Embracing the Unknown

Embracing The Unknown!
A Journey With Spirit
A Teleclass Series
January 12th, February 9th,
March 9th, April 6th
7:30-9:30 pm

This is a series created for those who want to journey into the unknown together!  

As far as I can tell so far spirit seems to be totally unpredictable.  Over time, in working consciously with spirit, I've received the lesson again and again that trusting them is really a wise choice.  Not necessarily easy but definitely less painful.  ;)  My need to know almost always finds a way to swoop in and try to control things and then I receive a lesson yet again to relax and trust.  It's a humbling process.

This series was created out of an honoring of the unknown, an honoring of the unpredictable, an honoring of adventure.  I'll be getting on the telephone line with you all from Thailand, Bali, India and who knows where else!  We'll collectively be going on a spiritual journey together with kontomble as our guide.  This ancient being will be on the line with us each time bringing messages through for our community that's called to gather.  And we'll see where it goes from there.  Truth be known, they're the lead in this and I'm acting as an assistant.  So I won't know how my assistance is needed until we all get there.  I imagine there will be time for everyone to bring their voices in and we'll be embracing the unknown collectively!

 Each session is $65.  You can pay for the four sessions all together or each one separately.  Paypal is an option for payment or a check can be sent as well.  This is intended to be a series, so we can grow through the journey together as a group.  If you feel called to this but feel anxiety or fear or butterflies, know that that is all welcome and likely a good sign.  :)  We're all here to support each other to step into the unknown together.  I look forward to our journey together!

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