The Building of a Village

The Building Of A Village

by Liv Wheeler


This story is dedicated to many people that I care about dearly.  This story is dedicated to Floyd, Lariba, my husband John, Chelsea, Lydia, Alice, Sabrina, Kalie, Jordanne, Jamie, Kiara and Anais.  With a very special thank you to Kalie and luna {13} photography for the visual photographic beauty..

About a year ago my husband and I took a trip to Burkina Faso.  We didn't really have specific plans in mind for the journey but it felt like a ripe time to touch the land together and give thanks.  Through my husband’s guidance and the help of a dear friend we found ourselves in Lobi land in Gaoua, Burkina Faso.  Each time I had journeyed to Burkina Faso prior, I had never visited that special place before.  Gaoua was absolutely breathtakingly magical.  Much more so than I could have even imagined.

We had a wonderful friend guiding us, making sure that we were honoring the gatekeepers of the land and confirming that we had clearance.  He clearly was quite psychically wired as well.  He said things many times that had me in a fixed stare, recognizing that he certainly was receiving information from the spirit world.  And I just took notice.  Shortly into our stay in Gaoua we arranged to journey to an ancient Lobi village.  The Lobi people are the tribal group that consist of 5 tribes in total, the Dagara being one of them.  The Lobi villages are known to be quite enchanted.  Powerful healing and magic has taken place there through time.

When we arrived to the village there was a whole huge group of brilliant children that ran up to the car!  I was almost mesmerized by them but something stronger pulled me to it.  I found myself instinctually led to an area of the village compound.  I had no idea what that place was but I was absolutely blown away.  My sensors were going off!  It was as if I had become a four-legged animal, sniffing around energetically at the different statues that were there.  Physically what I could see was beautiful statues sculpted out of the earth, around the sacred baobob tree, leading up to a little structure with a small door.  However, energetically I was awe struck by whatever I was feeling that I could never possibly put words to but felt so strong!

I was being instinctually captivated by different statues, one at a time and sometimes simultaneously.  Lariba, our guide and friend appeared and I asked him, "Lariba, what is this place?!  It’s amazing!!!"  He said, "Liv, this is a kotomble village."  After sitting there with me for a little while he said, "I think it will be good for you to create this where you live."  Even in the midst of my overwhelm of sensation I still took note of what was coming through him.  I just stopped and looked at him carefully and took in the message.  After that he told me that I could take photos there.  I asked him if he was sure that that was ok.  He said that it was but asked that I not share the photos publicly.  I listened carefully and respected what was being asked of me.  He was allowing me to take the photos so that I had a sense for how to physically create a kontomble village.

When my husband, John, and I arrived home from our incredible journey together we found ourselves back home in the city, in San Francisco.  We knew immediately that it was time to start looking to nature for home.  We got very lucky in our search for home and soon after our return from Burkina we found ourselves in a sweet home resting upon the earth and surrounded by trees.  Soon after that it became extremely clear that the kontomble village was wanting to be built!  It came in as a very strong signal from the otherworld and there was a sense of urgency or immediacy to the message.  Coincidentally, I had been working with this incredible group of women, doing kontomble work together. 

We had been deepening together as a group and I proposed the idea of building a village together.  And soon we were in motion.  We really weren’t quite sure how we were going to go about this.  I think in ways we were all quite overwhelmed at the thought of it but somehow still believed it to be possible.  None of us were particularly experienced in the world of natural building and yet clearly, it wanted to be made of the earth.

As the idea took form one of the women, Sabrina, had a vision come through her about the design.  It had a bee hive quality to it and was quite divine and wonderfully geometric and absolutely made of earth.  And so we continued.

We clearly believed in the integrity of the greater and so we gave everything to it.  It was a long arduous weekend that was also filled with immense and gorgeous exultation.  We went to our edges and beyond in both our physical strengths and our energetic capacities.  Because along with the physical building of the village came a whole host of energetic and spiritual challenges.

I feel like we all had to engage ourselves within all of our capacities.  Doubts and confusions arose.  Tension built.  We had to steadily and consistently check in with spirit/kontomble to welcome clarity into the greatest confusion.  And yet we did it.  We made it through.

The village was created and it was absolutely gorgeous!  It was teeming with life.  Butterflies and dragonflies and even caterpillars came to bless the village.  It was spectacular.  I don’t think even of us really knew the implications of our actions and yet something in us told us we needed to create it.  That it was important.  That it really mattered.  I feel like we were all in awe in small and big ways at the completion of it.  Look what we created in concert with spirit!  How extraordinary!

And the village was born.. I’ve continuously enjoyed introducing new people to the village area.  Even if they have no concept of spirit, they’ll still feel it.  Their eyes will become wide with wonder and when they take their time in kontomble’s hut, often times they’ll get chills all over.  They’ll ask, "What is this?!"   It’s enchanting to experience.  It’s wonderfully enchanting.

Since the building of the village we’ve had our first kontomble celebration.  It was a awesome gathering of magical souls.  People were playing music.  They were laughing.  They were sharing in life together, real life.  Spirit was fed deeply.

Partly by the physical offerings that were gifted to spirit and mostly, I feel, because of everyone’s joining in celebration with the kontomble and with spirit.  Acknowledging that yes, we see you, we feel you.  We love you.  And sometimes we are you.

 Letting spirit know that we are part of a greater welcoming.  We are part of a greater community of people who are welcoming a time again on this old land that spirit is acknowledged and honored as an integral part of community.  What a blessing to be sharing in this experience with an awesome community of friends..




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