The Spirit Behind Music

The Spirit Behind Music

with Anais Szabo & Liv Wheeler


405 Capp Street

San Francisco, Ca

Do you remember that from which you came

they know

Dark wet earth allows the imprint to last and be seen

And fades into thunder never to be captured

An echo heard in deepest caves of the soul is longing to be fed

To be reawakened

An ember struggles to remain and requires only the most delicate obsidian spark

To ignite


  This is a series for musicians of all genres!  This is a 5 month series where we'll meet once a month.

  We're gathering musicians who have Kontomble with them as a spiritual ally.

During these 5 months together we're going to be working deeply with Kontomble for the purpose of revealing the most healing music possible.  What we've noticed is musicians often times have Kontomble that are working with them or trying to work with them through music.  That Kontomble often times is the creative genius behind the sound.  Without recognizing this, it feels like the expression can be limited. 

This series is for musicians who walk with Kontomble to actively/consciously be creating a relationship with this powerful spirit ally.  Through this journey together you'll be learning how to create a home for Kontomble, how to welcome their energy into your life in a way that is mutually beneficial and to see what's possible together. 

Can they help you to articulate a new sound?  Can they bring the kind of positive energy into a venue, so that everyone walks away more alive from a show?!?  Can they help to push the boundaries to take your music into a new dimension?  Can they help you get out of your own way so that you can come into alignment with the music that is you?

We're so excited about this series!!!  Kontomble has been preparing us for the past year for this.  Waiting until the right time to reveal this particular kind of medicine.  And we only have a piece of the puzzle.  There are musicians that are going to gather, each of them carrying a different instrument that will break boundaries together, that will create new harmonies and frequencies.  If this is you, we can't wait to meet you in the space with the various different musicians, ready to embrace a cutting edge together! 

The cost is $100 per session.  $50 non refundable deposit is due by March 10th to reserve your space.  This pays for half of your first class.  We have a limited amount of space for this series, so it's definitely a good idea to sign up early.  Please email a letter of intention to Liv @ or Anais @

Kontomble is an incredibly powerful Spirit that is small in stature with incredible healing powers.  They have been likened to the Duendes of the Philippines (Spain, Mexico, etc.) or the Leprachauns and Knomes of Ireland, and the Menehune of Hawaii.  They can be found cross-culturally under different names.  The word Kontomble comes from the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, Africa.

Kontomble seem to be close to the source of change and creation; creation of cultures, creation of magic.  Experiencing Kontomble has the feeling of a grand paradox of ecstatic joy and intense responsibility.

Some people walk in the world with Kontomble, unbeknownst to them, often times.  And Kontomble will find creative ways to get your attention.  They might bring chills to you or they may bring a high-pitched ringing in your ears.  They may be responsible for you reading this right now...


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