Folk Medicine Revival

The Resurgence Of The Respect For The Little People

with Liv Wheeler & Chelsea Wind

April 2016 Tour

From the beginning of time as we know it, reaching deep into the ancient histories of all nations, the little people--bringers of tradition, medicines, songs, and a deep wisdom tuned into the voices of the earth--have been allies and teachers of human beings. Known as the Ancient Ones, as the first humans, they are the Kontomble, the Duendes, the Menehunes, the Wa Tee Tas, the Kaukas, the Nunumbi, the Huldufolk, and the Dwarves. Around the world, there are places where the relationship between the little people and human beings remain intact and strong. In many places, however, this vital connection has been forgotten. Many people in the modern world still walk with these powerful allies, often unbeknownst to them. While these relationships once flourished openly, today the little people have been relegated to the realm of fantasy, superstition, and fairy tales, and thus to the realm of the “unreal”--thwarting and veiling their true nature and potency. Where these veils exist, many fragmentations and misconceptions have taken root.  

In the current moment of environmental devastation, cultural brokenness, and ancestral amnesia, there are many messages for us from the little people, but in order to receive that guidance reparations are needed. Respect is needed. Mending the earthen and celestial fabric that is the relationship between humans and the little people is of immense import for future generations, for life to come. And so we hear and heed the call to come together. As the many nations of little people are gathering, we as human beings also gather in tribe across this grand continent of North America. As we journey from Florida to Oregon, we unite in community along the way--humans and little people alike--in an effort to restore what's been lost.

These intimate gatherings are both informative and ceremonial. The evening begins with a conversation about the little people. We'll be sharing a lot of information from different traditions from around the world, with a particular focus on the Ancient Ones as they are known in these lands of North America. From there, we'll move into conversation directly with the little people themselves. Liv Wheeler, as a Kontomble diviner, stewards an age old tradition from the Dagara people in Burkina Faso, Africa. Through offerings and an invocation, ritual space is opened and Kontomble are invited in to speak in their own native tongue, which Liv then translates. The messages they bring through are messages from the other world. It is a direct transmission in the form of both frequency and information. Encounters with Kontomble and the little people never bring forth the same information twice. And while there is no way to know ahead of time what kinds of teachings will come forward, it is likely that the information will be absolutely unique to each tribe that gathers.

This is a special opportunity to gather in ritual space with remarkable beings that are too oft forgotten or misunderstood. We hope you will join us, with open minds and watery hearts as we move into new-old ways of being on Earth with these incredible allies.



Chelsea was born and raised within the dramatic skies and landscapes of Oregon’s High Desert, amidst a crescent string of seven volcanic mountains and along the glacial banks of Wychus Creek. She carries a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a deep love and appreciation for people, history, mythic intelligence and the immense beauty of the natural world. She has devoted much of her work and practice as a freelance researcher to understanding the ways in which historical amnesia and environmental degradation go hand in hand, aspiring to bring buried stories back to life as a method of helping to bring healing to the present. Chelsea is an engaged in an ongoing study in Bolad’s Kitchen with Martin Prechtel, to whom much of her ideas are deeply influenced by and thoroughly indebted to. Additionally, her deepest teachers have been her Ancestors.
Kontomble, her family and community, and the starry wisdom that dwells within the flowering heart, in all her many forms, of our beloved Earth.


Liv Wheeler is a Shamanic Practitioner, mostly steeped in the shamanic practices of the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa. She studied and apprenticed with Malidoma Some for 8 years and has maintained a shamanic practice for 10. Liv works with clients in her private practice, consulting with the Spiritual realms in order to bring guidance through for the people she works with. She also teaches workshops and facilitates rituals, helping others to connect with their ancestors, Kontomble, as well as other elemental forces. Her passion is in guiding others to remember their life's purpose and encouraging them to step fully into it. And she believes in love, as being the strongest medicine!


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