Sacred Elemental Initiation Women’s Retreat

Calling All Priestesses . . .

Sacred Elemental Initiation Women’s Retreat

January 15-18, 2016

High Springs, Florida

Facilitated by Liv Wheeler & Katherine Coder, PhD



This is an invitation to 8 women who would like to deepen in their connection to Mother Earth and receive the primary initiations from the elements of earth, water, and fire.


In the ancient cultures, women gathered in the temples of the earth to receive the blessings and healing from our earth mother. We gathered as initiates of the elements to move into our roles as community spiritual leaders. Put simply, we became priestesses to serve from the places of our deepest healing.


In modern times, much of this sacred work has been forgotten or has been lost. We offer this opportunity to an intimate group of seasoned, powerful women who feel the call to go deeper into their personal development with the help of Mother Earth.

Working with elemental initiations is not easy. These initiations will challenge you as they work on the core of your being from its most basic roots. This is the moment where we go backwards to go forward. Expect to feel this challenge arise in different ways in your life as you enter into your commitment to do this work.

Expect to be supported in your growth as part of this process, and expect to be opened to new ways of being and knowing. Expect to grow. Expect to feel more whole. Expect to commune with your sisters and weave the bonds of sisterhood even more deeply. Expect the unexpected!

If you feel called to move into the temple, to honor your soul’s calling to be initiated into elemental priestesshood, please contact us. We are honored to support you in your sacred unfolding as a woman of the earth.

Ashe! Aho! Amen!

Liv & Kat

Retreat Details


Dates: January 15 - 18, 2016

We gather late Friday afternoon on January 15th and leave Monday, January 18th around midday.


Sliding Scale Donation: $500-$700 -- Please donate from the “Spirit of Abundance” >> See the note below from Liv.


Includes 3 nights of accommodation for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Rum Island Retreat ( in High Springs, FL; one adult entrance ticket to Ginnie Springs Park, materials, and meals*.


Deposit: $200 (Non-refundable)


Spots for 8 women available are “First come, first serve”

**We expect that this retreat will fill up so please reach out sooner rather than later if you are interested. We will create a waitlist for those that are unable to attend this round.


Sleeping Arrangements: Bed and camping options are available. Camping options are at no extra charge. Twin bed option is $50 extra (3 spots) and the full size futon option is $75 (1 spot).

*Each woman will be required to bring a dish to share and each will be invited to bring decorative materials for making her clay goddess figure.


Message from Liv


I believe it’s time for us, as women, to return to our earth-based practices.  To be cradled by the earth, enveloped in the womb of the earth, our great Mother, allows us the opportunity to truly surrender.
I’m very passionate about entering into this sacred space with this group of women who I believe, are coming together to remember.  Haven’t we done this before?  May we remember, collectively, all that has been forgotten.  May we have the courage to show up for ourselves and to show up for each other.  Women coming together to truly, authentically support each other, with love, strengthens our self esteem and standing in the world.  Enabling greatness to flow from each of us. Yes, we need each other.
I’m very excited about coming together with this wonderful group of women who will gather, remembering their divinity as layers of the old fall away.   
I’m also thrilled to be collaborating with the wonderful, Dr. Katherine Coder.  Kat’s commitment to Spirit, to the Earth, as well as passion and heart that she sources from, I believe, makes way for magical transformations to occur.  Dr. Katherine Coder and I will show up with full commitment to the women present.  Holding you all with great care, love and presence.


Message from Kat


I see that many of us are being called, and a few of us are answering the call to get back to the wilds of ourselves and the wilds of Mother Earth. We feel the call as women to go deep -- to go deep into our own wombs and hearts to bring forth the treasures that lie in those wells of wisdom. We feel the call to do this work in community -- honoring and profoundly acknowledging the essentiality of relationship and tribe. We circle and meet to heal, to grow, to learn, and to access that which we know in our bones so that we may bring our wisdom forward into a world that is crying out for it. The world is crying out for us to embody -- not dissociate -- to feel -- not to shut off or down. The world is crying out for us to be present -- for the joy and for the pain. The world is calling for us to stand in our power and sing from the depths of our souls. The world is calling us to love in a much more bold and fierce way.
So, my question for you is, “Are you a priestess?”
Are you called to The Temple? Are you called to The Circle? Are you called to Life?
If you say yes, you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts. Liv and I are available to midwife you through your process -- to hold you and challenge you so that you can give birth to the next dimension of yourself as Sacred. We invite you from the depths of our souls and from a place of simple serenity.
Liv is the woman in the world that I would most want to create this opening with. She is humble, profoundly intuitive, at peace with herself, willing to learn, a champion of others’ growth, in love with her work, in conversation with Spirit, committed on all levels, courageous, and tremendously wise.
Together, we promise you our best work. We promise to take care of ourselves. We promise to be present for you. We promise to hold you and show compassion. We promise to challenge you to help you access your growing edges. We promise to hold the circle and hold the temple so that you may move freely from your deepest knowing. We promise to be and do.


On the Spirit of Abundance
From, Liv


I've found that in my work with Spirit, the way that I show up is as important as the work itself.  For example, when making an offering, I try and notice what kind of energy that I'm giving from.  That seems to have an impact on the energetic exchange.  I get taught aspects of this lesson frequently, when I visit Burkina Faso, West Africa, engaging in shamanic work there.
The irony is profound because it's considered one of the poorest countries (monetarily) in the world.  And yet, in spiritual work, people seem to really show up powerfully.  Because ultimately, you're making the offering to Spirit.
The contrast is sharp when I return home to the United States, one of the wealthier (monetarily) countries in the world.  And yet, the spirit of scarcity seems to have a pretty strong grip on many of us.
Each time when I visit Burkina Faso to engage in shamanic work there, Spirit always insists that I give all that I have.  It seems, it doesn't matter how much money is in my bank account.  They insist that I offer it all up.  This past visit, I thought I'd trick them this time!  ;)  I made sure I had more in my savings than I'd arrived with in previous journeys.  Surely I'd have more than enough this time!  I had $4,500.00 in my savings.  I worked with several different diviners and shamans while I was there.  Four in total.  As the three weeks went by I could watch all of the money leaving.  Each diviner that I worked with, Spirit was requesting various large offerings of different kinds through them.  For example, it may mean gifting somebody that I knew there a large amount of money, for their family.  It may mean buying large quantities of food for the village.  Essentially feeding the village.
(Video below is of the ritual celebration feast that we were preparing for.  These adorable boys were gathering wood for the fire.)
Anyway, I watched the process and in a way marveled at Spirit.  I felt pretty strongly that while all of this was happening, that surely they were teaching me a lesson.  I felt it.  I felt myself being altered by the process.  When I left Burkina, after 3 weeks of being there, I had $100. in my bank account.  What's really interesting about that is that I felt more abundant than I possibly ever felt before.  It was beyond trust.  I felt an extraordinary amount of spiritual support on the other side.
And I watched abundance pour into my life in so many different ways when I returned home.  It was nearly overwhelming.  Spirit sometimes teaches in very bold ways.
Since being home, I have to mind the spirit of scarcity.  It is so pervasive here, in this culture.  We're existing in a culture of 'consumerism'.  It's deep.
My invitation as we all gather into this sacred space, may we all enter into this space from a spirit of abundance.  May we show up generously with each other.  May we support each other powerfully and with great love.

Rum Island Retreat


Katherine Coder, PhD

Psychologist, Ceremonialist, Teacher, and Guide

Katherine Coder is a Transpersonal Psychologist working through elemental medicine, one-on-one meetings, and group trainings. She invites people to realize and express their full humanness – to themselves, in relationship, and in community. Dr. Kat’s specialties include trauma resolution, cultivating the deep Feminine, ceremony, and one-on-one client work for those looking for a deeper connection to themselves and their world. Her transformative work connects body, mind, and Spirit to allow people to integrate at a profound level and live from true essence.

Liv Wheeler

Shamanic Practitioner, Diviner, Teacher

Liv Wheeler is a Shamanic Practitioner mostly steeped in the shamanic practices of the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa.  She studied and apprenticed with Malidoma Some for 8 years and has maintained a shamanic practice for 10.  Liv works with clients in her private practice, consulting with the Spiritual realms in order to bring guidance through for the people she works with.  She also teaches workshops and facilitates rituals, helping others to connect with their ancestors, Kontomble, as well as other elemental forces.  Her passion is in guiding others to remember their life's purpose and encouraging them to step fully into it.

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