Kontomble Weekend Gathering

Kontomble Weekend Gathering!

Liv Wheeler

10-5pm Saturday and Sunday

Sebastopol, California

Kontomble is an incredibly powerful Spirit that is small in stature with incredible healing powers.  They have been likened to the Duendes of the Philippines (Spain, Mexico, etc.) or the Leprachauns and Knomes of Ireland, and the Menehune of Hawaii.  They can be found cross-culturally under different names.  The word Kontomble comes from the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, Africa.

Kontomble seem to be close to the source of change and creation; creation of cultures, creation of magic.  Experiencing Kontomble has the feeling of a grand paradox of ecstatic joy and intense responsibility.

Some people walk in the world with Kontomble, unbeknownst to them, often times.  and Kontomble will find creative ways to get your attention.  They might bring chills to you or they may bring a high-pitched ringing in your ears.  They may be responsible for you reading this right now...

Calling all dreamers!  Join with usto welcome Kontomble energy into our lives!  This is a gathering for Kontomble people to either begin their relationship or to deepen in the medicine.  As we mentioned, there are many people that walk with Kontomble without even realizing it.  Our intention it to bring awareness to this connection, so that it may become a blessing in your life.  Kontomble comes with purpose.  And there is great potential to people that walk with Kontomble gathering together in the same space, sharing vision.  Especially in these times.


During this weekend we're going to be:

~Supporting each other in our growth and development

~Creating a clay figure for your Kontomble

~Creating a house for your Kontomble

~Learning about Kontomble energy

~Learning how to connect with Kontomble

~Spending time in the woods in ritual space

~Doing divination to find out specifics about your Kontomble

~And what the overall vision is for the group


From Liv's pen..

I feel the old magic wanting to return.  I feel the Kontomble peeking from behind the trees in the forest, looking out, seeing if it's time yet.  If people can be responsible with the ancient powers that always were.  I feel their apprehension about the modern condition and yet there's a knowing that we must try.  We must try to see if we can manage these powers responsibly, if we can be delicate and engaged simultaneously.  Recognizing that now is the time and with our saying yes, we must say yes humbly, respectfully, to this ancient wisdom that's been so forgiving with us.  There's been a crack in the facade of modernity and we must take this opportunity, this window of time to give our everything to it!

with love, Liv


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