In this day in time, I do believe we need guidance from the other side more
than ever.  Culturally we've cut ourselves off from the otheworld.  There
is a pain that comes from that which cannot be soothed by a pill.
Our cultural anxieties, our sense of isolation, our deep sadness... this is
what I'm speaking to.  We can alleviate these symptoms temporarily but that
only becomes a band aid.  I've found that seeking counsel from the other
side ends up addressing these feelings directly.  Getting at the source.

One of the most important things that gets addressed in a session is your
personal purpose.  This, I feel, is what's causing so much anxiety these
days.  People not knowing what they're doing here.  Truly wanting to be
helpful and not knowing how.

My prayer for us all is that we may know peace.  That we may filled with
purpose.  That we may know clearly, from the depths of our being, why we're

Kontomble Voice Divinations:

Kontomble is a powerful being that is very focused and quite determined at helping us to evolve.  They’ve been described as nature spirits before because they come through trees, caves, mountains, even water.  They’ve been called little people, duendes, leprochauns, menehune, knomes, and so on.  In fact, they probably have a different name from all the different locations they’ve emerged.

A voice divination session with Kontomble in many ways feel like a ritual.  You either can come with very specific things that you are curious to know about or you can come totally open to receive was spirit through the vehicle of kontomble is wanting to talk to you about.  More often than not, they’ve been so eager to talk to the person that I’m working with about one thing or another.  And the intention doesn’t necessarily need to be something grand or even dramatic.  You may want to understand how to get through issues that you’re having with your family or to navigate relationships or wanting to get clarification on your work situation.  All questions are welcome. The truth is, though, you’ll probably know if it’s a good idea to talk to them.  You’ll likely get a feeling in your gut. 


Cost: $200 for first Kontomble Voice Divination.  $180 for

returning clients.  You can paypal @ via:  friends and family.


Stick Divining:

Stick divining is traditional to the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, West
Africa.  During my training with Malidoma Some, although I was taught the
art of cowrie shell divining, Spirit came through the stick for me.  They
initiated me and they taught me how to work with the stick.  I later found
out this was Kontomble guiding me and responsible for my initiation into
stick divining.  Traditionally people go through the initiation in Burkina
Faso.  Somehow Kontomble was able to guide me through the process in the
San Francisco Bay Area.

Essentially what happens in a stick divination session, Spirit comes
through and brings messages through the stick.  The stick gets used like a
pen for me.  My eyes are closed during the session and they'll write the
first letter of every word they're speaking with the stick.  While this is
happening, simultaneously in my mind's eye they're showing me the word.  So
the channel functions in this way.  On your end, you're essentially hearing
Spirit speak to you through me.

Your Ancestors communicate through.  Your guardians communicate through.
Kontomble communicates through.  Each session is different.  These sessions
happen in person or via Skype/video connection.  You are able to be a part
of the process.  We're connecting through video typically.  I work with
people long distance more often than not.

As with any divination session, you're able to come with your intentions.
You can come with your questions, your longings.  You're essentially
receiving guidance from the other side for your life.  And if you don't
have any questions at all or would prefer to approach a session merely
being open to what the other side would like to speak to you... by all
means please do.  This way works just as well.

Stick Divination sessions last an hour and a half.  It's nice if you can
set some time aside before and after the session.  After the session, to
integrate what's come through.

Cost:  $165.  You can paypal @ via:  friends and family.



Ancestor Divination:

Ancestor Divination sessions are a time to connect directly with your
ancestors.  You might have questions about your ancestors or you might have a desire to speak directly to someone in particular.  This can be especially healing if you have a parent on the other side that you're really missing or that you want to connect with for one reason or another.  I find that these sessions are equally as healing for our ancestors.  They have such a longing to be in

The session lasts an hour and a half.  Please come with as many questions
as your heart is holding about your ancestors.  These divination sessions
can be wonderfully healing.

Cost:  $175.  You can paypal @ via:  friends and family.