Interview with Dj Qbert


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Cast of Characters..

DJ Qbert, aka Rich Quitevis, aka Richard (by his Ancestors)

Anais Szabo, also the mouth for Djinn

Liv Wheeler, also the mouth for Kontomble.  Kontomble is a small spirit being that has been likened to the leprochauns, dwarfs, or duendes.  They are small in stature but have extraordinary healing abilities and amazing integrity.

Recently Anais Szabo, DJQbert and I got together for an interview.  When I was preparing, before the interview began, I could hear the Ancestors and Spirit letting me know that they wanted the opportunity to facilitate the interview.  It kind of made me laugh at first and then I realized, that might be interesting.  I put the idea to Q (Dj Qbert) and he seemed really into it.  So we flowed with it.  As you’ll notice sometimes when Anais speaks she is speaking on behalf of Spirit.  When she say’s, ‘they’re saying’, she’s referring to Spirit.  When I talk, sometimes it’s Spirit (Ancestors, Kontomble, etc) coming through.  But it’s noted throughout the interview.  Please enjoy.  We had a lot of fun with this!… …liv

Liv:  How long have you been doing music, Q?

Q:  I guess about 26 years now.

Liv:  What got you into music?

Q:  Just doing it for fun and for some reason I liked it.  Ever since I was a kid my mom said I’d kick when she’d play classical music and.. just doing it for love.  And now I’m finding out that there’s vibrations that heal the world.  So I’m learning about those type of healing hertz.

Liv:  What have you been learning about them?

 Q:  Just about how different vibrations, like the white keys on the piano, are actually tuned to your chakras.  And I never knew that until I did some research.  If you play a certain note, like C — let’s say you get a vibrating tone and you boost it up to the note C like (making the sound) and if you have a plate, a metal plate with a bunch of sand on it.. if you play it really loud into that plate, the sand will form into geometric shapes.  And all the white keys do that.  So as you get higher up and you hit that next note, C, D, when you hit D it goes into other geometric shapes.  Then they’ll go up again and the sand will be all distorted and when you get to E the sand goes into some more weird patterns.  And that’s how our body is.  There’s this one hertz, 528 hertz frequency, that puts all our DNA back together.

Liv:  Have you heard that before, Anais?

Anais:  No.  But they’re already talking (referring to spirit).  They want to know if you know that your star brothers and sisters, that they call to you and this is your answer to them?

Q:  Is it?

Anais:  Yes.  This is music, like, they say harmonies of the planet.  There’s a particular planet that you come from.  As soon as Liv ever mentioned your name I could feel this about you.  More so than you being a dj or anything like this.  I see your picture on the computer and I’m like, that’s the guy?!?

Q:  (laughing)

Anais:  Your energy is very different and big and of very much like these beings that call to you.  So even as you talk about it and you make the sound with your mouth, the portals open like tubes that go (making whooshing sound) into the planet.  And there are 2 particular planets.  You’re talking to them.

Q:  can you tell me which planets these are?

Anais:  One of them is Jupiter, that is big, real big and there’s one that is far away that I don’t recognize from our solar system.  But the first one is Jupiter because — do you know how Jupiter looks?

Q:  Yeah.  I’ve actually done a lot of research on Jupiter in the last couple months.  It’s turning into a second star in our solar system by the year 2013 and that’s why if you look at it, it’s just about to erupt into a star.

Anais:  That’s what they’re saying.  They say the movement on it when you look at it with the lens of the human eye — how do you say this — they say yes, brother, of course you know this because you know this.  They’re really feeling what you’re doing.  The music, I don’t know if they hear it but they feel.  It’s as if the middle of whatever these beings look like, you know, like when you do a tuning fork and it makes this sound (making sound), that’s how they look when you do certain sounds.

Q:  Ooh, I’m going to buy me some tuning forks!

Anais:  (laughing) There you go!  They say the part of you, your brain, the part of you that is very aware of home makes you do all this stuff, makes  you get excited to learn more.

Liv:  Anais, they’re saying this is a really important conversation that’s needed to happen for eons, literally, and we’re asking Djinn also to speak about Q’s ability to emote.

Q:  What does that mean?

Anais:  Emote, like what you radiate, right?

Liv:  Yeah.

Anais:  When you’re making these sounds your whole energy, it ripples through your energy.  It’s exuded.  They say you’re right on the edge of stepping off into reality.  Once you step and you do a show that this is going to emote, like shake, ooh, the energy is so fast!

Liv:  I know I can feel it too!

Anais:  (laughing) It’s so high pitched!  They’re going to zoom us into the solar system!  They say that when you get ready, they show you one foot on the edge of something and one foot and the other foot is hanging into infinity.  Once you step and you’re in your body and you’re making the music, then it will exude out to all the people because it will ride your intention because your intention is always connected to that little part of your brain that’s foreign.  There’s actually a piece in your brain that they put in your body when you came in that’s from them.

Q:  That’s so strange because just a couple weeks ago I was learning about Reiki and I’ve been drawing Reiki symbols into my music.

Anais:  Same, all the same stuff they say.

Liv:  So what they’re saying is his intention is very important?

Anais:  Yes.  So they show a pool, a pool out in the universe.  If you can imagine all the sudden a pool, there’s a pool of water and it’s as if you step right in there.  And they say it’ll change when you remember and it’ll change even if you don’t all the way remember, when you present your healing through the music.  That’s what they say, always this has been healing for you.  The music comes because that’s the wings it rides.  Do you understand that?

Q:  Um hum.

Anais:  They want that to be really clear.  They’re saying the reason you love the music is because it’s like — they show a reindeer with wings.  It’s like the modality that you ride, you know, like the sacred creature you ride to present your healing has been music.

Liv:  They’re saying, Anais, also we’re asking for Q to remember why he birthed into this space and time as well.  This space and time has a very particular need and that’s what’s also wanting to be addressed through his music.  The particular kind of liberation that’s being called forth from the Matrix.  Please address that.

Anais:  Right.  So this is what surprised me when I saw your actual photo.  Because you’re the perfect guise.  You blend into the modern culture.  They don’t know the word for hip hop.  They’re looking for the word to describe it, this modern way, this masse way that is rootsy.  It’s rootsy and people from many different rootsy cultures come to it.  And so you have a package that presents very well within that.

Q:  I get that, yeah.

Anais:  And your package as in your voice, your package as in your gait, your strut, everything in the way you move your hands is appealing.  It draws people in and it draws people that particularly have some — they show roots dangling that are kind of loose.  The roots were once very tapped into the Earth, cultures that are not so far from things but the roots are still dangling.  Do you know what they mean?

Q:  How do I get it to connect more?

Anais:  That’s what you’re doing.  So you stepping into the pool, you stepping into the spirit recognition all the way — even whatever that looks like, whatever this looks like mid step — they say they’re not talking in a literal time.  So take that as a metaphor.  Say you’ll be in that mid-step for 5 years, it doesn’t matter.  The point is that you’re moving towards your goal.  Every movement in that bridge, they show, is healing all the people around you.  So they’re encouraging you to keep doing your work, keep having really strong intention and keep with the playfulness of it.  Play with the people Because already, people trust you.  Already people trust that what you’re doing has a net of stars.  But they say, don’t forget, everything is because you’re from the stars.

Liv:  They’re asking Q to address his need of Spirit.  They want you to address that, Q..

Q:  I want them to send me music in my dreams so I know what to do.  So I know what to create.

Anais:  They say they do that already.  And more even it’s when you walk, they say the music is all around you.  So it’s about you getting quiet in yourself to hear it.  And it’s going to come out of you but it’s going to get matched by a bird or the rustle of a leaf.

Q:  Awesome!  I believe that.  And that’s exactly what I tell people too.

Anais:  They say this is your natural ability.  So this is you.  Spirit moves with you and these beings, you’re connected to them.  So there’s a cacophony of support and connection.  So they say it’s finding the tuning fork inside yourself.  Remember you have that.  So when you get the feeling to do it then you’ll hear the melodies all around you start to harmonize with you.

Q:  Yay!

Anais:  You have rings above your head that (making sound), like that.

Q:  That’s awesome.

Liv:  They’re saying, ask Q what his color of choice right now is.

Q:  Like one of them spiritual purple things.

Liv:  Spiritual purple things?

Q:  (laughing).  On the top of your crown chakra, white purple, that invisible color  just — right at this moment.  Normally I like ocean, sky blue, peacock blue.

Liv:  They’re saying, understand we’re all here with you and we’ve called together this council of elders, elder spirits because it’s time for you to acknowledge that people are waiting to be learning the ways of the elder spirits.  And understand that these elder spirits speak through you, through your words and your messages and your tones and the colors that vibrate through you.  Understand it’s also equally important for you to be addressing color!  Colors vibrate through you in many different waves!  They also ask you to recognize that color is your friend and is also your healer.  It is your protection on the road, so to speak.  And we’re asking you to acknowledge, what’s your favorite color most of the time?

Q:  Most of the time it’s sky blue and that spiritual purple.

Anais:  They’re going back to the play.  Maybe you could dress with those colors and put lights on or put a velvet cloth under your slip mat.

Q:  Oh, that’s so cool.

Anais:  So they say really really watch.  This color thing is very important and you can mood people.  You can change their mood and when you change the mood, you can move the energy up their chakras.

Liv:  That’s right.

Anais:  Up their energy centers to connect out.  Your ability is almost some mind-blowing type of shit.  The energy can move up and (making sound) like that, some real freeing type of stuff.

Liv:  Yeah, the liberation!

Q:  You know, I’ve been going through this big thing recently.  I made this dj record with some bad words on it.  It’s for battling.  You know, a lot of djs like to battle each other.  I was torn between, should I make this record or not?  And in the record it’s dissing the other like, suck my d—, f— you!  You know, it’s just for scratching, just for fun.  Is that bad?

Anais:  They say, what do you feel?  Because what if you made it that the battle of words had flowers behind it?  Not sappy but what if instead of pushing somebody under your thumb then you could raise them up high?  That’s what they say.  Look at that and you decide whether that fits your intention or maybe not.

Q:  Well, the whole intention is, it’s fun.  The sounds that I chose, it’s fun when you’re scratching because there’s this part when he says m— f—- it says (making scratching sounds with the words).  It just sounds dope! (laughing)

Anais:  They say that’s fine.  You play with it.  They say, part of something you’re going to want to pay attention to is where you get sucked into the sound yourself.  Make sure part of you is watching and having eye balls all over your field to watch what the energy brings to other people.

Q:  Yeah, the true intention is just so that everyone has a good time.

Anais:  Right.  And they’re saying it’s time for you to step up up up up.

Liv:  That’s right.

Anais:   And to really start because you can play with it a lot.  And soon you’re going to realize that you’re holding some responsibility.

Liv:  That’s right.

Anais:  This is where the beings from the planet that you come from are kind of like (clearing throat).

Q:  Yeah.

Anais:  (laughing)  You know, they’re like, okay, it’s fun and they like it and they’re like, start to use all those eyeballs.  Open them up.  Because once  you can watch and track all the energies and watch where people are going, then you can know the answer to any kind of question to anything that you put out.  Because you’ll see it and you’ll feel it yourself.

Q:  Okay.  Should I just put these out and get it over with and then move on to good stuff?

Anais:  They say, watch your words because they say move on to good stuff, are you considering that bad stuff?  They’re saying if it’s fun for you and you feel like it’s good to put to the world, put it to the world.


Liv:  There’s a question that’s coming from Spirit, Anais, that’s directed to the Djinn, it seems like.  They say, ask the Genies what effect Q’s school, the online university, what the most positive effect this can have?  Talk about the potential with the schooling.

Anais:  They show me golden energy.  You on one part and then as if the energy you send out is like gold and it’s (making blowing sound) across to everyone else.  And then they begin to make infinity signs.  They begin to make that with their energy as they’re learning and then that energy comes back to you and then it goes out to them and then it spreads past them.  This golden energy, they’re saying, Q, you know what this is.  It’s potent, very mature energy, having a ripe feeling of so much intention that this is what you’re creating and you know it.

Q:  So I would think that some of these negative tracks I made, you know kind of like battle — you know how rappers battle each other and talk crap — I think what you said earlier, drawing in that crowd to my music and then from there I can heal them with healing music.  So maybe I could use those as tools for now.

Anais:  They say always incorporate the 2 together.  They’re saying you’re making it too divided that one can’t be the other.  They say this is exactly where you’re the bridge.  So this is where you can make both where it’s not one or the other.  Maybe they won’t even know.  Maybe they’ll even have some other word that you put in there after you say m—- f—- that means beautiful in some whole other language that they don’t even recognize because it’s all in the other language and mixed in with you scratching.

Q:  I like that.

Anais:  That’s what they say, get crafty.  And use what you have in your position already and work it.

Q:  Awesome.  I like that.

Anais:  They’re being very clear that the way you’re using yourself as good or bad, it’s none of that.  It’s all within this pool, this flow, this movement that you’re a bridge.  So work it.

Q:  Wow!  That is the best thing that I’ve heard all year.  I’m so tripping off that.  That is great.  I’m going to use that as a tool to bridge over those people.

Liv:  They’re saying, ask Q some questions.  Do the Djinn have questions for Q?

Anais:  More what’s coming is your people, these beings from the otherworld.  Your people, they really love you so they have a constant feeler on you because they say there are many of you all scattered all about and yet — have you ever felt (these are these beings on that planet talking) when meeting somebody a rumble?!?

Liv:  Woah!

Anais:  That’s a funny word.

Liv:  That’s funny!

Anais:  In your belly button.

Liv:  That’s funny because of Thud Rumble!

Q:  That’s the name of my company.

Anais:  It is?

Liv:  Yeah, Thud Rumble.

Anais:  That’s hell of weird.  I wondered why they would use that word.  They say you’ve come across beings like you, kin, on this planet that you’re on, this blue watery planet.

Q:  Who are they?

Anais:  They say when the rumble happens then you recognize one of them.

Q:  Maybe it’s my business partner.  He made up the name of the company.

Anais:  So those ones, your kin, they have infinite patience as well and they communicate in your dream and constantly through sounds right into your ear.  You know there’s that cochlea bone in your ear.  Do you know that bone, Q?

Q:  Yeah.

Anais:  They say in there — this is something that’s also different about your human body is those little hairs are different, many more of them and on the end of each one is like a star.

Liv:  That’s cool!  (laughing)

Q:  So don’t use q-tips?

Liv:  (laughing)

Anais:  Don’t use q-tips (laughing) yeah!  You might pull out a star.  They say you interpret sound different.  They’re wanting the questions to be about your perception of sound and reality.  They want to know how that’s been for you.  Because they say they come and they ask you because they’re trying to make it so that this kind of, having you as one of them on this planet that are different, that it’s working.  So they’ve been trying to talk to you and they see the music and so they feel it and they think this works and then they want to hear that from you.  They wonder how perceiving the sounds feel.

Q:  I’m really into healing music right now and healing sounds.  So maybe something’s going right.

Anais:  They say try playing with all those different ways of making sound.  Even on your mouth how you can — they show like the mouth harp from the Phillipines.

Q:  Sure, I know.

Anais:  That works.

Q:  Okay, I’ll mess with that.

Anais:  They want you to play with things like that, things where you’re the machine.  Get those mouth harps and play with the sounds and play with when you’re doing that, they’re making these sounds with their cheeks full and (making sounds).

Q:  I like that!

Anais:  They’re showing that.  They say, do you know this?  That you have the capacity to do this with minimal technologies.

Q:  That’s awesome.

Anais:  This is part of bringing the roots closer to the Earth of all the people, is to gently bridge in curious old instruments.

Q:  That’s what I collect.

Anais:  And these things are little.  They seem little and no one gives them enough props.  They’re very sacred.

Liv:  They’re asking Qbert, also, to speak about the underwater pyramids.

Q:  Which one?  The ones in Japan?

Liv:  Japan.

Q:  What about those, in the South part?

Liv:  They’re saying tell us about the pyramids.  Tell us about what you know about the pyramids in Japan.

Q:  Damn.  I would think they know.

Anais:  I don’t know!  There are pyramids under the water?

Q:  Oh!  They want me to tell you guys.  There are pyramids under the water in the south of Japan.  Just type in pyramids underwater Japan in google.  There are ancient civilizations that were above water.

Liv:  Yeah, that’s getting spirit excited!

Q:  Long time ago.

Anais:  So once they were land and now they’re underwater?  Maybe they were always underwater.

Q:  That’s a good one.  Maybe.  Can you tell me about the Earth changes coming real soon?  Is that true stuff?  Do we need to move?

Anais:  From where?

Q:  From here.  Should we move to a safer area on the Earth.  I heard there’s a 600 foot tidal wave coming to California.  Is that true or are we going to be safe here anywhere?

Anais:  That reminds me of my dream again.

Q:  Right.

Anais:  Who said this?  Scientists?

Q:  Just these prediction people.  There’s another guy that says that the Earth is going to split into 2 dimensions at that time and people that are on the negative path will see the tidal wave and the people on the positive side, we’re just going to vibrate to a higher vibration where we won’t even trip off that tidal wave.

Anais:  They say you can run wherever you want.  Where your work is, is where you are.  They say getting caught up in predictions is sticky business.  They’re saying it’s time for you to realize and to feel in that tuning fork inside yourself that wherever you are, it doesn’t matter.  If you’re here and there’s a 600 foot tidal wave, what are you going to do anyway?  Are you going to run or are you going to stay and try to help?

Q:  Trip out!

Anais:  (laughing)

Liv:  Anais, they’re still taking my attention back to the underwater pyramids in Japan because they’re wanting that to be addressed around what’s happening in Japan right now.

Q:  That’s interesting.

Anais:  As if that’s an energy center from where things erupted from?

Liv:  They’re saying, understand that Qbert knows more than he’s leading on now about the pyramids and we’re asking him to look into his soul and speak to what he knows about the healing of Japan and what it has to do with the underwater pyramids and how to tune into the energy of the pyramids.  The pyramids of the Earth are calling Qbert to tune into the sound and to make — they’re saying like making a design, creating a design, an energy shape that is ultimately healing for Japan and beyond.  And so we’re asking that the pyramids that are above water and under water, the pyramids be addressed because Qbert knows a thing or 2 about pyramids and this is what we’re asking to be addressed right now.  This is what Qbert’s big energy team is asking him to address.

Anais: (laghing) They’re calling you out!

Q:  Geeze.  I guess I have to do some more research.  I know there’s another pyramid, a natural pyramid in Mt. Fuji but that’s above water and there’s an Earth chakra there.  And I know about the — gosh those pyramids underwater that’s in the South of the — it’s away from the dangers.  Those nuclear facilities were in the north.  The South is safer.

Anais:  They’re asking you even all the pyramids.. Ancient Egyptians, we can’t make a pyramid like they made because they say they use sound.

Liv:  That’s it!

Q:  Anti gravitational.

Anais:  This is how they built them.

Liv:  That’s getting to it!

Anais:  That’s getting to it.  The star brothers and the star sisters came down and taught them.

Liv:  That’s getting to the energy!

Q:  Yep!

Anais:  By sound, Q.  Now they’re showing that you can build the pyramid with sound.

Q:  Wow, yeah.

Anais:  And this is getting to like, what it’ll do is almost activate — but not quite so pompous they say — it will charge up.  It’ll get the tips of the pyramids vibrating.

Q:  Wow, that’s cool.

Anais:  All of them, they say.  All of those ancient ones.  Even to Mexico even to — ooh, they say over there by Kazakhstan.

Q:  Dayum, that’s cool.

Anais:  Sometimes too, they say these pyramids — you gotta learn about this they say, really really look.  Some of the pyramids mirror each other as in Guatemala to Egypt, mirror.  There’s a mirror effect.  to Uzbek — something about on this North America.  They’re saying you have to learn because you have to realize that all of these different places were taught by kin like you.  When they came down and it’s about sound and number, sacred numbers.

Q:  What are some sacred numbers?

Anais:  There are sacred numbers – they say you have to learn.  This is the thing, that as you delve, they say, and this will bring you more.  You will feel more full.  If they tell you right now it will be different.  They say, read Pythagoras.  They say, read Aristotle but not Aristotle, Ancient Greece.  They say delve deep into places you wouldn’t normally be looking.  It’s not about what you’re going to be reading but what you read is going to get those little stars in your cochlea jumping and you’re going to start to remember.  They say, you might read something and say it feels too advanced.  And that’s bullshit, they say, because it’s not.  Because actually you’re the actual blood of the people that taught people this stuff.

Q:  Crazy!

Anais:  Crazy deep and very beautiful.

Q:  That’s awesome.

Anais:  And in North America, they say, Anasazi, that’s something to look at.

Q:  Is that a spider people?

Anais:  Those are people, ancient Native Americans.  I want to say they are from, like, New Mexico, Arizona.  They are the cave dwellers, the cliff dwellers.  Do you notice, Liv, the connection with the caves and all the kontomble?

Liv:  Oh yeah!

Anais:  It’s the thread through.  It calls to all of us because I don’t see kontomble but I feel it and it weaves through and then (making sound).

Liv:  Kontomble is asking you, Qbert — they like to say your name Qbert a lot of times because it makes us giggle!

Q:  I can hear them!

Liv:  (kontomble speaking through) We say it sometimes over and over and over in your house, we say Qbert Qbert Qbert and it makes us laugh a lot!

Anais:  That’s an honor, man!  You have kontomble saying your name because it feels good!

Liv:  (kontomble speaking) Because we like the sound, it makes us giggle and we like it a lot.  And we’re also asking you to giggle more.  We notice that you’ve lost your giggle lately and we like you laughing more and more and more.  Kontomble likes you laughing more and more and more and also kontomble is asking you to laugh more and more and more because we understand that you have the ability to bring much needed laughter to the masses.  And we understand that you have the ability to bring much needed light to the masses and we also understand that you have the ability to make change happen very instantaneously and we understand this to be a facet of your energy, of your soul.  And we’re asking you to consider ringing bells much more frequently.  Ring the bells much more frequently because when you ring the bells, when you make the jingling sound it will invite kontomble around!  When you make the jingling sound it will invite kontomble around.  And we like to be around because it gives us a good time and also it brings laughter and lightness into your home and into your tour as well.  Also understand when you’re playing on tour, it’s good to ring the bells before you play because it brings kontomble energy around.  It makes the energy go really high-pitched and understand that kontomble bells are always meant to be around you and understand that kontomble is always meant to be around you because we recognize that you too are like us, that you are like us and we’re very similar you and us.  We understand that you are very happy a lot of the time and we also understand that you have the ability to make humans feel very inspired most of the time and so we’re asking you to be crystal clear with your intention, crystal clear with your intention.  And understand that when you hear about the places of devastation, when you hear about the places of devastation, ring the bells.  Ring the bells.  Ring the bells and understand that kontomble will come around and will bring, bring, bring the healing energies around and will bring the healing energies.  And we understand that you make sound that makes people feel vibrated.  And we understand that you make the sound that makes people feel inspired.  And we understand that you make the sound that makes people feel hope.  We understand that you bring hope.  You deliver hope to the masses and this is something for you to recognize.  Recognize, recognize because your schooling in the future will have to do with the younger ones, the younger ones!  The younger ones are going to learn from you about how to bring hope to a planet that’s lost hope.


Q:  Where do I get these bells at?

Anais: (laughing) Good question!

Liv:  (kontomble speaks) The bells will sometimes come to you and sometime you’ll need to locate the bells but understand these girls will probably be able to help you too.  Look at the particular sounds, the particular vibrations that bring the kontomble down from the location inside the caves, the caves, the caves, the caves to the otherworld.  And understand that the kontomble are on standby because we recognize you to be a bearer of light and a bearer of hope and a bearer of really special kind of energy that delivers hope.  And understand that hope is almost extinct in many locations right now on the planet and so it’s hope that needs to be addressed right now in this conversation, in this invitation, in this initiation that’s happening right now, the conversation that’s being initiated.  And it’s meant to reach the masses and it’s meant to reach the masses!  And understand that kontomble is on standby to deliver hope to the masses.  And so we ask you, beautiful being of light, what is your intention with hope?

Q:  I hope to find me some bells!

Anais (laughing)

Liv (laughing) That’s a good one!

Q:  Serious!

Anais: (laughing)  That’s good!

Q:  I’m not joking.

Anais:  I know.  It’s perfect!

Liv:  They’re saying understand that we want you to address the schooling for the future because you are a part of that.  Understand we want you to address the schooling for the future because we want you to address that.  And we want you to address the schooling for the ones whose parents have lost hope.

Q:  That’s a good one.

Liv:  (kontomble speaks) Speak to it Qbert, who has a funny name!

Q:  (laughing!) Oh, that’s a good one!

Liv:  They’re waiting for you to say something.

Q:  Me too.  I’m waiting for them to tell me.

Liv:  They’re interviewing you.

Q:  I’m down!

Liv:  They’re saying, understand that it’s important for you to be addressing the younger ones, the younger ones whose parents have lost hope.

Q:  Wow..!

Liv:  (kontomble speaking) Understand it’s important for you to address the younger ones whose parents have lost hope.  Look to the youth.  Look to the youth.  That’s where the parents have lost hope and this is where kontomble is asking to place your attention again.  And understand that these younger ones are looking for hope and they find it through music.  And they find it through messages and they find it especially through music that they find cool, cool!  Cool is the energy of the youth.  Cool is the energy that the youth responds to.  And they find you cool.  Qbert, who has a funny name.

Q:  They’re hilarious!

Anais:  Do you understand what they’re getting at?

Q:  Yeah.  totally.  I think they’re comedians at the same time.  It’s awesome!

Anais:  So there’s many young ones bumbling around, right?

Q:  Totally.

Anais:  And turning to many different things that are unpleasant to fill an empty space that they’re not getting.  They’re not getting fed.  There’s no community to call home.  You turn to the streets, right?  Because that feeds something.  The feeding needs to be one that carries beauty and you carry that.  And that’s what you’re putting out.  So the call is to be much more conscious of this.

Q:  I like that!

Anais:  Much more conscious that you have the ability to create change with the youth who are lost.  They’re lost.

Q:  That’s true.

Anais:  And you’re already in the game.  You’re a big player in the game, nonetheless.  So all of this has been divinely choreographed, to situate you in a way that is going to be very easy.  You’re already in.  So the subtle bridging that you’re going to start to do through this school.  The school can grow and change and this is where, somehow, Liv and I fit in.  There’s some fitting in, in many ways — this is one of the ways — wait no.  There’s other ways.  But this is a way with the hope of many new futures that don’t have to repeat such destructive ways.  That’s the hope.  And we might never see that.  We might never see that in this lifetime but we still hope.  We plant seeds for many times over that things can be different.

Liv:  (kontomble speaks) Understand that these little ones, the younger ones, they need to drink a different kind of water, a different kind of water, the one that is very very pure.  They need to drink a different kind of water, a water that’s an elixir, a water that’s an elixir, an elixir of opportunity, an elixir of hope, an elixir of hope.  Understand that these little children, the youth, they need to drink a different kind of water and this water will purify their soul, will refresh their soul.  And will give them hope, hope about the future, the future of medicine in music.  The future of medicine is in hope.  The future of medicine is in hopeful music!

Q:  Woah!

Liv:  They’re saying speak to that, man with a funny name!

Q:  (laughing) I’m into it.  With the intention, with each piece of music you make, there’s an intention of a lesson in there!

Liv:  (kontomble speaks) There is a song that’s to be dedicated to a community that’s underwater.  There is a song that’s to be dedicated to a community that’s underwater and that’s always been living underwater.  There is a song for you to dedicate to a community that’s always been living underwater.  And it lives within the pyramids and it lives within the hope of the future and understand this is your homework, Qbert, with a funny name!

Q:  Are there other pyramids other than the ones in the south of Japan that are around Japan or are they speaking about other pyramids underwater?

Anais:  They show, yeah.  What I see is the pyramid underwater that you talk about, when I see that, it’s still very much inhabited.

Liv:  That’s right.

Anais:  It’s still active.  There are still beings that are doing things there, they’re doing magic there.

Liv:  Exactly.

Anais:  They’re doing some really really magical stuff.  So then they show different ones that they’re also in communication with.  So like floating around really far through the seas.. Yeah, there’s more.

Q:  Which areas, actually?

Anais:  It’s as if, they say how it shows is like, pretty.  They’re showing on the Earth, if the south is Japan, is the tip of a point that radiates out equally like a triangle, would have a right angle right at the tip.  It’s like trigonometry.  It’s like a formula that shoots far but equaling out to a certain angle.  It’s very mathematical.  There’s these direct lines to some other location.  It’s almost like they’re showing a diamond.

Q:  Wow!

Anais:  There are 2 points on each side and there’s something that’s created through the whole of the Earth. And it goes up and down and this magic, yeah.  So maybe there’s 4.

Liv:  Now it’s your Ancestors speaking, Q.  They’re saying, Rich, understand that we’ve brought this conversation together especially for you to address what you see about the future and what you see about the Earth because you have a unique perspective because you’ve been visiting communities all over the Earth and we’re asking you to address what you see on the Earth, what you see as a big need on the Earth and what you see..  They’re asking you to talk about something that inspires you about what’s happening on the Earth right now.

Q:  I’m just happy that more and more people are waking up to being loving and noticing that more so now than when I was younger.  So that’s a good thing.

Liv:  (Q’s ancestors) We’re also asking you to address what issues you see that are happening on the Earth?

Q:  Well there’s Haiti, New Zealand earthquake.  There’s Japan.  There’s the hurricane in the Philippines, the Middle East.

Liv:  They’re saying, we’re talking more about the crises of the human spirit.

Q:  I think that, yeah, we have to wake people up.  It’s all these Earth changes are healing things in a weird way that we don’t see yet, kind of like all those nuclear reactors that got destroyed in Japan.  That’s kind of like the Universe saying you don’t need these nuclear reactors.  You need free energy which is coming soon to free the planet.

Liv:  And they’re saying (Q’s Ancestors), Richard, understand it’s your Ancestors here right now and we’re asking you to speak about what people can do to address the change on the Earth, to affect change for the better.

Q:  My biggest voice is my music.  So with the music it’s just a message of healing people.  That’s pretty much what I’m doing.

Liv:  (Q’s Ancestors) That’s true and you’ve been doing this really well and we’re also asking you to speak to people about what they can do to change, to be better people?

Q:  Okay, definitely.  The first thing is to notice that we’ve been blinded from birth, that we’re all one.  And that when we come into this world to experience life, we’re all from God.  We are God.  We just come into this game and the rules of the game is to find that we’re supposed to love each other.  Because everybody’s trying to figure out what is life.  That’s pretty much what it is, to realize that we’re here to help each other.  That’s the rules of the game.  When you figure that out you’ll be set free.

Liv:  (Q’s Ancestors) They’re saying, understand, Richard, that we’re here with you and we’re happy about the ways that you’ve been helping out Japan.  We understand that.  We talked about this before.  And we’re also happy about the ways that you help other people find inspiration through music and we’re asking you to give people advice about how they can — give them hope that it’s possible to dream big.  Giving them inspiration that it’s possible to do —

Anais:  The seemingly impossible.

Liv:  Exactly.

Anais:  One little grain of sand at a time, eventually if it keeps happening and everybody does it.  Then it works.

Q:  That’s right.

Anais:  So your position of you already having a voice that’s heard and respected, that is received with love.  So that intention is received.  You’re a model, a role model.  That’s what you’re talking about.  Making examples of how you do these things and that elicits others to want to, oh, like that.

Liv:  Hey Q, they’re reminding me about the conversation you and I had a little while ago about people coming here with a purpose.  What do you think about that?

Q:  Well, I’m sure everyone has a purpose.  Everyone’s here to learn something.

Liv:  Why do you think we have all these Spirits walking with us?  The ones that we were talking about earlier that are constantly trying to get our attention, why do you feel like they’re constantly trying to get our attention?  What do you feel like humans in this time have to learn from reconnecting with Spirit?

Q:  Like you said, we come to this Earth — you plan out your life before you come here and you have Spirits that will help you.  But when you come here you forget all that and so they’re kind of reminding you — hey remember me!  We’re supposed to do this thing!  So that’s why I think they’re there, to look out for you.  Especially if you have a positive mission.  They’ll help you if you get into a car accident, they’ll help you — stop time!  Move you over to the side and — okay, start time!

Liv:  Do you have any other questions or anything that wants to come through, Anais?

Anais:  They just want to make sure that you remember, the things to begin to research.  They’re really feeling your inspiration and that’s making them feel calm.  They’re having a calmness that they’ve been heard.  That this has been conveyed to you in such a way that they see that you hear it.  And they take a breath.  They want you to start because they have much more for you.  This is a beginning.

Q:  Iv’e got to learn about Pythagoras and Aristotle, learn about the underwater pyramid civilizations, to make a song for them and to teach the youth and their lost elders and find those bells!

Anais:  You remembered all that!  (laughing)

Q:  Alrighty then!

Liv:  Is there anything else that you want to say, Q?

Q:  Did we leave anything out?  Any last words from them?

Liv:  Last words from Spirit?

Q:  Yeah.

Liv:  They’re saying, understand that what we want to be addressed is the role of musicians and their connection to the otherworld.

Q:  What’s the easiest way to get there?   Meditating?

Anais:  Yeah, do that.  They say, calm, using your natural rhythm of the ancient instruments and finding sounds that you can make with, as you being the implement.  So that this is done in a proper context where your intention to connect, you will connect.

Q:  That’s dope.

Liv:  They’re saying, understand that the otherworld is beckoning musicians to be hearing us and we’re asking musicians to heed the call.  Because musicians are the ones, the gatekeepers of the otherworldly energies and they’re forgotten these days.  They’ve forgotten these days!  And the musicians were always gatekeepers for otherworldly energies and understand that musicians have forgotten that these days.  And understand that this is what we want to be addressed within the music communities these days because musicians have lost their way around the otherworld.  And understand this hasn’t stopped Spirit from trying to get through, to be in communication.  And so understand that we want this to be addressed as a final thought.

Q:  That is beautiful.  Tell them I’ll Twitter that!  The word gets around!

Liv:  They’re saying understand, Qbert, man with a funny name, that you really really are on our good side and that’s a good thing.  So we want you to know that you really are a friend to the otherworld and we love you for that.  And we’re asking you to let your friends know that the way is through connection with the otherworld.  This is where healing, truly, can happen.  Musicians from the old days, they always knew about the Gods and the Goddesses and Queens of the night and they always knew about the Jester and the Court and they also knew how to make worlds open up with the right sound.  They knew how to make worlds open up with the right tone.  And so we’re trying to get you to pay attention, to listen closely enough to what we’re saying so you can understand we’re trying to open up the particular kinds of dimensions that will bring healing to your communities these days.  The modern world has lost its way.  Have you forgotten?  Understand that the musicians knew how to create the right tones, the right sounds in the old days, to make worlds open up and make rain clouds form and make sun shine appear out of darkness.  Understand this.  We mean what we say.

Q:  That’s beautiful!  That’s very true!

Anais:  That’s all tied up with the sacred instruments.  Because once people were nomadic, these little things were always part of ceremony.  Even if it was a bean pod from a tree that you shake (making sound), always there’s rhythm.  You can’t take music away from people because if someone has lost a song, you can make up a song in your heart.  So the mouth harp, these little seemingly small things have a punch and they punch right into the thing that needs to be broken into.

Liv:  Hey, Q, you were telling me a few days ago about this thing that you did in Norway with sound?

Q:  Oh yeah.  It’s called hueing.  It’s supposed to cleanse your spirit from negative spirits that are around you.  And you just go, hue (making tone!) and then I had the audience do it with me and we shot a big bolt of energy to places on the Earth that needed to be healed!

Anais:  And you told everybody, this is what we’re doing?

Q:  Yeah.  It was at the end of my show.

Anais:  That’s awesome!

Liv:  Isn’t that so cool?

Anais:  That’s awesome!

Q:  Yeah, it was a couple hundred people going, hue (making tone).

Anais:  Damn!  You see, and they just did it because you said it, that this is something to do that can heal the world, let’s do it.

Q:  Yeah.  And it felt really good.  So I need to do that more.

Liv:  Awesome!  Thank you so much, Anais and thank you so much, Q, for taking the time..

Q:  That was beautiful.  Thank you so much.  All right.  I better get home and get to this project.

Liv:  Which project?

Q:  I have this big mix that I have to finish that’s dedicated to Japan.  I put it out there and all the proceeds go to Japan..

Liv:  Right on..

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