Full Moon Kontomble Ritual

Thank you to each of you who joined Liv and Kontomble for the Full Moon Ritual in Peru and Beyond! This is a radical time indeed; thank you for coming together in the sacred space for a radical ritual. Here is the recording. May the messages shared support you, your families and loved ones, your ancestors, all the beings seen and unseen that walk with you. May creation, curiosity, and life be celebrated.

Liv and the Kontomble by: Cliff Taylor


When I was fifteen I went to my tribe's -the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska- powwow for the second time. I was shy; I mainly just hung out with my dad and my grandpa and uncles by our tents, sitting quietly and listening, looking around at all of the land and people. But somehow I found myself talking to this old Vietnam Vet from Denver named Logan Bear and he was in charge of the cooking and he asked me, “Do you think you could go around and get a rough head count of about how many people we'll be feeding tonight so that I've got an idea of about how much food we're going to need?” Our tribe had just been reinstated as a federally recognized tribe about five years earlier; we were a small tribe just getting our wind back and our revived powwow was pretty small too. I paused. The idea of going to talk to a hundred or so strangers made my shy self nervous. Then Logan Bear said, with some tease in his voice and a sparkle in his eye, “What? You're not bashful, are you?” That's exactly what I was. “No,” I said, trying to be brave against my shyness. “Here,” he said, handing me a clipboard and pen, smiling, “then go and find out for me, okay?”

Mostly everyone had their tents set up on this strip that was between the road that circled the arena and the barbed wire fence that partitioned off our buffalo pasture from the grounds. I went from family to family, tent to tent, and asked about how many people were there, telling them I was trying to get a number for about how many people would be eating that night, the first night of the powwow. It was nerve-wracking but I did it, writing down little numbers on my clipboard to add up when I was done. But the thing I remember, that I was thinking about recently on my flight out to Kauai where I planned to meet up with my friend Liv and some others, was that about two thirds of the way through there was this long-haired, glasses-wearing, rough and almost kind of dorky looking man who was camping by himself, and when I asked him how many people were there with him, he said, “Well, it's just me, unless you want to count my invisible friend. Do you want to count him?” I stood there with my clipboard and felt a weird feeling. Something inside of me felt like he wasn't kidding about his 'invisible friend', that he was being serious. He shook his head and laughed. “Don't worry about it. It's just me. Put me down as one.”

I finished up, counted up the numbers, and returned back to Logan Bear. I hung out with him by the cook fire a little bit and listened to him talk and tell stories as he worked on the big grill. It was all good. Everyone ate well that night.

About ten years later I found myself doing some traveling, going to Sundances and powwows, doing some soul-searching, deep in the beginning of my own spiritual journey. Some young singers invited me to a Sundance that was being run by the father of the one of their girlfriends. I met up with them and followed them along some gravel roads to the Sundance grounds, parked behind them and got out.

The dance was already in progress and it was the smallest Sundance I've ever been to: there were only three dancers. Later, hanging out between rounds, the Chief, trying to honor his father's wishes by keeping it going after he'd passed, told me, “On the third day ------ ------ is coming over from across the river to do the piercing.” I'd heard of this medicine man, he was the uncle of some cousins of mine; he had his own Sundance across the river.

On the third day, late morning, this man rolled up with his nephew in his dusty, junk car; he got out and came over and hung out with the five or six of us who were all sitting by the sweat fire. Right away, I recognized him: he was the man who was camping out by himself all those years ago when I did that head count for Logan Bear. He was chubby, older, sensitive-faced, quiet-eyed, kind of regular-seeming in his manner, conversational, humble. Over the next two days he just hung out with us, did the piercing, helped out. “I like small Sundances like this,” he said, “it gives everyone a chance to really get to know each other. It's more intimate.” I liked when he said that. It stoked some sense in me. It wasn't all about a grandness in size; it was all about relationships, the depth of connections, the intimacy with the sacred all shared in together; that was what fed the soul, not necessarily measurable or visible bigness, per se, not at all.

I think the memory of hanging out with this particular medicine man at this Sundance came to me for a couple of reasons. One, I was flying out to Kauai to meet up with Liv and the others because we were going there specifically to connect with the Menehune, the little people of the islands there, as a part of Liv's work of bringing knowledge and awareness and respect of the little people back to life and back into people's lives all around America and the world, and I was remembering a story this medicine man told about our little people, known as the Chahochina where I come from, around the fire one night. It went something like this: “A few years ago I was here at this Sundance and I told the guy keeping the fire to wake me up at four thirty so that I could get all the dancers up and get ready. Man, I remember, too, the look on his face when he woke me up that year. He was all wild-eyed and excited, breathing heavy, panting almost. He woke me up at almost exactly four thirty, or maybe just a little past. He said, 'Uncle, I fell asleep in the sweat. I think I would've kept sleeping too but then I felt this hand on my shoulder, shaking me awake. I woke up, realizing I had fallen asleep, and then when I opened my eyes I saw two of those little people! They were in the sweat, just laughing and having a good time, telling me to wake up, to get up, and to go wake you up. They were running around in there and then they left. When I looked at what time it was it was exactly four thirty.' Man. Those little people woke him up right when he was supposed to wake me up so that we could get things started. You come to the Sundance and you never know what's going to happen. The spirits are all around. They're even here with us right now.”

For about a decade I spent all my energy and all of my vacation time (haha) going to ceremony and trying to learn the culture and spiritual ways of my tribe and our people. I wanted to try to learn how to help our people, to be a part of their healing from all the trauma over what's happened over the last five hundred years and all the widespread problems that're a result of and that're perpetuating that trauma, this plague of spirit-illness, diminished quality of life, and shortened lifespans. To do that, I went to our elders, our medicine men, our Sundancers and pipe-carriers, to all the relatives who were actively trying to practice and consult our ways to do the same. And during that time many spirits came to me to help me, with the main ones being the little people, these ones that woke up that fire-keeper at this Sundance that medicine man was telling us about.

As I traveled I soaked up a lot of stories, all of them containing valuable truths worth remembering, considering, contemplating, retelling, holding onto for their preciousness, making a part of your being for the spiritual richness and food and healing they brought to you. Inside, I had a huge filing cabinet of sorts where I filed every kind of story that I heard away, building up files on every sort of thing the elders and our people talked about, from knowledge of various sacred sites, dreams, descriptions of the different ages, Bigfoot (a personal favorite), medicine men they learned from, and of course, because they were my friends, the little people. On some level I knew that I was collecting as many stories and as much indian knowledge of the little people as I could because I wanted to not only know as much as possible about them because of all the help they gave me but also because I wanted to renew and make the body of what they were, of what they have always been, available again amongst my people so that they could more consciously, intentionally, prayerfully and lovingly, get the help that these sacred little beings had and were giving and ready to give more of, so that the healing of our people could be aided more robustly by these spirits that I was was receiving help from. Stumble-bumming around, building up my knowledge of the little people was one of my projects. I didn't really talk to anyone about it, still pretty shy to the core, but everywhere I went, every once in awhile, someone would tell a story about them and I'd add it to the internal file. I kind of loved it. It was like a quiet slow-burning passion. I couldn't get enough. I wanted to learn everything I could about the Chahochina, about the little people, and I silently, appreciatively, welcomed every little morsel, every sentence spoken inhabited by their remembrance, every story shared that was filled with their spirit and their doings.



I think that maybe the other reason this memory of my moment with this dorky man and his 'invisible friend' as a teenager and then my running into him ten years later and learning that he was a medicine man came to me on the plane to Kauai, was that it was an example of the kind of peculiar and beautiful ways that we can see that the Spirit, Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, has been weaving through our lives all along; purposefully, poetically, pointedly, compassionately. Reading our lives backwards, we can see the handiwork of the Spirit, of the spirits, see how seeds were planted, connections were made, crucial choices were guided, interests were encouraged, skills were instilled, gifts were nurtured. Reading our lives backwards, we can see that our future was being grown in us and tended mysteriously from the time of our youth, brought to our awareness in so many small and sometimes maybe big ways, so that when we were ready to embrace it as our purpose and work, we would be to some degree, ready to embrace it as our purpose and work; we would remember all the times it was experiencing growth and getting some sound attention and now clued in, we would be ready.

A few years ago a page came up on my Facebook feed; it was called Kontomble Medicine; familiar with the books of Malidoma Some and knowing that the Kontomble was what his people in Burkina Faso called their little people, I cliked 'like' and found myself as one of about a hundred members of that group. Through that page I befriended a woman a little older than me named Liv Wheeler.

Liv and I began corresponding, chatting, emailing each other, talking on the phone. I learned that she had trained with Malidoma and that she was a Kontomble Voice Diviner in his people's tradition, meaning that she essentially did a ceremony very similar to what our medicine men do, that in her divinations she called these little people and they would come and speak and share their wisdom and medicine with the person or people in the divination. After a bit of our getting to know each other, she did a divination for me. I really had no idea what to expect. I was at a point in my life where my writing was my focus and I wasn't pouring all of my energies into just ceremony anymore. Looking at the way it all came together, I decided to just be open-minded about it, to trust in this thing that the Spirit seemed to pull together for me, in this person and growing friend that had come into my life. And I'm glad that I did, because the divination was life-changing, fruit-bearing in the most special and sacred of ways, a true blessing from the spirits, from the little people.

The divination itself was surprising to me in how content-packed it was, in the sheer amount of material that the Kontomble delivered; it floored me and a few minutes into it I felt like I was in one of our ceremonies; I closed my eyes, listened, and prayed. A lot of things were told to me and I could write about a number of them but maybe the biggest result of the divination was something that happened about a week later, something completely connected to the divination and Liv and I's meeting and friendship. It's something that still is kind of amazing to me, astonishing even, and it is a testament, I believe, to the good and help and healing their team is working tirelessly and magically and beautifully to bring into the world.

Maybe a week after that divination, falling asleep on a poet friend's couch after a night out, the spirits came for me and we spent a few hours going through this like vast warehouse of my memory, grabbing, picking, selecting, and gathering up all of these choice pieces from my life and experiences and travels in Indian Country relating to the little people. It was a wild experience. When we were done I woke up, reflected on it, was bewildered and kind of stunned, and then I went back to sleep. The next night it happened again. The spirits came for me, we gathered more material, more bits and pieces, but then we took all of those armfuls and armfuls of memories and we started stitching and sewing and muraling them into a small book, lining them up, and assembling them, organizing them all into a book about the little people. When we were done we had a small complete book all laid out. Then I woke up. This time when I woke up I understood. There was a finished book inside of me, done in the spirit world, put together with the spirits, and now all I had to do was write it quick. It was all clear as day to me. The next day I started writing it, and in a month and a half it was finished. In twenty years of writing I'd never had that happen before. Lightning had struck. The little people had delivered me and my people and many others a gift.

For years I'd always wanted to write a small spiritual book for our young native people, and in many ways that's what the resulting book, The Memory of Souls, is. I always wanted to make a small book that they could stick in their back pocket like a talisman to protect them and give them strength and courage for this life where it is so hard to be day-to-day who you really are deep in the truth of your soul. For years I carried the dream of writing this kind of book. Then, I got that divination from Liv, and it happened. My one friend likes to quote Garth Brooks and say that sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers, and that's true, us humans being so mixed up and the Spirit knowing so much better than us, but I guess I want to say that sometimes God's greatest gifts are the answered prayers, too, right? That book, the divination, meeting Liv and getting to know her and call her a true friend, has all been one long answered prayer, has been a great, beautiful gift, as Liv would say, for sure, for sure.

The spring after I wrote that book Liv went on a cross-country tour doing ceremony from one coast to the other in the name of reviving awareness about the little people among all of us modern, spiritually searching or disconnected humans; the tour was called The Folk Medicine Revival Tour, a name the Kontomble themselves gave her for it one day when she was out jogging. It was an eye-opener from what I hear, full of ups and downs as one would expect, saturated with learning and experiences that really seemed to paint and provide a more comprehensive picture of what's going on with the spiritual landscape of America in general and the place of the little people in people's lives and consciousness in particular. She kept me abreast from the road. What I heard from her was inspiring, beautiful, heartening at turns but then also concerning, perplexing, frustrating, and curious as well. I had spent my whole life in Nebraska and Indian Country and it was fascinating to get some first-hand reports on what she was experiencing on her tour of this country and culture. People were having their lives changed by the Kontomble in her ceremonies but there was also a sense of how deep the problems and conditions separating people from their souls and communities and the earth and the Spirit and each other ran. It was a lot to think about. I think we're all, everyone touched by that tour, still thinking about it.

Liv had told me that she'd never been to Nebraska and with me living there and our having yet to meet in person, she planned a stop there and came to Nebraska. It turned out to be a high point in the first half of my thirties for me. The woman I met far exceeded my expectations. I was not only impressed but seriously humbled, deeply humbled. We hung out for a couple of days, doing a divination for about ten of my friends, poets and activists and nature-lovers and long-time coffee shop pals, and then we went camping for a few days, driving up to our Sundance grounds and then over to my tribe's powwow grounds. We talked up the most beautiful storm, made fires, shivered in the rain together, rode my friend Barbara's horses, visited my people's cemetery, and told stories like there was no tomorrow. I'd never met a non-indian medicine person, never met a medicine woman, to be honest. Liv turned out to be legit, on par with the medicine men I had learned from and done ceremony with during all my years of doing ceremony. She was beautiful-hearted, incredibly gifted, spiritually strong like I'd encountered only a few people truly being, a lovely, loving person. I felt so lucky to have had her come through Nebraska after she left. I received so much from her visit, from our time together, way more than I could've ever anticipated. She was real, a bona fide medicine woman, just a rare soul and a beautiful person. I feel so lucky to call her my friend, to have met her. Some of God's greatest gifts are answered prayers, are the people that're brought into our lives. Truly, truly.



Since Liv came through Nebraska on her tour I've been lucky enough to attend some of her rituals and as our friendship has grown we've done some traveling together as well. This has all grown my file on the little people pretty fat, and extended its contents far beyond just their place and doings amongst my indian people. I've come to see how the little people, the Kontomble, are working and involved in people's lives all over America and worldwide, people of all sorts of ages, backgrounds, ancestries, religions and spiritualities. I've come to understand some of the larger picture of, I believe, what's going on with them and Liv's work and their quick and dynamic, inspiring and organic, enlarging re-emergence into our world at this time. It has been a very sacred and beautiful thing to witness, and in my own small way, as Liv's friend, to be a part of. The word that comes to mind is hope. Seeing what's happening with the re-emergence of the little people gives me hope.

Last year Liv and I went to Standing Rock.

On short notice, my employer gave me five days off and Liv and I and another friend drove twenty four hours straight to go and give support to all of the water-protectors there. We stayed with my brother there, who lives in Standing Rock with his family. It was a trip and an experience that I can't pretend to totally understand everything that we were in the middle of. It seemed like the true stakes of what is in danger and being fought for here in America and beyond was in full, brutal focus, and just for how long so many forces were engineering their dominion over what was at stake was utterly clear as well. The earth, alive and loving in all that she gives to us each breathing day, and all of her living, sentient 'resources', our relatives, the waters, the plants and animals, the mountains and trees; our rights and abilities to practice good harmonious living; the entire heritage of sacred sites set up by our ancestors that lattices over the whole of the land everywhere; what we are leaving the unborn, our grandchildren, the future generations; the culture that we are all participants in and creators of and its steering and architecture and the heart and humanity in it as opposed to the blind corporate interests and dark greed and materialism and colonialism working to control it; our souls and their needs; our communities and their well-being; the welfare of all the invisible beings whose Nations are also threaded into this world and earth we share with them; the health and fate of all the life here. Standing Rock brought into very real, heart-rending focus the story that we are all a part of, that we are all influencing one way or another, that we are all carrying in our chests and deciding with our lives in this age. It is a story that our indian people and indigenous people all over the world have been weathering and making their stand in for a long time. It's the story of life wanting to live, of ancient practices informed by ancient beings wanting to continue for the sake of the life-vivifying and honoring and supporting wisdom that circulates within them, of the old and beautiful and human and innate and soulful trying very hard, very courageously, to carry on and find a place and survive in the face of so much wrongheaded, insensitive, forgetful, oppressive, and in some areas, straight-up malicious modernity. Our experience in Standing Rock hit on every part of the animal we're all living with, this same animal that the little people, along with a lot of other beings, seem to really be stepping out of the human-centric perceived background to aid us in dealing with and navigating because of the precariousness of the times. Our ancestors and many other beings are finding their way back into our lives to wake us up and get all the juices in our hearts flowing again and to empower us to become more active in this story that we're all in the thick of, that we're determining the course of even as we're handing it off to our children in real-time; the spirits are doing all that they can to call us back into remembrance of them, of the sacredness of our Mother Earth, of the Spirit, of ourselves, so that we can live like our greatest ancestors did and so that we can become helpful to the future generations in the same way that those old ones, from the other side, continue to be for us; and this includes, especially, the little people.

I recall one morning when I was standing beside this elder by the sacred fire before we all talked about what we were going to do as a group that day. Whenever I get to talk with an elder something inside me always says, “make it count,” so I was silently thinking about a question to ask this man who had already shared so much with Liv and I and our group. Looking at all the people gathered there to protect the water, this gift that none of us could live without, that we were all literally made of, a question came to me and I asked it: “Do you think that there's anything slumbering way back in the indian toolbox that we haven't called on yet but that'll finally be called into action just because of the sheer magnitude of this gathering, of this fight, of what we're up against?” This elder, who I hadn't yet gotten a chance to speak with alone and who didn't know that the little people were guiding us, thought about it for a bit and then he said, “Well, when we first set up this camp, we called in the little people. We made them a small bow and arrow and gave them some food, asking them for help. The next morning the bow and arrow and food was gone. They came and took it. They received it.” He went on to share more that I will not share here but it really sparked with a lot of what my personal thoughts about the little people have been pondering on. Curious. You can guess where my mind went next: maybe the little people are that big slumbering 'tool' that the insanity and magnitude of everything that's going on right now are going to call back into being, into conscious awareness and public life, into our world to help with what's happening, with all the problems and conditions that're dimming people's souls and hurting and destroying the earth and just diminishing life and making it so much less than what it could be for so, so many. Maybe, and not just among our indian people, the time for the little people's return is now.

When I first met my brother we stayed with in Standing Rock he was going to a lot of conferences, talking with a lot of academics, scientists, physicists, and he told me that almost all of them seemingly did not know how to say or admit that they just didn't know certain things, that they just didn't know. “When you're talking to them about things they will almost never say, 'I don't know.' That's the difference between our culture and theirs; our elders, our indian doctors, they'll say 'I don't know' when they don't know things. It's a measure of humility, being able to admit that you don't know. There is just so much in this life that we don't know, that we don't know about.”

So, I can only guess and know a little bit about what's going on with the little people but it does seem like they are making a concerted, energized effort to come back into people's lives, to make us and the world realize that they have been here all along. Reflecting on their ways and gifts and prescriptions and riddles and joys and history and worldview with Liv, a grand multidimensional portrait of their origins and understanding of us and our Mother Earth and this life has been forming and cohering together in a radical, inspiring, piece-meal sort of way. They are like an indigenous spirit-people spread across the earth who come from the stars. They're here because they so love and are devoted to the majesty of the utterly care-filled being that is our Mother Earth and all the life that is a part of her and upon her. They have been laughing and speaking with and wisdom-sharing with humans for as long as humans have been here. Their love for us is unconditional, they say. They say that generosity is the whole point and open secret of life, what we're here for, to give, to care, to look after, to tend, to express the love that is at the center of all life by making generosity into our daily way of being. They are not afraid to share their criticisms or point out any of the multitudinous ways that our civilization has gone amiss, but it is generosity and a love of the earth that they seem to keep coming back to time and time again as two of the main trees we should all keep growing big and strong in the precious country of our hearts. The little people have ways and wisdom and it echoes the same thing our spirits and the animals and our ancestors tell us in our ceremonies: our strength, our health, our healing, will come in a return to the ancient waters that're streaming through all of us, that'll continue to be streaming through all of us even as life changes and mutates and takes on unimaginable new forms in the heretofore unwritten future; we help the future and ourselves by discovering those ancient waters in us now, by picking up the practices, the creativity, the helping work that's a part of them, that vibrates with their soul and life and light. The little people are encouraging and catalyzing this movement of return, of remembering, of getting back in touch with what the mind of our soul, so muted and neglected by this current culture, already knows. The little people are coming back to bring us back to these ancient waters of life and wisdom that they've been living in since the beginning (“How old do you think Nature is? We're about that old.”), that our ancestors once had at the heart of all their villages and life-ways and best arts and practices, that our greatest hope in these times is a brave, prayerful return to. The little people have a lot to say but this seems to be their main thrust, their main message: it's time to pick back up that ancient life-loving wisdom you already have in your heart and body and to begin to apply it, thoughtfully, creatively, craftily, sincerely, and deeply.

In Kauai, as our small diverse group, all touched and guided by the little people in one way or another, shared stories and pooled together our findings and intuitions and understandings, recounted our dreams and analyzed the results of their mystifying, sometimes hilarious influence (my Garth Brooks friend says, “I love hearing about the little people's covert ops.”), something else became clear: in this movement of the little people's re-emergence into the world and people's organic, concomitant reawakening interest in them, all of the distinct place-based Nations of these little people seemed to be coordinately working together to not just come back into the lives of their local human populations, such as the Chahochina with my indian people back in Nebraska, the Leprechauns with the people in Ireland, the Huldufolk with the people in Iceland, the Menehune with the people in Hawaiian Islands, and so on and so forth with the little people in all the lands across the globe where a relatively strong awareness of their existence has remained and survived into the present day, but to come back into the lives of people worldwide, even where knowledge of them has almost completely faded away, where they've become purely the characters of fairy tale and folklore, or not thought about at all anymore. Sitting there in Kauai, we saw that it seemed like all the little people Nations across the earth appeared to be synergistically ramping up their interactions and activities towards the end of regenerating the network of their human relations back to what it once was when it saturated and spanned the whole of the livable earth a long, long time ago. We saw that the little people are making their comeback, like spirituality in general, amongst our species and there are so many out there who're a part of this regrowth, of this renewing of relations, of bringing this flower of their being, indigenous everywhere, back to so many places and lands that haven't seen their flower in ages. We saw that the flower of the little people is sprouting again all over. These beings who've blessed so many of our lives are returning like a species thought by many to be extinct, and they all appear to be uniting, the Kontomble, the Chahochina, the Leprechauns, the Menehune, the Huldufolk, and others, to effectuate and to pull this off. Every living creature on this earth is here to make their music, to play their part, and it looks like the little people, after centuries and centuries in many places, are ready to be welcomed back and pitch in and do their best in playing their part with everything our earth is very seriously facing, too.

These are scary times we're living in, loaded and unstable, but ripe with possibilities. Maybe it's time we all make our tiny bows and arrows and set them out with some food for the little people as we all make our camps and begin to stand up and pray and unite together for the earth, our ancestors' legacy, our children and grandchildren, and everything that's sacred that we really believe in. Maybe it's time to call on the little people. Maybe it's time. In ceremony, in dreams, they've told us that they're listening, they've told us that they're here and ready to help, they've told us that it's time and they're ready. Maybe it's time to call on the little people.



In Kauai, with a friend I think I've been waiting my whole life to meet again, the Menehune came to our ceremony. They shared a story, told a riddle, talked about their technologies, praised the natural temple of mountain rock we were on, and recounted the spiritual history of the land. When they were about ready to leave, acknowledging some of the serious challenges of the times, they said, “These times are dark but you must continue to let your hope keep blooming you into the future.”

We all sat close together up amongst the trees and listened to their parting words.

“Hope blooming,” they said, “is the way.”

Kontomble Messages: Community Call 2 Recording

Hello Community! Thank you for sharing this sacred space with us today, for bringing your open hearts and minds to hear the messages and wisdom Kontomble brought through, for trusting the process and allowing yourselves to be seen. 

Here is the recording! May the messages shared support you, your families and loved ones, your ancestors, all the beings seen and unseen that walk with you. We look forward to continuing this dialogue and deepening our connections with each of you in this way and hope you find Sirius B stargazing joyful and illuminating. With mirth and so much gratitude <3

Kontomble Messages: Community Call 1 Recording

Hello Community! Thank you for being there to receive this offering that The Kontomble bring to us in love and service. Thank you for sharing this sacred space with us today, for honoring the Kontomble and the Otherworld with your reverence, and for opening your hearts to one another.

Here is the recording! May the messages shared support you, your families and loved ones, your ancestors, all the beings seen and unseen that walk with you. We look forward to continuing this dialogue and deepening our connections with each of you in this blessed circle! 

Rise Up Daisies: Kontomble Medicine for Potent Times

Below you will find transcribed notes from the post-election ceremonial community conference call with Liv and the Kontomble. Please note that these are direct quotes from Kontomble and the community and should be treated with the utmost respect and reverence. If you share this in anyway, be sure to link it back to the website and Kontomble, and also honor the blessing of this medicine and wisdom by not changing the words in anyway. Thank you. May the medicine they gift us help water your own medicine so that we may all rise up like daisies from the concrete during these potent and transformative times.

If you’d like to hear it for yourself, here is the link to the recording! http://www.ancestorbridge.com/blog/2016/11/9/daisys-growing-from-the-concrete

 (This beautiful and poignant art is by Render Allumaya. It was birthed during our call in deep connection with Spirit and the Kontomble. Thank you Render, we honor you.)&nbsp;

(This beautiful and poignant art is by Render Allumaya. It was birthed during our call in deep connection with Spirit and the Kontomble. Thank you Render, we honor you.) 

Kontomble- Are you all scared?

Liv- They really really really admire honesty. And they’ll excavate for honesty and so the more honest we can get together, we’ll go further… deeper, more healing.

Kontomble- Are you scared? Are you petrified?

Group- yes. Yes. Soul shaking scared.

Liv- Don’t feel shy, I mean do feel shy, feel however you want to feel but don’t be afraid to jump in. Cause we’re all in this together. Yeah, yeah, we’re all in this together. Do feel shy or don’t feel shy, feel however you want to feel but know that you can just jump on in right now. No need to be polite right now.

Kontomble- (Asking Fox and Render) What is going on?

Render- We’re having a lot of grief here in our human world right now. A lot of people are feeling intensity and grief because of what’s happened with the election and it feels like, very shocking to a lot of people and very threatening to a huge number of people in our country. We are feeling grief, a lot of grief.

Kontomble- (To Fox and Render) The grief that you’re feeling, is no different than the grief that we’re feeling. Our grief is one in the same. Imagine this, imagine this…Imagine a population of Kontomble, give us different names if you want but we’re all Kontomble, also known as the little people, different populations of little people. We got pushed…

Liv- This is about to get deep. I don’t normally do this but I request that anyone on the line be prepared to get cozy in this energy, let’s plunge to the depths of the ocean, we have the capacity to plunge to the depths of the ocean. They are talking about the oppression…

Kontomble- The little people, got pushed down, pushed down, pushed down from the beginning. Pushed down, pushed down, pushed down from the beginning. And how do you think Nature feels about that? How do you think Nature feels about that? How do you think Nature feels about THAT? How do you think they feel right now? Do you think Nature knows about oppression?

Kontomble- The humans are the last of the Mohicans. They are the last tribe, the last tribe, that is experiencing the violence. How does it feel now? How does it feel now? How does it feel now? How does it feel NOW? The violence, the destruction.

Kontomble- How do you think the trees don’t feel? (Looking to trees, a 2,000 year old tree stump) How do you think that tree stump feels? Did you ask that tree stump? How do you think that tree stump feels? Did you ask that tree stump, how, what happened to you? And maybe might that same thing happen to me? Why not, why not, why not?

Kontomble- The sounds are sirening. The sounds are sirening. Human are experiencing this dichotomy really. Is another world possible? Another world is possible. Is another world possible? Another world is possible. Is another world possible? Another world is possible. Is another world possible? And you’re the ones, you’re the ones, you’re the ones who are going to decide that. Is another world possible? You’re the ones that are going to decide that. You are the ones deciding that.

Kontomble- Is another world possible? Is another world plausible? What do you think about another world?

Kontomble- What happened to this world in the first place? What happened to this world in the first place? Total world domination, annihilation… what happened to this world in the first place? Total world domination, annihilation… what happened to this world in the first place?

Kontomble- And meanwhile, meanwhile a daisy, a daisy makes its way, creeps up, cracks up through the concrete. (showing an image of daisy coming up with gunpowder around. Gun amo, there’s a gun that’s in the air) Rise up daisies, rise up! Rise up daisies, Rise up! Rise up through the concrete, rise UP! RISE UP! What’s it going to take to get you to rise up?!?! RISE UP! You know, no matter no matter no matter if you’re a daisy, do you know that you can rise up through the concrete! Do you know that there’s aisles and there’s spaces and there’s spaces and there’s crevices and there’s spaces. And all of a sudden seemingly dainty daisies have risen up through the concrete.

Liv- That’s what we’re doing right now. That’s what we’re doing right now. That’s what we’re doin right now. We’re literally rising up right now. Literally right now

Kontomble- Rise up daisy, rise up right now! What do you have to say? Speak to us! Speak to us!

Jeannette- Rise up, we will rise up. Kontomble we are doing what we can with our hearts. We are doing what we can to see our sun, to make beauty, to grow, to grow, in the right way with the Earth. We’re trying to but we’re full of sadness from what is happening around us. But we’re full of sadness we’re full of grief, and our children, I’m scared. I’m afraid for my children. I don’t know what to do.

Kontomble- (To Jeanette) That’s a pure plant, that’s a pure plant. By the way, how are your ancestors doing?

Liv- Here’s the thing Jeannette, what they’re saying to you, what they’re speaking to you. What they’re saying to you, what they’re speaking to you, can be applied to everybody on this call, myself included.

Kontomble- This is the energy of the cactus, this is the energy of the cactus. If you want to draw strength right now, go to the cactus. The cactus experiences all kinds of harsh conditions, a harsh climate, nothing any human would want to experience it’s very harsh. Potent medicine, potent medicine, potent medicine. Go, approach approach approach the energy, approach the medicine of the cactus.

Kontomble- Any of you want to know who Donald Trump is… If you want to know who Donald Trump is… he’s the puppet, the puppet, the puppet.

Liv- according to what they’re saying and showing, it’s almost like he’s not real. It’s almost like he’s a fictitious being. A fictitious being, a fictitious being, you know. It’s almost like if you push him too hard, it crumbles. It crumbles. There’s something about how if you push it too hard and it crumbles. It’s a fictitious being.

 Kontomble- Why, why, why, why, why, why, why give so much energy to it? Why give so much power? It’s a fictitious being and you push it too hard and it crumbles. It crumbles! It crumbles! It crumbles!

Liv- I know. I hear you all on the other end of the line. You know that. I hear you and you know that. I hear you all, what do you know about that? What do you know about that? Speak it!

Papa Bear- That’s true, it’s true, it’s true! It’s an illusion! It really is. It’s all bull shit! It really is, it’s all manufactured bull shit to get everybody wound up. It really is.

Liv- I mean what they’re showing me, the visions that they show me in my head while they talk to all of you it’s like literally they show that if you poke it too hard it crumbles into dust. There’s nothing there. There’s nothing THERE!

Someone from the group- But people believe in him so that gives him an apparition like force.

Liv- Right? An apparition! Like you poke it, you push it too hard, like you got a float. It’s like a dummy. You push it too hard and it’s like that. That’s what they’re showing. And so it’s like let’s talk about Donald Trump because they say he’s like fictitious. He’s like a fictitious character. You know it’s like, let’s talk about Pinocchio. Let’s talk about Pinocchio. Let’s talk about Pinocchio. Why would be talking about Pinocchio? Why would be talking about Pinocchio? Why are we talking about Pinocchio? That’s what they’re saying about the energy, the entity, they are perceiving of him.

Kontomble- Not to say, not to say, not to say the threat, not to say the threat is not real. Not diminishing, not undermining that, not saying the threat is not real. THAT, the focus on THAT (Trump), that is a waste of time.

Kontomble- A better use of our time, our attention, our imagination, of our aptitude, our gifts… is to say what world are we creating? What world are we creating?

Kontomble- The dynasty has fallen, the dynasty has fallen. The dynasty has fallen, Atlantis has risen. The dynasty has fallen, Atlantis has risen.

Kontomble- Do you all know about Atlantis? Do you all know about Atlantis?

Jeannette- Tell us about Atlantis!!! The Mayans talk about Atlantis. The grandmothers came from there. The Mayans talk about Atlantis as the place where the first grandmothers and grandfathers came from. Across the sea from Atlantis.

Kontomble- The apparitions are falling. The dynasties are falling. The dynasty has fallen. The dynasty has fallen, Atlantis has risen. The dynasty has fallen. Atlantis has risen. Atlantis has risen. Atlantis has risen. Atlantis has risen.

Liv- that’s actually what they’re showing. That’s actually what they’re showing. That’s actually what they’re showing. And I’m seeing this as me as Liv and I’m like, oh shit, Atlantis has risen! It’s fascinating, this process, because from what they’re showing me right now, and maybe some of you on this call know. But what they’re showing me doesn’t look scary at all, it’s not annihilistic at all. It just, it doesn’t look, it just doesn’t. It looks rather promising actually. Because as I said again, from what they’re showing Donald Trump is like a puppet, he’s just related to a piñata. Literally you can hit him and candy comes out. Andy may fall out but nothing much else will fall out. That being in of itself is fictitious. Take it or leave it. Do whatever you want with it Meanwhile, what they’re showing spiritually speaking and this is actually quite compelling, because me as Liv, coming into a session, fuck I didn’t know what they were going to say! It could have looked like the Titanic is sinking. I had no idea. There was a little bit of fear, I had no idea. They could have said the Titanic is sinking, oh my god, we’re going down together, holding hands, playing music or whatever. Anyway but that’s not what they’re showing at all actually. That’s not what they’re showing at all actually and for any of you on the line who have worked with the Kontomble before, you know, that the Kontomble are not at all interested in appeasing us, at all, which can be hard bout working with the Kontomble. They’re interested in saying…

Kontomble- You want to do this truth journey? Let’s do this truth journey! What’s possible here? And by the way what’s possible here? And by the way what’s possible HERE? Actually, actually, actually, what’s possible here?

Liv- What’s possible here? I’m saying this in the moment. What’s possible here? What can we do here? Because whatever they’re showing me about what’s happening on the other side, the Otherworld, it’s not looking grotesque, it’s not looking scary, it’s not looking annihilistic. It’s not looking anything, anything, anything, like that. It’s actually looking rather the opposite. It’s looking so so so positive. So let’s talk about it. Let’s discuss. Let’s discuss. They’re really enjoying talking to people right now by the way. They enjoy talking, they want to talk to you.

April- I’m ready to roll up my sleeves Liv. I just wanted to say that I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and these small fears that I held up until last night almost diminished. And now there’s a bigger fear, that I feel like we’re all coming together for the conquered and it’s just an illusion, as you’ve mentioned on this call. So it feels like that. Right now I feel like I’m still processing things, like my body I in shock right now and my heart is still racing and I’m badly wanting to connect with community. I’m letting these olddddd layers of fear fall away and I’m onto the next set of fears. We’re all people.

Liv- Thank you so much for expressing yourself April. And, April, she’s badly expressed that she wants to connect with community. Is there anyone there that can echo back to her that they want to connect with her? It’s kind of like a vulnerable expression that she put out there. Is there anyone else that can echo back to her, that’s like girl we got you?

Group- Girl we got you (from a few)…yeah… YES…We’re all here with you… I love you guys. Welcome to the community, welcome to the community we’re here for you…We’re here for each other… and we’ll do our best man alongside the Kontomble and with our ancestors our collective ancestors and thank you Liv for holding the space for all of our voices to come through.

Liv- Right on! I could die a happy little human today. Not that I want to die today. But I could totally die a happy human today. I don’t want to die today necessarily but I would die a happy little human today. Because why else are we here? What are we doing here anyway? What are we doing here? Anyway April, I don’t want to interrupt you, so please love, keep talking.

April- I feel like that’s all that needed to come through in that moment. I feel like I’m emotionally, mentally, and physically processing and as much as I want to rise up there’s this human struggle and I’m still like trying to sift through and I don’t know. I think that’s all I got right now.

Liv- But that’s a lot. If that’s all you got, that’s a lot. If that’s all you got, that’s a lot!

Whatever we’re being told, and whatever we’re being shown is the complete opposite of the truth. Anything we’re being told or being shown, turn it on its head.

Liv- And so we’re being told this whole country is full of bigots, this whole country is misogynistic, turn it on its head. The actual truth is that this country is filled with people that love, people of diversity. Yeah, that’s what they’re showing. And like I said, I prefixed this to say, the Kontomble, as long as I worked with them, they’re not interested in protecting a person’s feelings, they’re just not. They’re interested in the truth. And that’s what I know about them, what I’ve experienced with them and time and time again that’s what makes them hard as fuck to work with because they don’t bowl through the status quo in any way, not like guides and angels and nice…. No it’s not nice. But they’re interested in the truth. So whatever they’re showing about what they see as the truth, whatever we’re being shown of this wrath and bigoted country, NO, turn that shit on its head, turn it inside out. What’s the opposite of that truth? The opposite of that truth is that we’re living in a country of people that are really really really kind and loving to people of all different nationalities, sexual orientations, bla la bla. Uh someone is hopefully on the line that’s staying with me. Papa Bear, that’s you, are you with me?

Liv- So what the Kontomble are saying and what the Kontomble as showing is, uhhhhh, we’ve been lied to so many fucking times before like oh my god how many times have we been lied to before? Do we not know the difference between a lie and a truth? Do we not know that in our internal beings? Every single one of us, we’re born with that birthright to know the difference between a lie and a truth. We do know that, we do know that, we know that. Every single one of us is born with that technology that’s in ourselves, inside of our beings, to know when a lie is being told and when the truth is standing up in front of us.

Kontomble-You all are going to have to be willing to turn this lie inside out. Turn this lie inside out. Turn it inside out. Turn that lie inside out. You have to turn that lie inside out. Your future depends on it. Your children’s future depends on it. Those masquerading as the truth, depend on it. And let’s go and let’s get deeper into it. And let’s go, and let’s get deeper into it.

Liv- Invitation for three questions. Let’s go let’s get deeper in this. It’s a passion. Let’s reveal the truth. It’s a passion of theirs. They’re interested in truth. I think we all are too probably. Why else would we be here? What else are we doing here anyway? Other than like wanting to uncover the truth.

Kontomble- Asking all of you or each of you, all of you or each of you, to, go in go in go in to yourself and reflect deeply, pull out your deepest truth and reveal that.

Liv- Are we not a group at this point? We’re a group at this point right? Let’s elect our people to come forward and ask pointed questions. Ask pointed questions. Ask whatever questions you want to ask based on the information or the guidance that they’ve shared with all of us. It seems important.

Kontomble- For starters we’ll say, for starters we’ll say the alphabet needs to be said, it needs to be spoken backwards in order to stay legitimate. The alphabet needs to be said, it needs to be spoken backwards in order to stay legitimate. This is the power of numbers. This is the power of opposites.

Liv- Something that the Kontomble have been teaching me about recently is that, nearly everything, seemingly nearly everything, you need to turn it on its head to find the truth. You know? Green is go… no actually red is go. You have to turn everything on its head to find the truth. Three questions from any of you, which is each of you, which is all of us.

Fox- Kontomble, all day I have been walking around thinking about the piles of ghosts, the piles on the backs of little boys. And so, little boys who become grown ass little boys. And so, I’m pleading with the Kontomble to help us know, find a way, to help get those ghosts off the bacs of little boys.

Liv- The way that he’s talking to them, it raptures them, it captures them. The way that we talk to them can affect the strength of how they answer.

Kontomble- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, it’s important what you talk about, what you ask about Fox on the topic of ghosts. On the issue of ghosts. The ghost dance. The ghost dance. The skulls that were not tended. The skulls that were not tended, the skulls that were not tended. (Showing) Almost like a land post, something about the lineages, the natives of this land, are very effected effected effected about the way their altars were set up, about the way the energies would get mulched our churned in that process. The invader came in, the invader came in and tried to insert the alphabet. The invader came in and tried to insert the alphabet. Things have not been the same ever since. The question or the response now is, what, what are present day, what can our present day rituals that churn the mulch, these energies or entities.

Kontomble- (To Fox/everyone) The waters’ edge… The waters’ edge, the mighty Mississippi, the river’s edge. The threshold spaces, the threshold times, the sun’s about to rise. The sun’s about to set. You have the threshold space, you have the mighty Mississippi. The sun’s about to rise, the sun’s about to set. Abalone shell is what they want. Abalone shell is what they want. Abalone shell. It goes to the hungry. It goes, we miss the darkness. And also to the light. They (Kontomble) miss the spaces that are entirely dark and entirely light. A ritual at these threshold spaces with the abalone shells being offered into the mighty Mississippi, where it’s dark and it’s also light. It’s light that you’re working with. Expect a lot of change to happen there. Expect a lot of change to happen there. We understand it’s a mighty journey but it’s worth it.

Render- I have a question and I’m trying to drop as deeply into it as I can. I have been feeling so much grief about really coming to understand what life has been like for people of color in this country, for Muslims, for queer people, and the women really. I feel like there’s so much pain that’s happening in these communities. There’s so much surfacing now. I know that there’s so many people out there afraid for their bodily health and safety and safety in their communities and their families. My question for you Kontomble, is what can we do to bring hope to those people? What can we do to make them feel safe and empowered and what steps do we take to bring hope into those communities?

Kontomble- Your tears are our tears, your tears are our tears. We don’t mince our words, your tears are our tears. Do you not understand? Your tears are our tears. Your tears are our tears. Our, meaning the Kontomble, the Ancestors, Love, the Earth… your tears are our tears. This is a good question, all the questions are good questions, this is a good question. New technologies are being born.

Liv- Like what they were showing earlier, from what’s on the surface is absolutely opposite from what their seeing Spiritually, right? We are being lied to. When have we not been lied to? When did we not get lied to? Can somebody on the phone tell me a year we’ve not been lied to? And so, I made mention of this beforehand, they say what they want to, they’re not really peace keepers. They are saying what they see basically. Meanwhile, what they’re showing is looking wildly positive. They wouldn’t say that shit if they didn’t mean it. It’s like if they told me to go into the woods, I go into the woods, they’re not the kind of beings, there’s a plus and minus to it. The plus side of it, is whatever they’re saying, to you and to me and to all of us they mean. That’s the plus side of it. The plus side of it is that they mean, what they’re showing me spiritually speaking is that things are looking better than ever, spiritually spiritually. So where is the disconnect here? Where is the, what is it that we on this side are feeling like oh my god I want to hide myself under the covers and holy shit are we going to last another day? What they’re showing spiritually, things couldn’t look better. So what happened? That’s not a rhetorical question. What happened? And where’s the disconnect? Why are we thinking that it’s something else, why, why? Why? I don’t even need to answer the question. You answer the question! Why!?!

Someone from the group- We’re believing the fear. We’re believing the fear that’s being fed to us. It’s false and it’s not true.

Liv- Who fed us that fear? Who fed us that fear?

Someone from the group- Those that feed off the fear.

Liv- Where did the fear come from in the first place? Where did the, and I’m not saying answer this question that I see the answer. I’m actually asking where did it come from? I’m in the exploration with you.

Fox- I think that from A-Z, to start with Z, the whole machine, the media, these world powers, these international colonial empire forces, as the Z as not the A in this conversation, the question is who’s feeding us this fear and this false narrative.

Liv- Exactly, exactly, exactly. Yeah you heard it. Exactly. Before I tell you what they’re saying to you, actually, I don’t know that I’ve ever, the energy that they’re about to bring to you, I’m going to tell you that I don’t think I’ve ever, they’re extremely positive. The energy that they’re about to bring. I’m just going to say that. And I’m going to say.

Kontomble- Are you ready to receive the Otherworldy seeds that we’re sending to you? Are you ready to sing the notes of the new song? Are you ready to usher in the new era? Please say you’re ready for it because we’re ready for you. Are you ready for this?

Group- yes, yes, we’re ready, yes. YES!

Liv- The way it’s cracked open, all of the elements are beside themselves to be able to be like, woosh, the force is epic. And they’re saying are you ready? Are you ready?

Kontomble- You don’t know how long we’ve been waiting for this moment with the dirt and the lava and the energies are in there. And all of this is wide such that wahhh! You want to talk about a new, a new Son and a new Daughter rising right now.

Liv- Why are they on this call right now? Why? They’re there right now with us right now, They’re here.

Kontomble- Are you ready to rise? Are you ready to rise? Are you ready to rise? The conditions are just such. You’re ready to rise. Are you ready to rise? Are you ready to rise? The conditions are just such. You’re ready to riseeee!

Liv- And so everything that they’re saying and everything that they’re showing, every damn thing that you’ve been told… we all have been shown about this election… what they’re showing from the other side, the Otherworld. It’s so full, it’s actually fucking beautiful. It’s so beautiful. So beautiful. The towers have fallen, Atlantis is rising. Here we are. Why are we all on this call right now? Why?

Fox- Because we are the creators of the new Earth!

Liv- Right? Why, why, why? Why are these beautiful little beings, aka little people, aka Kontomble , aka momma’s children, aka daddy’s children… whatever you want to call them, they’re on the call right now. Why? Why?

One of the group- I think we must have forgotten a few things. We’re remembering!

Liv- Right, right? And that’s why they’re positive on the other side. Me as Liv, I don’t know, when I connect in with the Kontomble I have no effing idea what they’re going to say. And I have fear with that, like oh god, we’re going to open up this gate and I hold space and they’re like going to tell me oh my god the mountains are falling. That’s why I couldn’t get out of bed this morning. I had that fear, because I have no idea. But what they’re saying and what they’re showing is like, fucking hell it’s beautiful, it’s so beautiful! I can’t! If I could just beam this over to each of you, it is made of GOLD, it’s made of gold. It’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful. We’re all in Atlantis together. It’s so beautiful. There’s room for one last question. Huddle up as a tribe and bring the representative forward.

Natalie- Kontomble, I have a question. We are warriors. And warriors stay calm in the chaos. What specific offerings do you want us to make, as we, as we as a collective birth this new way. Because we’re pregnant and we’re in the process of labor and birthing. And I know, I know it’s darkest before the dawn. And it’s time for the rising. And what specific offerings, very specific offerings, do you need from us so that we can continue to do the work and allow other warriors to awaken and rise up? It’s time. There’s no waiting anymore.

Liv- You know what? Speak what you know. Speak what you know. Speak what you know.

Natalie- I went to the redwoods today and I just sat there.

Liv- Speak what you know. I know you know so much. Speak what you know.

Natalie- I asked the ancestors how to continue to do the work inside. I asked the ancestors, my ancestors, about forgiveness and love and connection, walking through the fear instead of hiding from it. And listening to nature and not being afraid to be the bruja that I am. And knowing

Liv- Bruja!!! A witch. Isn’t that a witch!

Natalie- Being unapologetic about that.

Liv- yeah yeah yeah, don’t you forget it. You’re a powerful fucking witch. Speak it.

Natalie- Yeah, and I am reflecting that to others. That I can hold all, all of what they are, including the darkness that they’re too afraid to face. I think that the time is now that we integrate all darkness, all of everything, and stop hiding. And stop faking it, and be real. And not hold back. I sat by the redwoods today and yeah, the animals are not afraid. The dog I live with came into my room and just played with me. She knew I was sad and just made me laugh. The animals are not afraid. They know the truth.

Liv- That’s right. I know. I know, I know, I know. Natalie’s this bruja. Yeah a powerful witch you are. Yeah, yeah. And anything and everything you all have shared, you all hold in your heart. I really really believe that deeply. Any which one of you that has shared on this call, no matter if you haven’t spoke at all, you all carry this in your heart. I really really really deeply believe that. I really really really deeply believe that. And it goes back to what you’re saying Natalie about the animals and that, I think I mentioned this earlier, and when I was talking to my friend that’s on the land that it’s just like umm well what we’re all dealing with it’s like ask these trees if they know anything about that. They look like toothpicks. They’re not born, they’re not meant to be toothpicks, they’re meant to be stalky ass trees you know? Why are they toothpicks? Ask them what they know about oppression. Ask them what they know about oppression. If you asked these trees about what we’re about to talk about, they’d be like girllll, why didn’t you ask me a month ago. And so yes, state the question loud and clear. That’s what we’re going to close out with and I want to make sure that they answer you loud and clear.

Natalie- What are the offerings from us that you need going forward so that we can continue to awaken the warriors of light?

Kontomble- Don’t you want to say hello to us. Don’t you want to say hello to us.

Natalie- Hi! I said hello, that’s the first thing I said silly. Hello! Hello Kontomble!

Kontomble- What they’re saying to everyone on this call. Gather up your magick, gather up your brujerria, however you want to call it, medicine, gather up your magick . Gather it up, gather it up, gather it up! Your medicine bundle. Where did you get that medicine bundle from? You were BORN with that medicine bundle!!! You were born with that. You were born with that. There’s nowhere you needed to get it. You were born with that.

Papa Bear- YES!

Kontomble- Another way to say it to everyone is gather up your might. Gather up your power. Gather up your strength. However you do that. Do you do 40 sun salutations? Do you do three days of cleansing or fasting? Do you go and you sweat? Or you go and you laugh on the hill. However you do it, do it, do your medicine. Do your medicine. Do your practices. We’re waiting for you, we’re ready for you. We’re waiting for you, we’re ready for you. Gather up your medicine, gather up your steam, gather up your momentum, gather it up. Gather it up. We’re charging, we’re moving forward, we’re gathering momentum, we’re gathering speed. This is a mighty mighty time. Anything is possible, anything is possible. We’re in a cauldron of change, a cauldron of change.

Liv- Not any of it looks like doom and gloom. Not any of it looks like doom and gloom. Actually all of it looks might. Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty. Potential. We’re harnessing in our medicine bags and I have this little thing I can do and I know I can do it and it’s in my bag but what am I going to do with it. Well now’s the time. Now’s the time. And why are we all gathered together. Well now’s the time.

Kontomble- We want a person to step forward from the tribe and surmise or extract what we’ve been expressing now and let’s close it out.

Oregon Ancestralization - Sweet Home Oregon - July 28th - 31st, 2016

We invite you to gather with us…for a four day 'Ritual of Ancestralization' -

to share stories, to remember what has been lost, to reconnect with our

Ancestors, our roots, and to deepen our experience of being embodied in this

moment on earth. We come together collectively to support one another as a

sacred community to grieve, heal, ground, flourish and grow.

Ritual of Ancestralization

When Malidoma Some, elder of the Dagara tribe, came to the West, he carried

deep within his medicine a bundle of traditional wisdom, a profound method for

healing our ancestral pathways called the 'Ritual of Ancestralization'. In

Malidoma's home village of Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa, when a person dies

hundreds of villagers come together to support that one soul's crossing. Village

life halts in order to support this soul's crossing. For three days and three nights,

there is drumming, chanting, singing, grieving, and the collective offering of

energetic and sacred devotion needed to help a soul transition.

In the West, we have largely disconnected from our traditional practices around

death and dying. Coming together as community, in order to support the soul's

transition, is an age old practice, yet a nearly lost ritual form in our modern

society. As modernity and ancient ways now blend together to foster a more

rounded human pathway forward, we will embrace this ancient Ritual of

Ancestralization as an opportunity to delve deeply into the human waters that

these essential rites activate and invoke. Many cultures still have wonderfully

intact practices, to make certain that the soul reaches its final destination, in

order to enter the realm of the ancestors. In modern culture, we've largely


When Malidoma came to the West, he recognized that this traditional ritual

would need to be adapted to meet the needs of the Western Culture. In

facilitating this ritual many times since her training and apprenticing with

Malidoma, Liv has adjusted the ritual in various areas to further harmonize it within our culture.


Our Ritual of Ancestralization will commence on the afternoon of Thursday, July

28 and complete on Sunday, July 31.

A campsite will be provided but we kindly ask that each guest be responsible for

their own tent, supplies and beverages. We will have someone on site to prepare

delicious, healthy, and nourishing meals for you so that you may focus on the

ritual. Dressing for the weather and terrain is recommended. A checklist and ritual

preparation documents will be made available to ensure you are well prepared

for your experience.

This ritual is a living event that we will activate and co-create together.


LOCATION: Lost Prairie Campground, Sweet Home, OR


If interested in registering for this event, please respond to us at

ancestorbridgeteam@gmail.com, with the subject line: OR REGISTRATION

The registration form will be sent to you along with the non-refundable deposit

and payment information.

Folk Medicine Revival

The Resurgence Of The Respect For The Little People

with Liv Wheeler & Chelsea Wind

April 2016 Tour

From the beginning of time as we know it, reaching deep into the ancient histories of all nations, the little people--bringers of tradition, medicines, songs, and a deep wisdom tuned into the voices of the earth--have been allies and teachers of human beings. Known as the Ancient Ones, as the first humans, they are the Kontomble, the Duendes, the Menehunes, the Wa Tee Tas, the Kaukas, the Nunumbi, the Huldufolk, and the Dwarves. Around the world, there are places where the relationship between the little people and human beings remain intact and strong. In many places, however, this vital connection has been forgotten. Many people in the modern world still walk with these powerful allies, often unbeknownst to them. While these relationships once flourished openly, today the little people have been relegated to the realm of fantasy, superstition, and fairy tales, and thus to the realm of the “unreal”--thwarting and veiling their true nature and potency. Where these veils exist, many fragmentations and misconceptions have taken root.  

In the current moment of environmental devastation, cultural brokenness, and ancestral amnesia, there are many messages for us from the little people, but in order to receive that guidance reparations are needed. Respect is needed. Mending the earthen and celestial fabric that is the relationship between humans and the little people is of immense import for future generations, for life to come. And so we hear and heed the call to come together. As the many nations of little people are gathering, we as human beings also gather in tribe across this grand continent of North America. As we journey from Florida to Oregon, we unite in community along the way--humans and little people alike--in an effort to restore what's been lost.

These intimate gatherings are both informative and ceremonial. The evening begins with a conversation about the little people. We'll be sharing a lot of information from different traditions from around the world, with a particular focus on the Ancient Ones as they are known in these lands of North America. From there, we'll move into conversation directly with the little people themselves. Liv Wheeler, as a Kontomble diviner, stewards an age old tradition from the Dagara people in Burkina Faso, Africa. Through offerings and an invocation, ritual space is opened and Kontomble are invited in to speak in their own native tongue, which Liv then translates. The messages they bring through are messages from the other world. It is a direct transmission in the form of both frequency and information. Encounters with Kontomble and the little people never bring forth the same information twice. And while there is no way to know ahead of time what kinds of teachings will come forward, it is likely that the information will be absolutely unique to each tribe that gathers.

This is a special opportunity to gather in ritual space with remarkable beings that are too oft forgotten or misunderstood. We hope you will join us, with open minds and watery hearts as we move into new-old ways of being on Earth with these incredible allies.



Chelsea was born and raised within the dramatic skies and landscapes of Oregon’s High Desert, amidst a crescent string of seven volcanic mountains and along the glacial banks of Wychus Creek. She carries a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a deep love and appreciation for people, history, mythic intelligence and the immense beauty of the natural world. She has devoted much of her work and practice as a freelance researcher to understanding the ways in which historical amnesia and environmental degradation go hand in hand, aspiring to bring buried stories back to life as a method of helping to bring healing to the present. Chelsea is an engaged in an ongoing study in Bolad’s Kitchen with Martin Prechtel, to whom much of her ideas are deeply influenced by and thoroughly indebted to. Additionally, her deepest teachers have been her Ancestors.
Kontomble, her family and community, and the starry wisdom that dwells within the flowering heart, in all her many forms, of our beloved Earth.


Liv Wheeler is a Shamanic Practitioner, mostly steeped in the shamanic practices of the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa. She studied and apprenticed with Malidoma Some for 8 years and has maintained a shamanic practice for 10. Liv works with clients in her private practice, consulting with the Spiritual realms in order to bring guidance through for the people she works with. She also teaches workshops and facilitates rituals, helping others to connect with their ancestors, Kontomble, as well as other elemental forces. Her passion is in guiding others to remember their life's purpose and encouraging them to step fully into it. And she believes in love, as being the strongest medicine!


Spring Retreat - Spiritual Nourishment - Awakening Inner Guidance


Spring Retreat for Women

Spiritual Nourishment: Awakening Inner


March 25-27 (Fri eve to Sun afternoon), 5 pm to

3 pm

with Liv Wheeler, Jenna Ward, and

Lindsay Wilson

at a farmhouse in Meridian, MS

$260 + housing option (registration info below)

Facebook event listing

As we emerge from the dark, cold months of winter, take time to tune into your own inner healer and guide for meaning and direction as we enter the new annual cycle.  In each one of us is an internal compass that always knows how to find true north.  However, we can forget how to listen to our intuition and disregard its instructions.

Join us in a weekend retreat to quiet the mind, invigorate the body, and tune into the messages in our own being. Jenna, Liv, and Lindsay will guide the group in defining and setting sacred space, meditation and mindfulness, movement and yoga, a women’s circle, and tapping into plant medicine for support.  The overall theme of the retreat will be letting go of what is not serving us anymore and inviting in new intentions for the new year and new annual cycle.

Retreats have always been a means to take a step back, see the bigger picture, and restore our connection with Source, God, and Spirit…so that we can more fully participate in the world.  All who show up will be instrumental in creating this enriching and spiritually nourishing experience.


Location, Lodging and Meals

The $260 weekend fee includes a delicious, gluten-free, catered breakfast on Sat and Sun, lunches on Sat and Sun, and dinner on Sat night.  The retreat will take place at a beautiful refurbished barn on some scenic and peaceful acreage in Meridian, MS.  The barn is nestled right by a lake with trails to walk and a big sky to take in.

Lodging will be on site in the It’s All Good Barn (shown above in the pictures).  Rooms have either bunks, a Queen or twin beds.  There is room for 16 participants on site and 4-8 camping spots.  In the spirit of the retreat, we simply arrive…find a room and roommates that resonate with us…put our things in that room…and voila!

Lodging prices are:

$100 for two nights for an indoor bed (please bring Queen size sheets or sleeping bag)
$40 for two nights, camping (access to downstairs bathroom and showers)
$0 for local commuters

About the Hosts/Teachers

Jenna Ward is an Duke certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, mindfulness teacher and licensed massage therapist, and has been involved in the healing arts for 20 years.  Prior to the healing arts Jenna had a career in New York City for 15 years. Then in the early 1990′s she experienced a spiritual awakening which inspired her to shift her life energy in a new direction.

Lindsay Wilson is an Herbalist, Yoga Teacher and Speaker who focuses her work on trans-generational trauma, digestive health, and soulful living.  She has studied herbalism for over a decade and runs Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary.  She has also practiced yoga and meditation for over a decade.  She has regularly led and organized intensives, retreats, conferences, and workshops.

Liv Wheeler‘s primary practice is shamanic work and working with ancestors. Her primary teacher and mentor has been Malidoma Some, PhD (Dagara Elder, Shaman, Author). She studied with him for 7 years, and assisted him for 3 years. She also teaches yoga and meditation, leads retreats, and offers individual and group sessions.

To register

You can pay by check or paypal.  Send $260+your housing option  to maypop@riseup.net using paypal money transfer.

Or send a check to Lindsay Wilson at (PLEASE make sure to send your email address to Lindsay if you pay by check):

Lindsay Wilson
318 Central Ave
Starkville, MS 39759

Once your payment is received, Lindsay will send you an email confirmation.  The address and retreat details will be sent out in a group email one week before the retreat!  As well, a list of what to bring will be provided in that email! 

Sacred Elemental Initiation Women’s Retreat

Calling All Priestesses . . .

Sacred Elemental Initiation Women’s Retreat

January 15-18, 2016

High Springs, Florida

Facilitated by Liv Wheeler & Katherine Coder, PhD



This is an invitation to 8 women who would like to deepen in their connection to Mother Earth and receive the primary initiations from the elements of earth, water, and fire.


In the ancient cultures, women gathered in the temples of the earth to receive the blessings and healing from our earth mother. We gathered as initiates of the elements to move into our roles as community spiritual leaders. Put simply, we became priestesses to serve from the places of our deepest healing.


In modern times, much of this sacred work has been forgotten or has been lost. We offer this opportunity to an intimate group of seasoned, powerful women who feel the call to go deeper into their personal development with the help of Mother Earth.

Working with elemental initiations is not easy. These initiations will challenge you as they work on the core of your being from its most basic roots. This is the moment where we go backwards to go forward. Expect to feel this challenge arise in different ways in your life as you enter into your commitment to do this work.

Expect to be supported in your growth as part of this process, and expect to be opened to new ways of being and knowing. Expect to grow. Expect to feel more whole. Expect to commune with your sisters and weave the bonds of sisterhood even more deeply. Expect the unexpected!

If you feel called to move into the temple, to honor your soul’s calling to be initiated into elemental priestesshood, please contact us. We are honored to support you in your sacred unfolding as a woman of the earth.

Ashe! Aho! Amen!

Liv & Kat

Retreat Details


Dates: January 15 - 18, 2016

We gather late Friday afternoon on January 15th and leave Monday, January 18th around midday.


Sliding Scale Donation: $500-$700 -- Please donate from the “Spirit of Abundance” >> See the note below from Liv.


Includes 3 nights of accommodation for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Rum Island Retreat (http://rumislandretreat.com/) in High Springs, FL; one adult entrance ticket to Ginnie Springs Park, materials, and meals*.


Deposit: $200 (Non-refundable)


Spots for 8 women available are “First come, first serve”

**We expect that this retreat will fill up so please reach out sooner rather than later if you are interested. We will create a waitlist for those that are unable to attend this round.


Sleeping Arrangements: Bed and camping options are available. Camping options are at no extra charge. Twin bed option is $50 extra (3 spots) and the full size futon option is $75 (1 spot).

*Each woman will be required to bring a dish to share and each will be invited to bring decorative materials for making her clay goddess figure.


Message from Liv


I believe it’s time for us, as women, to return to our earth-based practices.  To be cradled by the earth, enveloped in the womb of the earth, our great Mother, allows us the opportunity to truly surrender.
I’m very passionate about entering into this sacred space with this group of women who I believe, are coming together to remember.  Haven’t we done this before?  May we remember, collectively, all that has been forgotten.  May we have the courage to show up for ourselves and to show up for each other.  Women coming together to truly, authentically support each other, with love, strengthens our self esteem and standing in the world.  Enabling greatness to flow from each of us. Yes, we need each other.
I’m very excited about coming together with this wonderful group of women who will gather, remembering their divinity as layers of the old fall away.   
I’m also thrilled to be collaborating with the wonderful, Dr. Katherine Coder.  Kat’s commitment to Spirit, to the Earth, as well as passion and heart that she sources from, I believe, makes way for magical transformations to occur.  Dr. Katherine Coder and I will show up with full commitment to the women present.  Holding you all with great care, love and presence.


Message from Kat


I see that many of us are being called, and a few of us are answering the call to get back to the wilds of ourselves and the wilds of Mother Earth. We feel the call as women to go deep -- to go deep into our own wombs and hearts to bring forth the treasures that lie in those wells of wisdom. We feel the call to do this work in community -- honoring and profoundly acknowledging the essentiality of relationship and tribe. We circle and meet to heal, to grow, to learn, and to access that which we know in our bones so that we may bring our wisdom forward into a world that is crying out for it. The world is crying out for us to embody -- not dissociate -- to feel -- not to shut off or down. The world is crying out for us to be present -- for the joy and for the pain. The world is calling for us to stand in our power and sing from the depths of our souls. The world is calling us to love in a much more bold and fierce way.
So, my question for you is, “Are you a priestess?”
Are you called to The Temple? Are you called to The Circle? Are you called to Life?
If you say yes, you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts. Liv and I are available to midwife you through your process -- to hold you and challenge you so that you can give birth to the next dimension of yourself as Sacred. We invite you from the depths of our souls and from a place of simple serenity.
Liv is the woman in the world that I would most want to create this opening with. She is humble, profoundly intuitive, at peace with herself, willing to learn, a champion of others’ growth, in love with her work, in conversation with Spirit, committed on all levels, courageous, and tremendously wise.
Together, we promise you our best work. We promise to take care of ourselves. We promise to be present for you. We promise to hold you and show compassion. We promise to challenge you to help you access your growing edges. We promise to hold the circle and hold the temple so that you may move freely from your deepest knowing. We promise to be and do.


On the Spirit of Abundance
From, Liv


I've found that in my work with Spirit, the way that I show up is as important as the work itself.  For example, when making an offering, I try and notice what kind of energy that I'm giving from.  That seems to have an impact on the energetic exchange.  I get taught aspects of this lesson frequently, when I visit Burkina Faso, West Africa, engaging in shamanic work there.
The irony is profound because it's considered one of the poorest countries (monetarily) in the world.  And yet, in spiritual work, people seem to really show up powerfully.  Because ultimately, you're making the offering to Spirit.
The contrast is sharp when I return home to the United States, one of the wealthier (monetarily) countries in the world.  And yet, the spirit of scarcity seems to have a pretty strong grip on many of us.
Each time when I visit Burkina Faso to engage in shamanic work there, Spirit always insists that I give all that I have.  It seems, it doesn't matter how much money is in my bank account.  They insist that I offer it all up.  This past visit, I thought I'd trick them this time!  ;)  I made sure I had more in my savings than I'd arrived with in previous journeys.  Surely I'd have more than enough this time!  I had $4,500.00 in my savings.  I worked with several different diviners and shamans while I was there.  Four in total.  As the three weeks went by I could watch all of the money leaving.  Each diviner that I worked with, Spirit was requesting various large offerings of different kinds through them.  For example, it may mean gifting somebody that I knew there a large amount of money, for their family.  It may mean buying large quantities of food for the village.  Essentially feeding the village.
(Video below is of the ritual celebration feast that we were preparing for.  These adorable boys were gathering wood for the fire.)
Anyway, I watched the process and in a way marveled at Spirit.  I felt pretty strongly that while all of this was happening, that surely they were teaching me a lesson.  I felt it.  I felt myself being altered by the process.  When I left Burkina, after 3 weeks of being there, I had $100. in my bank account.  What's really interesting about that is that I felt more abundant than I possibly ever felt before.  It was beyond trust.  I felt an extraordinary amount of spiritual support on the other side.
And I watched abundance pour into my life in so many different ways when I returned home.  It was nearly overwhelming.  Spirit sometimes teaches in very bold ways.
Since being home, I have to mind the spirit of scarcity.  It is so pervasive here, in this culture.  We're existing in a culture of 'consumerism'.  It's deep.
My invitation as we all gather into this sacred space, may we all enter into this space from a spirit of abundance.  May we show up generously with each other.  May we support each other powerfully and with great love.

Rum Island Retreat



Katherine Coder, PhD

Psychologist, Ceremonialist, Teacher, and Guide


Katherine Coder is a Transpersonal Psychologist working through elemental medicine, one-on-one meetings, and group trainings. She invites people to realize and express their full humanness – to themselves, in relationship, and in community. Dr. Kat’s specialties include trauma resolution, cultivating the deep Feminine, ceremony, and one-on-one client work for those looking for a deeper connection to themselves and their world. Her transformative work connects body, mind, and Spirit to allow people to integrate at a profound level and live from true essence.

Liv Wheeler

Shamanic Practitioner, Diviner, Teacher


Liv Wheeler is a Shamanic Practitioner mostly steeped in the shamanic practices of the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa.  She studied and apprenticed with Malidoma Some for 8 years and has maintained a shamanic practice for 10.  Liv works with clients in her private practice, consulting with the Spiritual realms in order to bring guidance through for the people she works with.  She also teaches workshops and facilitates rituals, helping others to connect with their ancestors, Kontomble, as well as other elemental forces.  Her passion is in guiding others to remember their life's purpose and encouraging them to step fully into it.

Shamanic Woman, An 8 Month Tele-Journey Into Your Medicine

There is an immense amount of medicine that is hiding inside each one of you, aching to be given the opportunity to express itself.  We should not let the times that we've been born into, the culture that we've been born into deter us from shining our gifts forth.  We are powerful women, here to bring change.  


There are many women these days who feel that internal longing to know more intimately their medicine.  And even more than that, to express it into community.  It is my belief that we all carry medicine.  I also believe that each medicine is so individual.  I've created this series with the hopes of inspiring the gifts of each and every woman participating in this journey.

In my experience with Spirit, things are not linear.  They seem to be rather organic and also are often times rather surprising.  We are making way for the unexpected to show up.  Leaving the cracks for Spirit to enter. 

This series is going to be an 8 month journey.  There is space for 8 women to join.  We will connect via conference line once a month for 8 months.  We will be going on a journey together. 

I'm calling out to women who are very passionate about supporting other women!  Truly supporting...  I'm calling out to women who ache to not only understand more intimately their medicine but long to deliver it into community. 

Pre-requisite for this series is a Kontomble Voice Divination.  We are going to be focusing solely on your medicine.  We're going to talk about what you know already (honoring your truth) as well as opening up the doorway for Spirit to deliver more to you about your medicine.  We (Spirit and I) are aiming at waking up any dormant medicine that's been aching to express itself.  Often times, quite literally.

I'll be acting as a mentor throughout this series.  Once you have more assuredness and clarity about your medicine, you'll be creating one of the 8 week sessions yourself.  Meaning, you'll be creating a ritual or a journey or some sort of expression of bringing your medicine to your community.  So, in a sense, this is a training.  As well as a form to offer up your gifts for community to receive.

So, for example, let's say your medicine is really in the realm of dreams and dreaming, you might create your session around dreams.  You might be teaching about dreams and the importance of dreaming.  You might be asking all of us in preparation for that session, to be jotting down our dreams.  So that we may share them on our call together.  Basically though, you're going to be creating your session and my role is to be support for you.  I'll be available for phone calls if you want to talk or exchange ideas about how you might express your gifts. 

And we're all showing up for each other.  Coming into one's medicine can be such a vulnerable process.  Which is why I'm calling out to women who are rather passionate about supporting each other. 



The dates:

Sunday, August 30th, 2-4 pm PST

Sunday, September 27th, 2-4 pm PST

Sunday, November 1st, 2-4 pm PST

Sunday, November 29th, 2-4 pm PST

Sunday, January 3rd, 2-4 pm PST

Sunday, January 31st, 2-4 pm PST

Sunday, February 28th, 2-4 pm PST

Sunday, March 27th, 2-4 pm PST


The cost:

$150 for Kontomble Voice Divination, to be scheduled before our first session together.

$50 per session after that.



The photos in this post as well as the video are from Max Dashu's website, http://www.suppressedhistories.net/articles/womanshaman.html


Earth's Voices Audio Recordings

Each session of Earth’s Voices will be dedicated to understanding and listening to one spirit, being, form of life, or sacred place upon or of our shared, earthen domain.  Prior to the invocation with Kontomble, we will be engaging some of the stories that we know in our human tongues about some of these beings.  This brief introduction will draw on a vast range of resources in the hopes of  re-membering and re-igniting the intersections between myth and science; spirit and activism while at the same time opening up  a space for the voices of the Kontombles, and the many voices of the Earth in their distinction,  to be heard directly and deeply listened too.

Interview with Marques Wyatt

October's Featured Interview is with Marques Wyatt. Aside from his accomplishments as a musician, artist, producer, Marques is a kind and genuine soul. In our interviews at Ancestor Bridge we make way for Spirit to have voice as well. In our interview with Marques, the ancestors seemed especially strong. We are honored to share this interview with you..

Kontomble Weekend Gathering

Calling all dreamers!  Join with usto welcome Kontomble energy into our lives!  This is a gathering for Kontomble people to either begin their relationship or to deepen in the medicine.  As we mentioned, there are many people that walk with Kontomble without even realizing it.  Our intention it to bring awareness to this connection, so that it may become a blessing in your life.  Kontomble comes with purpose.  And there is great potential to people that walk with Kontomble gathering together in the same space, sharing vision.  Especially in these times.

The Spirit Behind Music

This series is for musicians who walk with Kontomble to actively/consciously be creating a relationship with this powerful spirit ally.  Through this journey together you'll be learning how to create a home for Kontomble, how to welcome their energy into your life in a way that is mutually beneficial and to see what's possible together. 

Interview with France's Dj Nelson

This issue's interview is with French turntablist, Dj Nelson! Dj Nelson ( Amouzou Amédomé) is a phenomenal and incredibly innovative musician. He's recently been awarded the 2011 DMC World Championship award, which, for a turntablist, is monumental. However, we were mostly impressed by his humility, his sincerity and the love and joy that he seems to exist in. He seems to be living truth that we can fulfill our dreams and even have fun while doing it! Anais and I really enjoyed this dialogue with Dj Nelson, with his Ancestors, with Kontomble, and the Spirit of his Lineage! Please enjoy listening to this interview..

Interview with Dj Celskiii

This month we're happy to share our interview with DJ Celskiii.  Aside from being incredibly talented, she is amazingly humble.  Anais, Maricel (aka Dj Celskiii) and I got on the phone together to talk about music, female artists and Ancestors, among other things.  In our usual format, Anais and I made way for Spirit to have a voice in our conversation.  This month we decided to switch from written interviews to audio.  Please enjoy listening to our session together!