Earth's Voices Audio Recordings

The Kontombles are the little people and have existed in relationship to humans throughout time and all over the planet.  They are the Duendes, the Menehunes, the Wematengunis, the Kaukas, the Nunumbi, the Huldufólk, and the Dwarfs. Their thrones and kingdoms flower within the intersectional nodes of many different realms: they are firmly rooted in this material, earthly domain and dwell beyond it at the same time.  Kontomble know and hold many keys for human evolution and the evolution of the Earth and Cosmos — tending how these sacred dreams dance and intersect.  They are readers and diviners of many different worlds, keepers of a full spectrum of information that has served in guardianship of our planet for a very, very long time.  Kontombles are carriers of a tremendous wisdom that is in deep communion with the natural world, the spiritual and Diefied voices of all life on earth. In this way, Kontomble serves as an inherent bridge and conduit for us to connect directly to the whisperings of nature that we humans often have a very hard time hearing on our own.  Kontomble translates Earth’s Voices for us, rendering their longings, their concerns, and their aspirations into terms that we can intimately understand and relate too.

Kontomble reminds us that all of our efforts in mind and heart bloom most potently when we consider the future generations…. the yet unborn, our children, and our children’s children. Listening to the voices and stories of the natural world, remembering our interdependence and our constant communion is pressingly essential for our future ones. Now, in these times of radical shifts and mass extinctions, this is more important than ever. Who are these ones who are leaving the planet? Do they want to stay? Kontomble reminds us of our sincere humility in the face of the great mysteries–our inability to grasp the whole picture in it’s cohesive entirety–while at the same time emphasizing our responsibility we have to each other, to the future, and to this sacred flowering Earth and all the many unique and miraculous forms of life that call this beautiful place home.

Each session of Earth’s Voices will be dedicated to understanding and listening to one spirit, being, form of life, or sacred place upon or of our shared, earthen domain.  Prior to the invocation with Kontomble, we will be engaging some of the stories that we know in our human tongues about some of these beings.  This brief introduction will draw on a vast range of resources in the hopes of  re-membering and re-igniting the intersections between myth and science; spirit and activism while at the same time opening up  a space for the voices of the Kontombles, and the many voices of the Earth in their distinction,  to be heard directly and deeply listened too.

This is an experiment, we have no idea how this will all unfold or what will come of it.  But what we do know is that Kontomble is asking for this. They feel like it is time. We hear that call and this is our offering.

The natural world and the spiritual world are not separate. The voices of our ancestors, the songs of the ancient and forgotten Deities, the hum of the flowers, the gossip of the bees, the screams of our holy places and the cries of our waters are engaged in a vibrant cacophony of communication–with each other and with humans, too, regardless of whether we consciously hear or not.    It’s time we make space at our table and invite these voices into the core of our hearts.  We cannot help them, help ourselves, and seed a worthy future until we truly remember how to listen….how to engage their deep longings as part of our own, how to feed what it is they love and yearn for, so that we in turn might be fed by them.  All of them.  This is a way of relating to the Earth and to Spirit that each and every one of our ancestors knew how to do.  Fortunately, many indigenous people all over the earth are still engaged in this way of tending the natural world.  We can learn a lot from them.  We can humble ourselves in our grief of having forgotten and listen deeply to them,  too.  There is ancient wisdom all around us pulsing the future into being.  We all carry these memories of how to commune within our bones, our breath, our DNA, and Kontomble is here with us to help awaken these rememberances on both conscious and cellular levels–so that life itself, and all the miraculously manifold lives sustaining lives, might just keep on living.

We hope you enjoy these conversations!  


About the host, Chelsea…

Chelsea was born and raised within the dramatic skies and landscapes of Oregon’s High Desert, amidst a crescent string of seven volcanic mountains and along the glacial banks of Wychus Creek, a tributary of the Deschutes River which in turn feeds into the grand Columbia–just above the ancient, holy trysting place of Celilo Falls–before journeying out to sea. She carries a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a deep love and appreciation for people, history, mythic intelligence and the immense beauty of the natural world. Her longing heart has led her into an ongoing, humbling, and nourishing study in Bolad’s Kitchen with Martin Prechtel, to whom much of her ideas, language, and subtle framing (though in no way an adequate reflection of) is deeply influenced by and thoroughly indebted to.  Additionally, her deepest teachers have been her ancestors–her long line of grandmothers and grandfathers– Kontomble, her family and community, and the starry wisdom that dwells within the flowering heart, in all her many forms, of our beloved Earth.

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