Divinations can come through gently or like bolts of lightning--opening up a space of remembrance which can often feel like being ushered into a brand new world or a shifted paradigm.  If it’s the first time that you have connected to your Ancestors or Kontomble in this way, it is likely that as the guidance you receive gestates and integrates certain follow up questions can begin to percolate.  Through the years of doing divinations, I have found that many people are often inspired to keep engaging and developing their relationships to the Otherworld...and that there are often a lot of inquiries that can accompany that journey!   As with any relationship, your relationship to your Ancestors, Kontomble, or the Spirit Realm in general is an ongoing process that dances and fluctuates in tune to its own evolution and rhythms of intensity.

These mentoring sessions are really intended to assist in deepening your relationship to Spirit and to nurture your own intuition and inner knowing within ancient ritual and ceremonial structure. 

How do you set up an Ancestor altar?

What kind of offerings are to be made?

How does spirit receive an offering? 

What does an active relationship with your ancestors look like? 

These are all examples of common questions that can be easily engaged in the context of a mentoring session. These sessions can also help you to integrate any information that came through in a divination.  They also allow space for support, grounding, and guidance as your relationship
to the Otherworld enhances and heightens in new and profound ways.

Due to our conditioning of being raised inside a culture that has largely forgotten, one of the most pervasive obstacles can be doubt--self-doubt or doubt about the reality of the messages that can begin to come through from the Otherworld.   Each and every person has a way of connecting to Spirit that is unique. Some people are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Others can be dreamers, singers, thinkers or creators each with their own conduit and medicines.  These sessions offer an opportunity to explore, strengthen, and trust the uniqueness of your medicine as it unfolds in relationship with and through Spirit, Kontomble, and/or your Ancestors.

It has been a tremendous honor to offer myself as a mentor for people
starting out and continuing to deepen their relationships to Spirit. 

Mentoring sessions are offered on an as needed basis and are by the hour and half for 150 USD.

If you are a new client interested in mentoring sessions, please reach out to ancestorbridgeteam@gmail.com. 

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