Interview with France's Dj Nelson

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This issue's interview is with French turntablist, Dj Nelson! Dj Nelson ( Amouzou Amédomé) is a phenomenal and incredibly innovative musician. He's recently been awarded the 2011 DMC World Championship award, which, for a turntablist, is monumental. However, we were mostly impressed by his humility, his sincerity and the love and joy that he seems to exist in. He seems to be living truth that we can fulfill our dreams and even have fun while doing it! Anais and I really enjoyed this dialogue with Dj Nelson, with his Ancestors, with Kontomble, and the Spirit of his Lineage! Please enjoy listening to this interview..

Dj Nelson's bio..

After being born and raised in Germany, DJ Nelson moved to Strasbourg, France at the age of 13.
In 1995, he made the discovery of his first two turntables while he was cleaning up his basement. One week later a dj mixer was given to him. That’s when it all started!
In 1997 he discovered the DMCs (Disco Mix Club, by far the most known DJ Battle). That’s when his passion and his motivation for mixing and scratching were born.

But his love for music was born way earlier: his older sister and his father, who were listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Tina Turner, the Beastie Boys, Janet Jackson, LL Cool J and others at that time, influenced him strongly.
After that he went through a grunge/fusion stage where he enjoyed listening to groups such as Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine until 1993, when he discovered Wu Tang Clan, a crew that was going to change his vision of music and of the entire Hip Hop culture.

In 1998, Strasbourg’s number one radio station RBS invited him several times to show his skills on air. One year later they gave him his own show which he called “Streatbeats”. The show celebrated its 10th anniversary in November 2009.

His first victory during a battle in 2003 gave him a taste for competition. So he decided to get more deeply involved with the elaboration of battle routines and shows. In 2005 he won the TKO (Turntable Knock Out) championship. Since then he's participated in several of them. In 2008, he won the French DMC champion title as well as the DMC world champion title, and he did it all again in 2009!
The only thing that was missing was the DMC World Champion title.
And he made it!! On October 6th, 2011 DJ Nelson became DMC WORLD CHAMPION!!!


DJ Nelson is all over the world with his energetic DJ sets: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Togo (Africa), Morocco, Qatar and recently Brazil. These are some of the places where you can find him.
Nelson shared the scene with artists such as Reakwon (Wu Tang Clan), The Game, Fatmanscoop, Heltah Skeltah, Q-Bert, DJ Total Eclipse, DJ Pone, DJ Goldfingers, just to mention some of them.

In order to communicate his passion and his technique as well, he has been doing workshops for kids in partnership with Arachnima, an association that has been active for over 10 years in Strasbourg’s so-called ghettos / problem districts.

He juggles with different music genres like Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Soul, Funk, Electro, Breakbeat and Dancehall and always adds his personal and very unique technical skills to it.
Get ready for takeoff, DJ Nelson is on his way to the top…can’t stop wont stop!

Dj Stats:

-DMC Supremacy World Champion!!! O2 LONDON 2011
-Vice DMC Supremacy World Champion!! London septembre 2009
-Champion DMC Supremacy France / at la Vapeur in Dijon september 2009
-Vice DMC Supremacy World Champion! London September 2008
-French DMC Supremacy Champion/ at the Rex Club in Paris September 2008
-French DMC Cup Champion / Hall Olympe de Gouges in Paris June 2008
-TKO Champion / at the Olympic in Nantes in April 2007.
- Who’s The King Champion / in Grenoble in April 2006.
-3rd at the TKO Championship / in Nantes in April 2006.
-TKO Champion / in Nantes in April 2005.
-2nd at the Who’s the King Championships / in Grenoble in November 2005.
-2nd at the DJ Battle in Nancy in February 2004.
-2nd at the DJ Battle at the Bâteau Ivre in Strasbourg in December 2003.
-Champion at the Bâteau Ivre DJ Battle in Strasbourg in February 2003.

Radio Show:
Dj Nelson host and DJ of « StreetBeats » on R.B.S. 91.9 FM in Strasbourg ( ) every Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm. Tune in, its worth it!


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