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Moving From Scarcity To Abundance

Moving From Scarcity To Abundance

A Kontomble River Ritual

With Liv Wheeler & Chelsea Wind

Skamokawa, Washington

December 3, 12-5 pm



Come join us Saturday, December 3rd, as we transform energies together as a community!


The spirit of scarcity runs rampant in our culture.  When we find ourselves gripped by this energy we can constrict.  Believing there's not enough to go around.  That maybe we need to hoard what we have.  This energy can affect people and communities like a virus.  Often times people feel ashamed to even talk about all the ways they don't feel like they have enough, are enough.


One of the medicines we can draw upon to address this illness is community.  The medicine of coming together in a truly loving and caring community where this energy can be worked consciously.  Recognizing that we're all affected by the spirit of scarcity in different ways.  Whether we feel like there's not enough love or there's not enough work or there's not enough people who care about what we believe in.  


For me, one of my big teachings in scarcity was my first trip to Burkina Faso, West Africa.  I was with a group of Westerners.  The Burkina people that I experienced were some of the most generous, abundant souls I've ever met.  Seemingly any person I met would take me into their home, offer me food, take me in as family.  I felt that.  It was so humbling.  I'd hear the Westerners that were there talk about how poor these people are (monetarily speaking).  It simply didn't match up with what I was experiencing there.  Where did that abundant spirit come from?  It was so powerful.  The energy of it was very strong and luminous.   


When I returned to the states my eyes were seeing everything new.  I was almost overwhelmed by the richness, the extravagence.  Especially after being in Burkina for a month, things seemed so fancy.  ;)  Yet, what I was experiencing from seemingly every person that I spoke with was how little they had.  How hard their lives were.  It was a stark contrast.  The people who were talking about how little they had clearly had so much.  Did they need to be reminded? 

It seems pretty evident that it's an energetic/spiritual aspect to address.  Obviously acquiring more material objects doesn't address the spirit of scarcity.  Ironically enough, it can inflate it.  What we're talking about here, if you look with certain eyes, you'll notice that it's permeating so much of life currently.  Which is why it feels like it's begging to be addressed.  Even better, address it when we're headed into winter.  :)  Which, historically, can be a time of hoarding.  That's etched into our cellular being.


So we are!  As community, as a tribe of people who come together in love and support!  What if abundance was defined as you have more to give rather than you get more?  Being a part of the generous stream of life, not feeling depleted by giving but actually feeling like it's the most natural thing to do.  Feeling satiated, even energized!  It's the most natural thing to do, to be giving.  But again, it's an energy to work collectively because it's a collective issue.  So the remedy, the medicine comes through the collective.


We'll be gathering in my healing space on the land that's lovingly called 'Lucky Mud' (as seen above, and yes you'll likely meet those deer!) on December 3rd.  This is a space that you can get a little reprieve, possibly, from city energy.  It's beautiful land.  It feels to me like a sanctuary, a very safe space to be.  To feel free to be yourself.  We'll also be visiting the gorgeous river during our time together, to make offerings to the spirit of the river.  We'll be sharing, churning these energies.  Kontomble will be welcomed in during our time together as well, to speak on these energies, to address it spiritually.  We'll be in ritual space together, where we seem to exit the confines of mundane reality.  Let's see what's possible together!!!


Details:  Cost is $75.  $75 non-refundable reserves your space.  If you aren't able to make it, you can give your space to a friend!  :)

We'll be sending out a 'what to bring' email approximately 2 weeks from our time to gather.

Please email: to register. 

We hope to see you there!