Ancestral Family Liberation

with Liv Wheeler & Alan Jones

Rosarito, Mexico

March 10th - 12th



Join us Thursday, March 10th through Saturday, March 12th in Rosarito, Mexico for three days of ritual and ceremony.  Liv Wheeler and Alan Jones will be combining their medicines, working in alliance with ancient energies to call on old forces of transformation, in order to address our modern imbalances.

This is an incredible opportunity to unplug from your daily life and enter into a space of potent transformation.  We will be engaging in powerful rituals and ceremonies, that have the capacity to alter reality.  We will draw upon ancient practices that have been shown to be deeply effective at bringing about change, while being held by a gentle land.


Together we'll be:

Engaging in transformational work through Family Constellations and Ancestral Clearing Ritual. 

Family Constellations Work:

"Family Systems Constellations is a synthesis of modern psychotherapy and ancestral wisdom based on our interconnectedness with family members, both alive and deceased. The practice is predicated on pioneering epigenetic science proving that people inherit emotional experiences from past members of the family.  Many difficulties that inexplicably manifest in our lives are influenced by traumas transmitted and absorbed from previous generations of the family, even if those affected now are unaware of the original event in the past.  Everyone is affected to some extent by the legacy of colonialism, war, displacement and genocide that comprises our history as humans.."


Having an opportunity to share deeply in community through Canupa ceremonies and sweatlodge.

Canupa Ceremony:

Experiencing Mazatec influenced medicine journey as well as Kontomble Voice Divination.

About Kontomble Voice Divination:

"From the beginning of time as we know it, reaching deep into the ancient histories of all nations, the little people--bringers of tradition, medicines, songs, and a deep wisdom tuned into the voices of the earth--have been allies and teachers of human beings. Known as the Ancient Ones, as the first humans, they are the Kontomble, the Duendes, the Menehunes, the Wa Tee Tas, the Kaukas, the Nunumbi, the Huldufolk, and the Dwarves."

Liv Wheeler, as a Kontomble voice diviner, stewards an age old tradition from the Dagara people in Burkina Faso, Africa. Through offerings and an invocation, ritual space is opened and Kontomble are invited in to speak in their own native tongue, which Liv then translates. The messages they bring through are messages from the other world. It is a direct transmission in the form of both frequency and information.

Your beautiful home right on the water at the ceremonial retreat:

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Liv Wheeler's bio: 

Liv Wheeler is a Shamanic Practitioner, focused mainly in the shamanic practices of the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa. For eight years, she studied and apprenticed with Malidoma Some, PhD (Dagara Elder, Shaman, Author). Her path of study with healing work ranges from differing forms and traditions of energy healing to training in Somatic Therapy - studying the body and its holding patterns. Liv has maintained a shamanic practice for 10 years, consulting with the Spiritual realms to bring guidance to clients all over the world. Her passion is in guiding others in remembering their life's purpose and encouraging them to step fully into it. She teaches workshops and facilitates rituals to help connect people with their ancestors, Kontomble, as well as other elemental forces. In April, Liv will be touring across the United States for ‘Folk Medicine Revival’, an evening of conversation and ceremony created to heal the chasm that has occurred between the humans and ‘little people’, also known as the Ancient Ones. 

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Alan Jones Bio: 

Alan Jones, MFT intern, holds a Master's degree in Integral Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he worked for the Department of Transformative Leadership, and was a teacher's assistant in the East-West Transpersonal Psychology program. 

Undergraduate work focused on restorative justice practices with youth and the formerly incarcerated, as well as rites of passage; graduate work focused on shamanism and reclaiming ancestral consciousness. 

Alan is a trained facilitator of Family Systems Constellations,  Victim Offender Education Group, Family Group Conferences, and a Reiki master. He draws from training in various mindfulness-based somatic practices such as Hakomi, Qi Gong, Lomi Lomi, and craniosacral work to address trauma. 

Alan's work is grounded in formal training and initiations with elders, medicine people, and mystics from all over. He has followed protocols and honored his commitments on the medicine path.