Baile: An Ancestor Healing Training



Lately, I’ve been appreciating the majesty that unfolds from a community of souls uniting in response to a call from the Otherworld. It is clearly such a dynamic process. I’ve noticed that Spirit gives me a message, a vision, an assignment, a place that they want me to gather people for healing. Oftentimes, that’s a place I haven’t even been before but nonetheless I trust in the unknown, I trust in Spirit. And the people who are meant to be there feel the call and they respond. Courage is clearly required, as is trust. And they demonstrate courage to the Otherworld by showing that they can make it through the threshold of fear. Once we arrive in person, it seems that the real assignments get revealed. Oftentimes these assignments aren’t easy and they require us working! They require us to actually genuinely effort for what matters most... life. And so, we become united with the spirits of place and we begin working with the spirits of place; they show me that this is ultimately is for the earth. 

And all the while, some of the most precious medicine that comes from all of these great efforts, I’ve realized, is genuine connection. All the demons rise to stop it in the many clever ways they do. But what seems to get people beyond the initial fear and panic is holding steady to the truth of love. Love, the mighty medicine that can ultimately support the myriad of entities and demons to transform and be returned to source. I don’t know if there’s anything I love more than witnessing people fall in love with each other. I’m not talking about romantic love, but rather the real connections that rise from these spiritual journeys. At this, I fall a bit speechless. 

I received a vision and Spirit let me know that they want earth burials to happen at this ancestor training in July. Then I realized... wow how beautiful! The message I keep hearing from those who are feeling called to come is, “my ancestors are from Ireland!” Imagine the energy that’s going to get ignited by the ancestors sensing their descendants going home, so to speak. The descendants will be returning home and in turn we will be returning the ancestors home. This earth burial is a ritual that I learned from Malidoma once upon a time. It is such a powerful ritual. People will be going into the earth buried up to their necks, rooting into that fertile ancestral grief. This is a moment to become truly reunited with an ancestral homeland. And the ancestors that are stuck are going to receive that burial ceremony that they’ve been longing for ultimately… to return them home. 

And so onwards we go towards Ireland. All are welcome to apply and you will be held by the many expressions of the feminine. But please be prepared to effort for the earth, to effort for life. This is not a passive gathering. We are gathering ultimately for the earth. 

With love, 

Liv Mokai


— Baile, an Irish Gaelic word for home —


The main facilitator, Liv Mokai Wheeler, has created an ancestral healing training for those who are feeling called to facilitate ceremony, for the ceremonial leader that would like to support ancestral lineages. Together, we will break down and create the energy that helps souls transition to become fully healthy ancestors. 

The focus will be to make space for your own personal medicine to come forth as the ceremony you create will be an expression of your essence. The intention is to create space for healing and transformation such that each person leaves inspired and able to create a ritual or ceremony for community or infuse what you’ve learned into what you already offer.

During the training, there will be teachings from Liv where we will explore such things as offerings and the language of ritual and also look at what comes up to block people from ritual and transformation such as entities. We will be in dialogue about how to navigate these energies and put this into practice together. We will also have the opportunity to sit in ceremony and council with the Kontomble. And we will come together for both an earth burial and also an all-night vigil in an effort to return the ancestors home. 

Additionally, there will be an emphasis on embodiment and transforming energy through yoga and movement. There will also be community circles and clearing circles so as to hold space for the many dynamic energies of this work. We will be engaging in the energies of creativity and traditional Celtic folk song and dance as well. 

Included in Baile: An Ancestor Healing Training      

All Ancestor Healing Training ceremonies, rituals, and teachings with Liv Mokai Wheeler 

All-night vigil

Kontomble Divination

Earth Burial Ceremony

Daily Yoga and Movement Practices 

Traditional Celtic Folk Song Circle 

Community and Clearing Circles 

All meals and drinking water

Accommodation for 7 nights 

Preliminary documents, recordings, and training booklet 


Not Included in Baile: An Ancestor Healing Training 

Roundtrip international flights to Ireland 

Roundtrip transportation to Monalea Barn  

Ancestor, Kontomble, and Earth offerings 

Optional body work sessions with Florencia and Emotion Code sessions with Malia 

Monalea Barn 

We will gather at the Monalea Barn and Farm in Ballyfad, Wexford, Ireland. The Barn is an 18th century farmhouse and barn built in 1770 that has been lovingly renovated to be modern and warm while also maintaining the historical charm. It is a sensitively cultivated and mindfully tended space used mainly for yoga, meditation, and spirit-related retreats and gatherings. 

The main building is a long vernacular space with the original the 18th century stone walls, cozy sitting spaces, and a big fireplace central to the large group room. On the property there is also a grassy hill and a large garden with rose bushes that slope down to a forest that surrounds the farm.  

Monalea is situated on the side of a beautiful hill on an ancient road that crosses the Wicklow Mountains outside of the town of Ballyfad. In Irish Gaelic, Ballyfad is called An Baile Fada which means ‘a long home.’ Monalea is situated on a quiet road in an agricultural valley with not many cars and only the odd tractor from time to time. The surrounding area is mostly rural and isolated and when night falls there is the pure, dark quiet of the countryside. There's a small river running at the bottom of the hill and with cows and sheep in the fields.

We’ve chosen Monalea to be our home during the training because of the sweetness, tranquility, mindfully created and tended spaces, and inherent privacy in the rural hills. This will be a safe place where we can truly emote and engage in ritual and healing with freedom. It is a place and land that will be able to support the process and hold us and our energy in kind. 

Sleeping arrangements will be assigned and we will each be sharing rooms with one or more community members. Upon registration, you will be given the opportunity to express your preferences in how you’ll be assigned a space.

Facilitators and Support Team 

LIV headdress 2016 Zen - for Web & FB.jpg

Liv Mokai Wheeler 

Liv Mokai Wheeler is a Kontomble Voice Diviner, a voice for the "little people," and international ritual facilitator.  She trained and apprenticed for 8 years with Malidoma Some (author, PhD, West African Shaman).  During that time, she made many pilgrimages to Burkina Faso, West Africa. There she spent time in the villages with the medicine people and also reconnected with the Kontomble.  She has gone through several initiations that have enabled her to speak in the tongue of the Kontomble.

Liv’s practice has been working with people individually as well as facilitating healing in community for 14 years.  Her work has brought her both into national and the international communities where she facilitates group divination rituals.  She tours the world facilitating ritual reminding people of their true nature, which is deeper than our modern selves would have us believe.

For the past few years, Liv has been working with friends and researchers to help uncover the stories and memories of the "little people" around the world. In addition to publishing her first book, “With the Love of the Ancients: My Spiritual Journey of Remembering”, in 2018, she also produced a feature length documentary entitled “The Remembering” that released in January of 2019 . 

BobbyBonsey-6704 (1).jpg

Madeleine Grace Kelly 

I love yoga because it has allowed me become more loving in this lifetime, and has been a gateway to a deeper relationship with body, earth, and Spirit. Essentially this practice has helped me become a better listener. As a visual artist and teacher, I am passionate about the healing power of creative practice, and exploring how art-making intersects and intertwines with spiritual practice. I am deeply inspired by shamanic practices that use ritual and ceremony to honor Spirit and connect with mother Earth and her wisdom.

In addition to completing a 200-hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher training at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, I have studied Kundalini-based Hatha yoga and meditation techniques.

In class, expect a creative exploration of subtle awareness, and a strong encouragement to listen to your own intuition to develop a practice that is healing for where you are.  We will be developing techniques and practices to remain embodied and energetically clear, especially in ritual space.  My teaching emphasizes mindfulness, meditation, self-inquiry, intuitive movement, and the experience of the subtle body. I believe a yoga practice should be healing and strengthening not only in the physical sense, but also on an emotional, psychological, and energetic level. 


Natalie Zacharias 

Since the age of twelve, Natalie started her journey towards spiritual healing as a result of being exposed to various spiritual teachers and healers.  Since then, she has developed a stronger and deeper connection with spirit in her own unique way and continues to build on that relationship. Natalie also learned many skills while obtaining a master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

For Natalie, healing our ancestral lineages is so important because the time for healing the traumas of being both oppressed and the oppressor is NOW.  Acknowledging our own privileges and navigating the world with awareness around the ways we are consciously or unconsciously perpetuating these systems of oppression is the first step in healing that is needed in this world. Through her many experiences she sees the ways that we intentionally or unintentionally hurt each other and believes strongly in our ability to mend the ruptures that happen.  She believes in the power of being held by community and allowing for true healing to occur between one another. She will be helping to support the process as a whole. 


Sylvie Zacrep 

Sylvie is what she would call a student of life and Spirit with a love and reverence for movement, herbalism, Celtic folk tradition, and the beings of the Otherworld including the Fey and the Little People of the Earth. As a result of finding recovery from an eating disorder, she began to sense and connect with humanity and the worlds in a different way. She has since been on the path of rediscovering what it is to truly live, to feed life, and to deepen into a more authentic expression of what it means to her to walk with Spirit most deeply by studying with and supporting Liv. She is both excited and honored to be supporting the training as gatekeeper for Liv and a being on the team helping to hold the process and community before and during the training.


Florencia Barolin 

Florencia Barolin, LMT, is a medicine woman, healer, and body worker. Fifteen years ago she experienced a turning point that completely shifted her view of the world and of herself, revealing her gift and purpose, when she healed herself from cancer through a holistic approach. Since then she has dedicated her life to serving others and sharing the medicine she has harvested from her own personal deep work as well as from having studied with many great teachers.

Her healing work and approach with community is characterized by intuitive listening and a profound respect for each person’s innate wisdom to heal themselves while she guides as a sacred space holder in which deep emotional release, transformation, and healing takes place amidst unconditional love, kindness, and care. Flo will be joining us to help support the community and process and also aide in clearing energy, ghosts, and entities. 

Flo will be available to offer a select number of individual healing sessions as a supportive resource while we are gathered together as well. These sessions work to upgrade the human body to integrate the energetic shifts of the new earth through sacred geometry alignments, sound attunements, and integrative bodywork. This work activates light codes from the Whales, Florencia’s ancestors and kin, to send through the human body. As we will be transforming and growing throughout our time together, this will help to support your system with integration. These shifts and transformed energies in the vibrational body happen at accelerated speed and the physical body must align to it to match the astral body of the earth. The more our physical body is in that alignment, the more we bring the new vibration into the physical earth.   


Registration Process


As there is only space for 15 people to attend the training and it will entail in depth and dynamic work, each participant will need to apply for a space. 

After an application is received and upon being welcomed to the training, the nonrefundable deposit will be required within two weeks’ time.

Upon welcoming to the training, you would also receive a registration form, a healing agreement, movement waiver, and a payment policy to sign and return completed to our team. These forms will be due within 72 hours and you would commit to a date you will send in your deposit at this time. 

After these steps are completed, your space would be officially reserved and you will be added to the community Facebook Group.

Price: 3200 USD 

To reserve your space, a nonrefundable deposit of 500 USD will be due within two weeks of acceptance to the training.

The remaining 2700 USD will be due by June 1, 2019. 

Payment plans are available so as to help make the financial aspects of the training more accessible. They can be set up at the time of registration. 


We are now accepting applications. To receive an application, please send a message via the following contact form link indicating your interest in the training.