In this day in time, I do believe we need guidance from the other side more
than ever.  Culturally we've cut ourselves off from the otherworld.  There
is a pain that comes from that which cannot be soothed by a pill.
Our cultural anxieties, our sense of isolation, our deep sadness... this is
what I'm speaking to.  We can alleviate these symptoms temporarily but that
only becomes a band aid.  I've found that seeking counsel from the other
side ends up addressing these feelings directly.  Getting at the source.

One of the most important things that gets addressed in a session is your
personal purpose.  This, I feel, is what's causing so much anxiety these
days.  People not knowing what they're doing here.  Truly wanting to be
helpful and not knowing how.

My prayer for us all is that we may know peace.  That we may be filled with
purpose.  That we may know clearly, from the depths of our being, why we're

Kontomble Voice Divinations:

"From the beginning of time as we know it, reaching deep into the ancient histories of all nations, the little people--bringers of tradition, medicines, songs, and a deep wisdom tuned into the voices of the earth--have been allies and teachers of human beings. Known as the Ancient Ones, as the first humans, they are the Kontomble, the Duendes, the Menehunes, the Wa Tee Tas, the Kaukas, the Nunumbi, the Huldufolk, and the Dwarves. Around the world, there are places where the relationship between the little people and human beings remain intact and strong. In many places, however, this vital connection has been forgotten. Many people in the modern world still walk with these powerful allies, often unbeknownst to them. While these relationships once flourished openly, today the little people have been relegated to the realm of fantasy, superstition, and fairy tales, and thus to the realm of the “unreal”--thwarting and veiling their true nature and potency." (Chelsea Wind)

A Kontomble Voice Divination is a unique opportunity to reconnect with these ancient beings.

Liv Wheeler, as an initiated Kontomble Voice Diviner, stewards an age old tradition from the Dagara people in Burkina Faso, Africa. Through offerings and an invocation, ritual space is opened and Kontomble are invited in to speak in their own native tongue, which Liv then translates. The messages they bring through are messages from the other world. It is a direct transmission in the form of both frequency and information.

Sessions happen over the phone or in person.  You can come with specific questions or intention.  To be in conversation with the Kontomble can be wonderfully transformative.   


"Please approach this work with respect.  I feel very fortunate the Kontomble trust me enough to bring their guidance and wisdom through for people that I work with.  I understand what an honor it is to work with them.  I've cultivated this relationship with them over the years, and probably lifetimes.  As a trusted gatekeeper to their world, ushering in ancient medicine in a modern context, there is a responsibility that I tend, lovingly.  They come from a world of pure love.  They care enough to be so helpful because of their deep love of life.  My request is that you approach this work with respect for the Kontomble.  It is sacred."  Liv Wheeler


Cost: $200 for first Kontomble Voice Divination.  $180 for

returning clients.  You can paypal @ via:  friends and family.


If you are a new client, please reach out to for an Individual Session Application.




Ancestor Divination sessions are a time to connect directly with your
ancestors.  You might have questions about your ancestors or you might have a desire to speak directly to someone in particular.  This can be especially healing if you have a parent on the other side that you're really missing or that you want to connect with for one reason or another.  I find that these sessions are equally as healing for our ancestors.  They have such a longing to be in

The session lasts an hour and a half.  Please come with as many questions
as your heart is holding about your ancestors.  These divination sessions
can be wonderfully healing.


Cost:  $175.  You can paypal @ via:  friends and family.