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Aligning Your Vibration With The Life You Want To Create

Aligning Your Vibration With The Life You Want To Create

with Liv Wheeler & Diane Ferguson

Sunday, January 31st, 1-3 pm at Pure Pilates Downtown Pensacola

$125, please pre-register as space will fill!

Have you felt the soul stirring pull toward experiencing a more fulfilling, authentic life? Self defeating fears only serve to hold you back from moving toward the success and happiness you are indeed able to actualize. What would happen if you let go of lower vibrational fears in order to access a higher frequency which will attract what you envision? You would be manifesting your dreams.

In this three-hour workshop, offered by Diane Roll Ferguson and Liv Wheeler, you will be led with warmth and enthusiasm through vibration raising practices of light yoga, meditation, circling and utilizing vision boards.

You will be lovingly guided to connect with your soul’s voice, set meaningful intentions, nurture moment to moment gratitude and reserve space for introspection and focused visualization.

The entire universe is made of glorious energy vibrating at different frequencies with higher vibrations often associated with empowering thoughts, spiritual awareness, positivity and a healthy body and mind. Raising your vibrations and setting intentions will allow you to align with the life you want by connecting worldly action with your inner values. Once you throw your beautiful higher vibrations out to the world, watch how the universe rises up to match it!

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